Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 650 – Instakilling Mitt

Chapter 649 – Capturing the Angelos Kingdom

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Suddenly, a panic-stricken bodyguard rushed in from outside and shouted: “Your Majesty, its bad! Randt, Randt is here. He and his men are 30 kilometres away from Lunis City!”

“What, Randt is here?”

“Its over!”

“Who else can stop him?”

“Lets run!”


Upon hearing the news, the faces of the greater aristocrats changed greatly, and they scattered like birds and beasts and disappeared from the royal palace hall.

When he heard this, the Kings face turned pale white, and he shouted: “What, hes already here!”

Three hours later, Yang Feng flew to the city wall by himself, unleashed a massacre, and opened the city gate with ease. The 4,000 elite soldiers of the Dragon Corps and the Lion Corps entered and captured the city.

At night, Yang Feng is walking inside the royal palace with a light smile on his face.

The fall of Lunis City means that one of the three human kingdoms has been conquered. If he stops here, he can build a new kingdom belonging to him on the ruins of Angelos Kingdom.

Suddenly, there was a look of alarm in Yang Fengs eyes, and he took out the Radiant Sword and uttered coldly: “Come out!”

“Please stay calm, we come in peace!”

A warrior with white hair and beard and an archer came out from behind a rockery. Yang Feng saw at a glance that the two of them are junior Legend powerhouses.

The warrior saluted Yang Feng and said: “I am North and he is Sam. We used to be adventurers who formed a party with Jenaco. Thank you for taking revenge for him.”

Yang Feng smiled slightly and tried to recruit them: “You are welcome, Seniors. I am now in the need of capable men. Would you like to join my camp and fight alongside me? Lets eradicate those degenerate aristocrats together and create a new kingdom that belongs to us.”

Norths eyes narrowed a little, and he spoke solemnly: “Randt, you already have taken Angelos Kingdom. You can build a new kingdom here. Are you still not satisfied?”

Yang Feng smiled slightly: “As the future Hero, now that I have such a powerful force, there are things I must do. Rotten to the core, those greater aristocrats have lost all virtue of their ancestors. I decided to use the power at my disposal to wash away the stain on our human race and create a beautiful world where everyone is happy. I invite you two Seniors to help me.”

North smiled and stepped aside, revealing the figures of two young people: “Randt, we two are already old and do not want to participate in a war between humans. These two are Galão and Med, they are disciples of Sam and I. They will assist you and help you create the beautiful world where everyone is happy you spoke off.”

Of the two young people standing behind North, one is a straightforward-looking shield warrior in a warriors armor holding a huge shield, and the other is a handsome archer with a big bow.

“These two are also Stars of Fate!”

Yang Feng operated the Fate Algorithm, and his mind jolted and his eyes brightened slightly. He immediately understood that the two standing in front of him are Stars of Fate.

Yang Feng spent a lot of effort to get Brigina, and now two other Stars of Fate have come to him of their own accord. This is the benefit of having strength.

When the shield warrior Med and the archer Galão joined Yang Fengs troops, he gained two capable men. Using Angelos Kingdoms remnant forces, he quickly formed the Shield Corps and the Bow Corps. As level-9 fighters, the two Stars of Fate Med and Galão are appointed as corps commanders of the two corps.

Displaying amazing internal affairs capability, Yang Feng deployed the four corps to clear private armies of the remaining Angelos Kingdoms aristocrats in order to temper the four corps. At the same time, he used Warlock secret methods to quickly cultivate a large number of internal affairs officials, which he placed in Angelos Kingdom in order to maintain order in the kingdom.

After the kingdom settled down a bit, Yang Feng commanded the four corps with a total of 10,000 elites and the three race coalition army with 4,000 elites to attack Fengy Kingdom.

Although Fengy Kingdom has taken precaution, but in front of Yang Feng and the three Stars of Fate commanding the human army and the three race coalition army, its forces nearly collapsed at the first encounter and retreated in defeat.

After a fierce quarrel, the council of Garemo Kingdom finally dispatched 20,000 elites and spent a great sum to hire a Hero candidate and his party to enter Fengy Kingdom.

Ninuo City is a large city that you have to go through in order to reach the capital of Fengy Kingdom. At this time, a large army of 40,000 humans is garrisoned in the city. The army of 40,000 humans is composed of the elites of Fengy Kingdom and Garemo Kingdom.

Except for a few people, the rest of greater aristocrats of Angelos Kingdom were publicly executed, and their property was confiscated. Even those greater aristocrats who escaped the calamity had most of their assets seized using war bonds to serve as military expenses.

Seeing the end of aristocracy in the neighboring kingdom, the greater aristocrats of Fengy Kingdom and Garemo Kingdom united together. After a bout of heated discussion, they let their elite experts join the war.

Ninuo City has become the last line of defense of the two kingdoms. Once the city falls, it will be difficult for the two kingdoms to organize a strong force to contend with Yang Feng.

Above Ninuo City, there are several Griffin knights riding Griffins serving as scouts. Griffins are demonic beasts capable of flight, and they can release lightning spells. Each Griffin knight can defeat a level-7 fighter. They are the best scouts.

The face of a Griffin knight patrolling in the sky fell suddenly, and he reaching for his waist.

Flying over from far away like shooting stars, arrows accurately hit the heart of the Griffin knights, shooting them down.

Almost instantly, the eight Griffin knights scattered in different directions fell from the sky.

Yang Feng smiled slightly and praised: “Good job, Galão!”

“They are but ordinary Griffin knights. There is nothing to be proud about killing them.” Galão revealed a reserved smile and placed the Bullseye Bow, one of the 36 legendary weapons, back on his back.

Yang Feng smiled slightly: “To accurately hit 8 Griffin knights flying 5 kilometres away, only you can do this in our army. Not even our elven archers can accomplish this.”

Galão looked at the elven archers, saw that they are looking at him with admiration in their eyes, and smiled.

The elven archers can hit a target within a scope of 1,000 metres, and even moving objects cant escape their arrows.

Elven archers have played a huge role in many wars. They can suppress human archers completely. Now seeing Galãos fantastic archery, it curbed their arrogance somewhat.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

Alarms sounded in Ninuo City, and countless human soldiers poured out of the city and looked into the distance with fear.

Outside Ninuo City stands the battle-hardened allied army assembled by Yang Feng.

Under Yang Fengs command, the allied army is virtually undefeated, only experiencing a few minor setbacks. The repeated victories filled the army with a sense of pride.

Yang Feng dressed in a gold armor is standing at the forefront of the army. He is surrounded by 15 human level-9 fighters and 3 Stars of Fate.

At this time, Brigina, Galão, and Med have all already been promoted to junior Legend powerhouses, becoming Yang Fengs capable assistants.

“Thats Randt, a Hero candidate!”

“Thats Randt, the most famous Hero candidate!”

“Dammit, a Hero candidate has become our enemy, a most terrifying enemy!”

“I heard that the previous Hero met a tragic death. Unwilling to be slayed after he served his use, this Hero candidate staged a rebellion!”


There are 40,000 troops in Ninuo City. But in the face of Yang Fengs 10,000-strong elite army, they withdrew into the city. Looking at Yang Feng from afar, most of the soldiers tremble in fear and comment in low voices.

Although the matter of the Hero Jenaco was suppressed by the three human kingdoms at the time, but with Yang Fengs propaganda, the humans of the three kingdoms learned what had happened. Now many of the powerhouses of civilian origin feel discouraged and are unwilling to fight for the three kingdoms, and even the lower strata soldiers are all discussing it.

“I am the human brave Randt. Today I came to fight the greater aristocrats who framed and murdered the previous Hero and colluded with the demons. Open the gate! Otherwise, Ninuo City shall be your burial place!” Yang Feng spurred his mount until he reached the range of Ninuo Citys archers, and the pointed at the city with the Radiant Sword in his hand and shouted loudly: “Randt, as a human, you raised a rebellion at a time when we are fighting against the demons. You are a traitor of the human race, the greatest…”

A general with a greater aristocrat background popped his head out and yelled at Yang Feng. He has just scolded halfway, when a shooting star-like arrow streaked across the void and stabbed into his head, nailing him to the city wall.

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