Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 651 – Destruction of Two Kingdoms and Establishment of a New Kingdom

ty gate.

In a place where human soldiers were concentrated, Yang Feng waved his sword, and countless light feathers killed the human soldiers.

The scattered human soldiers were easily killed off by the remaining Legend powerhouses. Pretty soon, the 10 plus Legend powerhouses have reached the city gate.

“Virtual Holy Sword, Holy Sword of Speed!”

Suddenly, amid the human soldiers, the eyes of a young man in ordinary soldier clothes shimmered coldly. He extended his right hand, and a virtual Holy Sword formed from the law of speed appeared in his hand. As if a shooting star, the young man shot out and stabbed the sword towards Yang Fengs heart.

The virtual Holy Swords Holy Sword of Speed is the manifestations of the law that this Warlock prodigy has studied all his life, its a Holy Sword formed from his Warlock path. Under the sneak attack, even as strong as Yang Feng is, he was still stabbed by this Warlock prodigy, whose sword ran through the formers heart.

“Four chapters of Fate Algorithm, merge!” A stabbing paint erupted from Yang Fengs heart, and a premonition of death welled up inside him. He gritted his teeth and operated Fate Algorithm frantically, and a mysterious aura of fate poured out from him and swept towards the Warlock prodigy.

The Warlock prodigy who has condensed a virtual Holy Sword suddenly shuddered, and the figure of a woman whom he once deeply loved appeared in his mind, causing his heart to tremble: “Lena!”

The Warlock prodigy has a firm will, and he recovered in a flash: “Lena is dead, I killed her with my own hands! Shit, I was hit by a spell!”

In that instant, brilliant sword light shrouded the Warlock prodigy and cut him into countless pieces.

“Randt was killed!”

“Randts heart was pierced through!”

“The fiend Randt is dead!”


In Ninuo City, some clever people shouted loudly, and the sound waves spread throughout the battlefield.

As long as the Brave Lord Yang Feng is dead, then the coalition army will fall apart, and the soldiers of the two human kingdom will be able to wrestle away the victory in this war.

Hearing this, the morale of Ninuo Citys human soldiers rose, while the morale of the coalition army soldiers began to decline.

Yang Feng flew up at once. Standing loftily in midair, he shouted loudly: “I, Randt, am invincible! I am an invincible Brave Lord! The future hero! Men, we have already forced them against the wall. Victory is ours for the taking! Break through the city wall!”

Creak! Creak! Creak!

Yang Fengs words have just fallen, when the city gate weighing hundreds of thousands of kilograms opened slowly and revealed the road leading to Ninuo City.

“Long live Randt! Long live the Brave Lord!”

“The city is breached!”

“The city is breached!”


The four race coalition army soldiers commanded by Yang Feng cheered wildly, their morale skyrocketed, and they rushed into Ninuo City.

Yang Feng flew down, landed atop the city gate, proudly overlooked the fight down below like an undefeated god of war.

When the four race coalition army powerhouses saw Yang Feng standing atop the city gate, their hearts filled with fanaticism and excitement, and their morale rose to the top.

No one knows that Yang Feng standing loftily atop the city gate had his heart skewered. Blood is flowing into the gold armor and was absorbed by the gold armor.

Yang Feng clenched his teeth tightly and forcibly withstood the pain coming from his heart, musing: “As expected of a peerless prodigy from the Cangzhi Plane. Everyone of them has the strength to threaten my life. Fortunately, they are also fighting amongst themselves. Otherwise, it would be dangerous.”

If Jiang Shi joined forces with the Warlock prodigy who condensed the Holy Sword of Speed and Mitt, then despite having comprehended four chapters of Faith Algorithm, Yang Feng is sure to die in a head-on fight.

However, the three powerhouses must also compete for the title of Hero among themselves and condense the perfect, sole Holy Sword. This why they were defeated and killed by Yang Feng one at a time.

Now that Ninuo City has been breached, Fengy Kingdom and Garemo Kingdom stand no chance.

Yang Feng commanding the four race coalition army easily conquered the two kingdoms one by one and organized eight corps. At the same time, he used Warlock secret methods to nurture countless peasant children into officials and established a new kingdom – Kingdom of the Sun.

After he established the new kingdom, Yang Feng signed various peace treaties with the three races and formally married Brigina and the other two beauties of the three races. Yang Feng is now referred to by everyone as the new Brave Lord.

Once the newly-established kingdom stabilized a little, Yang Feng announced that all human powerhouses of the brave class must serve the Kingdom of the Sun, or they will be viewed as rebels.

With the power of the entire kingdom, more than 20 braves were recruited by Yang Feng and became his subordinates. Among the 20 plus braves, three are Stars of Fate.

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