Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 65 – Shi Xue VS Eunice

Chapter 64 – Three-Headed Human-Faced Cat

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“Truly a cunning guy, when did you discovered me?”

At this moment, accompanied by a sweet voice, dressed in a silver-white, low-cut Warlock robe with a silver thread on the cuffs, with golden waterfall-like long hair, as if a goddess straight from a fairy tail, a beautiful woman smiled and slowly walked out from the thicket.

“Respectful greetings teacher Eunice!” Pierre looked at the goddess-like beauty – a bitter taste in his mouth, traces of a foreboding welled up in his heart, yet he still forced himself and bowed in salute towards Eunice.

“Respectful greetings teacher Eunice!”

Except for Yang Feng, the other three people also respectfully bowed in salute towards Eunice.

The gap in status between an Apprentice Warlock and an official Warlock was extremely wide – any Apprentice Warlock whose manners lacked with regards to an official Warlock, that wouldnt be a trivial accusation.

Eunice stared at Yang Feng with a smile that wasnt a smile and said: “Yang Feng, you have some nerve. You even dare not to bow in salute towards me! With that, I can expel you out of the college.”

Yang Feng said peacefully: “Gloom Cave was a trap, wasnt it? There are no ancient ruins in this crevice, only layers upon layers of danger. If I go in, then Ill die nine out of ten times. Teacher Eunice, I was always curious, in the end, where and how did I offend you? What is your reason for wanting to get rid of me.”

Eunices smile disappeared, her pretty face became somewhat twisted, her beautiful eyes flashed with loathing and contempt, and she sneered: “Because you are Steel Citys City Master Yang Yes only kin. My little darling Jessica is very disgusted by you, as long as Im able to get rid of you, shed definitely be very happy. Furthermore, as long as I kill you, then your little sister Shi Xue would be in my pocket. That beautiful angel-like lass is not someone that a waste like yourself is worthy of. If a waste like yourself stayed by her side, it would only tarnish her beauty.”

“It was a lesbians jealousy!”

Yang Feng suddenly became somewhat speechless. He didnt imagine that it was because Eunice was jealous of him for staying by Shi Xues side and therefore wanted to kill him.

Warlocks possessed far longer life spans than ordinary people, they also held formidable power – they were the pinnacle of existence in this world. It was precisely because of this that the difference between Warlocks was also very large. Some Warlocks lives were extremely extravagant, they became corrupted and depraved. In order to enjoy themselves, it doesnt matter what kind of taboos, they would dare to violate them. Some strange human-like life forms were birthed because of the union between human Warlocks and other extraordinary life forms, resulting in some strange freaks.

Among Warlocks, homosexuality wasnt a rare occurrence. Additionally, the means of Warlocks were peculiar, some warlocks were even capable of change their gender. There were even strange existences among Warlocks that also could continuously alternate between being male or female, being attracted to both men and women alike.

The community of Warlocks – in ordinary peoples eyes – it was relatively the most perverted community.

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased slightly and he said in a deep voice: “You actually dare to kill me, could it be that youre not afraid of the retaliation from my backer, that is, Steel City and its 10,000 strong mechanical golem legion?

Eunices eyes flashed with a touch of ridicule as she sneered: “You really think that your Steel Citys 10,000 strong mechanical golem legion is very strong? In front of our Warlock College Antalya, your 10,000 Knight rank mechanical golems practically couldnt even withstand a single blow. Only if the fighting strength of those 10,000 mechanical golems was comparable to official Warlocks, only then might they be a threat to our Warlock College Antalya. After your death, if Yang Ye behaves, then he can still survive for several more years, if he dares to do anything suspicious, then the entire Steel City would only have destruction awaiting it.”

“Alright! I am satisfied with your curiosity, now go to hell!”

Eunices beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a sinister radiance, she elegantly snapped her fingers.

The palm sized extraordinary life form Three-Headed Human-Faced Cat, it had three heads and the face of a beautiful women growing on its back – it at once jumped from Eunices bosom, it opened its small mouths, and emitted deadly invisible sound waves.

“No!! Teacher Eunice …why … ” Suddenly, Innas eyes opened wide, she bled from her seven facial orifices and then rolled on the ground in pain.

The level-3 Apprentice Warlock Trucks, who could utterly defeat a hundred Black Crows warriors, issued a howl similar to that of a wounded beast and kneeled while struggling in pain.

The pinnacle level-3 Apprentice Warlock Pierre, who had a deep and unmeasurable strength – he also bled from his seven facial orifices, his body trembled while he struggling in pain.

Anya tumbled to the ground, she implored as she was rolling about in pain: “Teacher Eunice … why … why?!”

The corners of Eunices mouth raised slightly, revealing a beautiful smile, yet the words that came out of her mouth were cruel: “Unfortunately, you all know too much. In order to avoid trouble, the only option is to send you on your way to hell.”

In the eyes of Apprentice Warlocks, mortals were ants. In front of formidable official Warlocks such as Eunice, Apprentice Warlocks were also were however but somewhat formidable ants, they could casually kill them.

Yang Feng guarded by the 2 shielded robots was also hit by those peculiar sound waves and fell limply to the ground.

A voice quickly sounded, directly shutting off the sound transmission system of the Liquid-Metal Robot transformed into Yang Feng.

Inside a secret cellar, wearing a helmet and constantly struggling in pain – only then did Yang Feng breath a sigh of relief, his back was drenched in cold sweat, he had a lingering fear: “Fuck, means of official Warlocks are too treacherous and terrifying! With only the sound and with my body being over here, it still almost killed me.”

Yang Feng already had the cultivation base of a level-3 Apprentice Warlock, hes already considered an extremely terrifying existence among mortals. But in front of Eunice, even if his body was far away, he still was almost killed.

“This woman must be killed!!” Yang Feng looked at the movingly beautiful Eunice on the screen, who was brimming with strength, and his eyes flashed with a touch of killing intent.

On the verge of the enormous crevice, the 2 shield robots at once raised their shields, two transparent and colorless formidable defensive covers appeared all of a sudden, entirely shrouding the Liquid-Metal Robot possessed by Yang Feng.

The Liquid-Metal Robot possessed by Yang Feng, its body slightly shook and it immediately stood up.

The Extraordinary life form Three-Headed Human-Faced Cat had the peculiar innate ability Deadly Sound Wave, which had boundless destructive might with regards to life forms – even for level-2 Apprentice Warlock rank experts, experiencing its Deadly Sound Wave would also be extremely dangerous, some level-2 Apprentice Warlocks with weak physiques would even die. However, that Deadly Sound Wave was basically useless in front of robots.

Eunice was somewhat amazed and said with a frivolous smile: “You actually didnt die? It looks like your uncle actually gave you a lot of superior defensive secret treasures! However, do you really believe that two trifling steel golems would be enough to protect you? Be obedient and drop dead, it wouldnt be too painful that way!”

“The one to deal with you wont be me.” The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly, revealing a trace of a smile as he said in a deep voice: “Xueer, come out. Take care of this woman for me!”

“Alright, big brother!”

From among the huge trees, walked out an oriental beautiful young lady, she was dressed in a black gothic loli dress, with waterfall-like black long hair, jade-like snow-white skin, delicate and smooth, with peerless facial features, diffusing formidable fluctuations of power from all over her body. Appearing to have come from a fairy tail, the fairy-like beautiful young lady was precisely Shi Xue, who was born from the Taboo Stone.

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