Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 651 – Destruction of Two Kingdoms and Establishment of a New Kingdom

Chapter 650 – Instakilling Mitt

Translator: Xaiomoge

“General Myron!”

“General Myron was killed!”

“Darn it!”


Seeing this, the countenances of human soldiers in Ninuo City changed dramatically, and their morale became even lower. Myron was a level-8 fighter, and he was considered to be a powerful general among the two kingdom coalition army. Yet such a powerhouse was shot dead by Galão with a single arrow. The impact this has on the morale of the two kingdom coalition army is obvious.

When they saw how Myron died, the rest of the generals of the two kingdom coalition army stepped back, not daring to protrude their heads.

“How scary!”

“These damn peasants, to dare rebel against us greater aristocrats, they deserve to be killed!”

“As I told you, those peasant braves and other fighters are criminals that should be sent to the gallows!”


In Ninuo City, hiding in a secret room, some ashen-faced greater aristocrats cursed angrily.

In their view, only talents who have an aristocratic background can be respected. Otherwise, even braves and Heroes are just pawns in their eyes that can be used and discarded. At that time, when the Hero Jenacos family was slaughtered, the greater aristocrats joined forces behind the scenes to force the Legend powerhouses who sympathized with the Hero to be unable to take action.

Now Yang Feng commanding thousands of troops has raised the flag of betrayal, easily defeated Angelos Kingdom, and slayed numerous greater aristocrats, which gave those greater aristocrats a taste of fear and despair for the first time in their life.

Atop the city wall, a general barked: “Fire the arrows, Fire the arrows! Shoot him!”

A rain of arrows poured down on Yang Feng from above the city wall.

Standing still, Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and an Advanced Warping Force Field appeared around him.

When the countless arrows hit the Advanced Warping Force Field, they all shifted and, as if they had grown eyes, avoided Yang Feng, hitting the ground nearby.

“So fearsome!”

“Thats a brave, what a freak!”

“Thats just terrifying!”

“Is this the power of the Hero? Shouldnt the Hero be the guardians of us humans? Why are we facing each other with swords drawn?!”


Seeing this scene, the despair and fear surged inside the soldiers atop the city wall. The Hero is the guardian of the Eternal Continent, and is the object of worship of countless humans. As a companion, the Hero is the most reassuring individual, but now that the supposed future Hero is an enemy, it fills these human soldiers with overwhelming despair.

“Die!” Yang Feng waved the Radian Sword, and light plumes flew out of the sword, traced an arc in the air, and blasted into the group of archers.

A copious amount of blood splashed as more than 100 archers were run through by the light plumes, and then ignited with white flames. Issuing hair-raising scream, the archers burned to ashes.

The rest of the archers scattered, no longer able to organize a formation. The morale of the soldiers atop the city wall declined once more.

Yang Feng took a deep look at the city gate, smiled faintly, and returned to his coalition army.

If it was an ordinary city, Yang Feng could cut through the city gate with a sword strike. But the city gate of Ninuo City has been specially strengthened. Even as strong as he is, Yang Feng cannot cut it apart with one sword strike.

Besides, the city is filled with experts. Yang Feng isnt careless, and so wont rush to open the city, and then be besieged.

Compared to being ganged up by others, Yang Feng prefers to gang up on and eliminate the enemy with absolute advantage. After several rounds, the morale of the soldiers in Ninuo City has fallen to the bottom. In this way, they cant even display 30% of their strength, which plays right into Yang Fengs hands.

“One person can suppress a kingdom, this is really amazing! Worthy of being my son-in-law! Ha-ha!” From amid the three race allied army, the Beastman Lord looked at Yang Feng showing off in front of Ninuo City and spoke with a complacent smile. Wilana standing beside the Beastman Lord showed a happy smile.

“Yes, hes a terrific fellow. And he fulfilled his promise with us elves. Hes worthy of being my son-in-law!” The Elven Lord showed a satisfied smile. Standing beside him is a pure and gorgeous elven girl with blonde hair who looks like shes 15 or 16 years old. This elven girl is the elven Princess Marina.

“Ha-ha, incredible. This brave Randt is really powerful. I thought that hed need at least a dozen plus years to defeat those kingdoms. Yet unexpectedly, he got rid of Angelos Kingdom so quickly.” The Dwarf Lord also smiled with satisfaction. Beside him, there is a beautiful dwarf girl 1.42 meters tall. Despite being fairly short, she has a full figure with somewhat slender limbs. She is Garlum, Yang Fengs bride that will links him with the dwarves.

In this war that is related to the future of the three races and the future prospects of Yang Fengs army, the Legend powerhouses of the three races all came to this battlefield, ready to fight at any time.

After Yang Feng got rid of the Angelos Kingdom and showed his strength, the Beastman Lord, the Elven Lord, and the Dwarf Lord began to put all their chips on Yang Feng, ready to fight the remaining human forces to the death.

A young man with short silver hair, tall build, and handsome appearance wearing a silver armor said loudly: “Randt, I am Mitt, a Hero candidate of Garemo Kingdom! Do you dare to have a fair, one-on-one fight with me?”

“Thats Garemo Kingdoms Hero candidate Mitt!”

“As expected of a Hero candidate from Garemo Kingdom, he got guts!”

“If its him, he may be able to defeat Randt! After all, hes also a Hero candidate!”


In Ninuo City, everyone looked at Mitt with excitement in their eyes, pinning all hopes on him.

At the same time, countless eyes also focused on Yang Feng.

In Yang Fengs coalition army, there are now three other race Legend powerhouses as well as three junior Legend Stars of Fate. The number of Legend powerhouses on Yang Fengs side exceeds that of the two kingdoms by far. Everyone is very curious about what choice Yang Feng will make.

Yang Feng took a deep look at Mitt and proclaimed heroically: “Okay, I will fight you! Everyone, retreat by 5 kilometres!”

Yang Fengs coalition army immediately retreated by 5 kilometres in accordance with his order.

Yang Feng is the leader of the coalition army thanks to his almost invincible power. But his foundation is unstable. If he has everyone rush to get rid of Mitt regardless of honor, it will have a big impact on his prestige, which will be detrimental regarding his later operations. Besides, if he slays Mitt, it will cement his image as an invincible figure. This is the best method to deter the enemies hidden in the shadows.

On the plain located between Ninuo City and Yang Fengs coalition army, Yang Feng and Mitt stand opposite each other.

“Randt, youll be buried here to day!” Mitt sneered, and intermediate Legend rank fluctuations of power seeped out from him. With the legendary weapon Invisible Blade in hand, his figure suddenly fluttered, and he disappeared, and then re-appeared in front of Yang Feng and slashed out.

“Ambushed by a Legend assassin and locked on by a Legend archer. This is what gave you the courage to challenge me? Youre really naive.”

“Three chapters of Fate Algorithm, merge!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and instantly merged the three chapters of Fate Algorithm he got from the demons, beastmen, and elves. For a split second, he suppressed the fate of Mitt and the other two Stars of Fate and took a step forward.

An afterimage flashed, and Yang Feng appeared at Mitts original location.

“This, whats going on? I, I am the man who is going to become the Warlock Emperor, how can I die here!” A look of despair in his eyes, Mitt released an anguished scream, and then disintegrated.

A dignified look in his eyes, the Beastman Lord spoke solemnly: “So strong! This is the strength of a Hero candidate? What a monster!”

A complicated gleam streaked past his eyes, and the Elven Lord sighed lightly: “The gods really care for the humans. Although they are weak on average, but they give birth to a monster know as the Hero in every age. Its really frustrating.”

In the Eternal Continent, the average physique of beastmen and elves is far above that of humans, yet they were still driven into the Green Forest by the humans, and that is because the humans give birth to monsters like braves and the Hero in each generation. Even if the beastmen and elves can defeat the humans short term, but once the braves and the Hero enter the stage, they will lose again and again, and become minor characters.

Without any sign, a Legend assassin suddenly emerged from Yang Fengs shadow and stab with a dagger towards Yang Fengs heart.

On the city wall, eyes filled with grief and indignation and tears rolling down her pretty face, a beautiful Legend archer with black hair combed into a pony tail released the string of her bow.

An arrow dazzling like the sun, with the power to burn everything shot towards Yang Feng.

The coordination between the Legend assassin and the Legend archer is perfect, as if is has been polished thousands of times.

“A shadow assassin? Wishful thinking! After all, I have mastered the law of shadows!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and waved the Radiant Sword, and a sword ray swept towards the Legend assassin.

The Legend assassin burst apart.

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