Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 648 – Taking 10 Cities

Chapter 647 – Marriage

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The Beastman Lord sighed slightly: “Interesting, your thinking is really interesting. It would be nice if the Jenaco was the same as you. That stupid thing actually believed in the law which serves to protect greater aristocrats. Even when his head was about to be cut off, he never thought of rebelling. Compared to you, hes really stupid.”

The Hero Jenaco had his wife murdered by a greater aristocrat. However, since he believed in the law, he never rebelled. In the end, he was framed and sentenced to death.

The Beastman Lords eyes constricted slightly, and he bargained: “I can help you, but what is in it for us beastmen?”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and responded: “I will set up laws so that beastmen have equal rights to humans in our human kingdom, and no one will be allowed to enter the beastman tribe to capture slaves. As long as I am alive, anyone violating these laws will be executed. In addition, 10 cities can be established to carryout fair trade with the beastmen. And if Wilana and I have heirs, they will have the same rights as the children of my other wives, including the succession of the throne. If you give me more support, then I will give you more rewards respectively.”

The Demon Lords eyes lit up, and he smiled boldly and said: “Okay! As long as you sign a contract with us, then we beastmen will fully support you and help you become the sole king of humans!”

Trade, slave ban, and equality, these are the things that beastmen have dreamt of. The reason why beastmen are so backward is that apart from a few human cities on the border of the Green Forest, the remaining cities discriminate against beastmen.

Outside the sphere of influence of the beastman tribe, beastmen are basically slaves. If they dont have a master, they will be captured by slave traders.

Additionally, many slavers enter the Green Forest every year to capture beastmen to serve human greater aristocrats as slaves. This is the thing that beastmen hate the most. Every one of Yang Fengs conditions pulled the heart strings of the Beastman Lord. Elated, the Beastman Lord agreed with Yang Fengs proposal at once.

Of course, the fact that Yang Feng has advanced Legend rank strength and his class is the strongest brave class are also crucial points.

A flash of excitement in his eyes, the Beastman Lord uttered: “Randt, you are the first brave in history who wants to overthrow the three human kingdoms. I will contact the Elven Lord and the Dwarf Lord for you. Together, our three races can support you to become the sole human king.”

Yang Feng then said as if thoughtlessly: “Right, Sir Father-in-law, I hope to be able to look at the suspected Fate Tablet left by the first-generation Beastman Lord.”

The Beastman Lord waved his hand carelessly, and a hand-sized gray tablet flew towards Yang Feng: “Take it!”

When Yang Feng received the gray Fate Tablet, he immediately exchanged it for another gray tablet secretly. After pretending to look at it for a while, he returned the fake Fate Tablet to the Beastman Lord.

The Beastman Lord immediately went to a secret room, came before an ancient bronze mirror engraved with countless incantations, and inlaid several magic rubies into the sockets.

The ancient bronze mirror blurred, and then the voice of the Elven Lord came from it: “Old Lion, what can I do for you?”

The Beastman Lord uttered: “I want to see you and Firecracker Dwarf in the usual place. I have important things to discuss with you guys.”

The Elven Lord responded: “Alright!”

The Beastman Lord stroked the bronze mirror, and the bronze mirror blurred again. A hoarse, grumpy voice came from the mirror: “Old Lion, if you have anything to say, do it quickly. Dont waste my time. I am creating a Legend grade weapon. If I succeed, it will be the 37th Legend grade treasures in the world.”

“I want to see you and Old Elf in the usual place. I have something to discuss with you guys.”


Two days later, deep in the Green Forest, in a small valley surrounded by illusions, on a small mountain that ordinary people cant approach, the three bigwigs of the Green Forest – the Beastman Lord, the Elven Lord, and the Dwarf Lord – gathered here together.

The Dwarf Lord who is only 1.4 meters tall and has white hair and beard asked impatiently, “Old Lion, what do you want to discuss?”

The Elven Lord looked at the Beastman Lord with a suspicious look on his face.

The Beastman Lord answered: “My son-in-law is an advanced Legend brave, a Hero candidate. He intends to overthrow the three human kingdoms and establish a kingdom of his own.”

The Elven Lord uttered with a cold smile: “Establish a kingdom of his own? This Hero candidate really has some ideas, hes much better than that fool Jenaco. I knew that after the Jenaco incident, it would be very difficult for selfless braves to appear. This Hero candidate is really ambitious. However, what does this have to do with us?”

The Jenaco incident was extremely vile. As the previous Hero, he went all out to fight the previous Demon Lord. But in return, his wife was abused and slayed, and then he himself was framed and sentenced to death. Since then, the probability that human braves would be selfless has decreased dramatically.

The Beastman Lord said: “He hopes we can send troops to support him.”

The Dwarf Lord uttered impatiently: “He is your son-in-law, not ours. Why should we support him?”

The Beastman Lord replied: “If he becomes the new Human Lord, he will crack down on slavery, kill all the human greater aristocrats who enslaved our people, and give us fair trade opportunities. And as long he is alive, he promises to live in peace with our three races. He will sign a written contract!”

The eyes of the Elven Lord and the Dwarf Lord lit up and revealed pensive looks.

After they drove the three races into the Green Forest, he humans still incite some skirmishes from time to time and hunt the beautiful girls of the three races. If a Human Lord wholl fight the slavers ascends the throne, then the elves and dwarfs are absolutely willing to support them.

The Elven Lord frowned slightly: “Slavery involves the benefits of many human aristocrats. Does he really have the courage to eradicate those greater aristocrats? After all, the tentacles of greater aristocrats are spread throughout the human kingdoms, and many braves and powerhouses are linked to them. By purging all those greater aristocrats, half of human elites will be purged as well.”

“Let me answer this!” Following laughter, Yang Feng stepped into the valley and said with a smile: “Your Majesties Elven Lord and Dwarf Lord, I am Randt, the son-in-law of His Majesty the Beastman Lord, a Legend brave.”

Surging with biting killing intent, Yang Feng carried on righteously: “These greater aristocrats are a malignant tumor that stagnates the progress of the humans. Those greater aristocrats who stand in my way, I will use my sword to eliminate them one by one. I will use my power as the future Hero to crush all resistance. Even if I have to get rid of more than half of human elites, I wont hesitate. This times Demon Lord is unprecedentedly powerful. Only when united, can we humans contend with him. Those greater aristocrats are just a tumor weighing us down; they must be eradicated!”

The Elven Lord revealed a smile: “Youre an interesting Hero candidate! The Hero candidates I saw in the past were all brave, but empty in the head. They knew nothing but slaying the Demon Lord. You are really special, Randt. You use grand-sounding words to cover up and justify your actions. You have the bearing of a politician.”

Yang Feng smiled and said: “The winner is king. As long as I win, I wont shy away from any means. In fact, with my strength, as long as I have the support of the beastmen, it is enough to sweep away the three human kingdoms. However, I like peace, and need a pretext to conclude a peace treaty with the elves and dwarfs. I hope that the elves and dwarfs join hands with me to destroy the rotten human kingdoms and create a peaceful and beautiful new world.”

The Elven Lord smiled and said: “Interesting! I can help you, but I hope you marry my daughter as one of the Princesses of the new kingdom!”

Yang Feng replied: “No problem. I promise that if she bears my children, they can enjoy the same succession rights as my other children.”

The Dwarf Lord spoke: “Then you must marry a dwarf girl as a Princess as well. Although I dont have a daughter, but I have a niece who looks beautiful according to the aesthetics of you humans. If you marry her, we dwarves will support you!”

Yang Feng replied: “All right! By the way, Your Majesties Elven Lord and Dwarf Lord, I am very interested in your suspected Fate Tablets. Can you please show them to me?”

The Dwarf Lord and the Elven Lord agreed readily.

“No problem!”

A few days later, Yang Feng obtained the Fate Tablet of the dwarves and the fake Fate Tablet of the elves that he created before when he came to meet the Elven Lord in his capacity as the Demon Lord. From the Fate Tablet of the dwarfs, he got another chapter of the Fate Algorithm.

Garennese City is a large city at the border of the Green Forest, and it has a population of about 70,000. It is one of the large slave trading centers.

A team of soldiers is patrolling the city walls of the Garennese City. One of the soldiers routinely glanced into the distance, but then his face suddenly changed dramatically, and he roared wildly: “Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

A loud alarm sounded in the Garennese City, and countless soldiers rushed to the city wall.

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