Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 654 – Promotion to a Glorious Sun Warlock

Chapter 653 – Holy Sword of Devour

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When they heard Yang Fengs request, most of the human braves coming from different places agreed to his request at once. After thinking things through, some famous braves eager to be the Hero could only choose to give up as well, helpless.

Yang Feng is currently the Human Lord, and his influence spreads throughout the entire human race. With an order from him, these braves will be labeled as traitors and chased by the entire human race.

Besides, on their journey here, these braves have witnessed that the humans under Yang Fengs governance are becoming more and more prosperous. The greater aristocrats who used to brutally kill peasants have been executed one by one, and the law and order in various places has improved greatly.

The braves have formidable battle prowess, but their internal affairs capability is very low. However, as adventurers traveling around, they can see that many people are leading far better lives than during the three kingdoms era. Naturally, they wont act against Yang Feng who is a wise lord.

At the same time, Yang Feng doesnt dare to kill these braves. After all, with the interference of the power of fate, even if he killed dozens of braves, more braves would be born.

Via Fate Algorithm, Yang Feng saw that Brigitte and the other two braves are darlings favored by fate. If he sent people to chase them down, even with Fate Algorithm, they could kill one or two at most. The remaining would continue to grow and evolve and become his enemy.

After appeasing the convened braves, Yang Feng went to Dragon Island and obtained a Fate Tablet with a chapter of Fate Algorithm recorded from the dragons.

The three human kingdoms each kept a chapter of Fate Algorithm, and those three chapters have also fallen into the hands of Yang Feng.

After obtaining all the chapters of Fate Algorithm, Yang Feng went to the Holy Sword Land by himself.

Holy Sword Land is located to the north of the three kingdoms. There are countless demonic beasts and monsters along the way, and there are even Legend monsters in Holy Sword Land.

Yang Feng easily slayed the monsters blocking his path, and reached Holy Sword Land in under 10 days.

Located in a small valley in Holy Sword Land is a strange city with a completely different style from that of Eternal Continent. Every building in the strange city is inscribed with queer runes that exceed even Yang Fengs scope of understanding.

“This is the center of the power of fate, the convergence node of the power of fate. I cant understand these runes. They were left by a powerhouse of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank or above.”

Yang Feng looked at the queer runes inscribed on the citys buildings, and amazement streaked past his eyes.

After eating the Apple of Wisdom, Yang Fengs intelligence has reached the Infinity Warlock rank. Because of this, he can easily analyze, understand, and master countless runes.

Only the runes engraved by Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses and above will make it impossible for Yang Feng to understand them. The standard of spells in Eternal Continent is extremely low, only at the level of Turandot Subcontinent. Yang Feng is justifiably surprised to encounter such runes here.

“Extraordinary Memory!”

Yang Feng gazed at the queer runes, cast a spell, and sealed them in the abyss of his memory.

Since he cant understand these immensely formidable runes at this time, Yang Feng can only use Extraordinary Memory to seal them in the deepest part of his mind. Once he is strong enough, he can unearth and study them.

Strolling in Holy Sword Land, Yang Feng soon saw a huge altar appear in front of him.

There is an ordinary stone sword inserted in the center of the huge altar. Countless runes are inscribed on the center of the altar as well as the stone sword.

There are 99 steps made of white jade leading to the stone sword.

The white jade steps are the Hero Steps, and the stone sword in the center of the altar is the legendary Holy Sword that belongs to the Hero. It is the treasure that Warlock prodigies who have entered this world fight over.

“Non-humans must not step on the Hero Steps. Else, die!”

In front of the white jade steps, there stands a stele inscribed with bloody words. The stele exudes a terrifying aura that seems to cross the River of Time.

“This aura, could it be the aura of an Eternal, a being that has surpassed the Warlock Emperor rank?”

Yang Feng looked at the stele, and an enigmatic gleam flashed in his eyes. He once felt the aura of a Warlock Emperor. Warlock Emperor rank aura is as deep and unmeasurable as the sea. As for Eternal rank aura, it is like a small universe, exceeding the Warlock Emperor rank by far.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with a peculiar glint, and he uttered slowly: “Eternal, there really are Eternals. I thought Eternals were just a myth.”

According to some secret legends, Cangzhi Plane has given birth to more than one Eternal. Since those Eternals have seen through the mysteries of the soul, neither their flesh nor their soul will decay with time.

For some reason, those Eternals disappeared from Cangzhi Plane. Only a few relics proving their existence are left in the world.

The relics of Eternals are all dangerous, and they are hidden in different space-times. According to legend, except for the Dawn Lord, the other Seven Warlock Emperors have all explored the relics of Eternals, and were consequently seriously wounded, which led to their deaths.

Suddenly a doubt arose in Yang Fengs mind: “Why would an Eternal protect humans? The history of Eternal precedes the Warlock age! After the archgod age, there have been no more rumors of Eternals being born.”

Yang Feng hid the doubt deep in his mind, and then stepped onto the Hero Steps.

The white jade Hero Steps burst out with mysterious light that swept towards Yang Feng, and a feeling of being pried into welled up inside him.

Yang Feng gritted his teeth and encouraged himself secretly: “The difference between humans and other races lies is the soul. Although this body is the body of the Devil Lord, but my soul is that of a human Warlock. I can definitely step on the Hero Steps!”

The methods left by an Eternal are absolutely earth-shattering, not something that Yang Feng can contend with. He can only believe in the fact that he is a human in order to find a way out.

After accessing Yang Fengs soul, the strange light scanned it carefully, and then disappeared. The Hero Steps recognized Yang Feng as a human.

A breeze blew over, and the legendary weapon the Swift Sword appeared behind Yang Feng in a flash and pierced into his heart.

“Success!” The eyes of Rennes holding the Swift Sword flashed with ecstasy. He has been hiding here for a long time just to perform a stab.

With the support of the karma weapon the Swift Sword, Rennes can even assassinate a Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouse with a sneak attack.

At the same time, magic light flickered atop Rennes. The magic light came from magic herbs the mage Merlin collected for him to use for this sword strike.

After Yang Feng unified the human race, he was hailed as the strongest Brave Lord, and became the most probable choice for the Hero. Rennes knows that he cannot compete with Yang Feng, so he chose to assassinate him.

“Junior Legend, you are Rennes!” Your sword is fast. Unfortunately, I have seen a sword dozens of times faster than yours. Your sword is too slow! You havent even condensed a virtual Holy Sword, what a letdown!”

Yang Fengs closed eyes opened slowly and burst out with a dazzling radiance, and he slashed out casually.

As if drawn by the power of fate, Rennes was strangely hit by Yang Fengs sword, his body was split in two, and his life force extinguished, a look of shock and despair on his face.

“Compared to Jiang Shi and that other Warlock, you are far too lacking!”

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and a ball of fire enveloped Rennes and burned him to ashes.

After killing Rennes, Yang Feng continued to tread the Hero Steps, but then he felt a huge repulsive force from the Hero Steps.

“I am the one, its my destiny!”

Yang Feng operated Fate Algorithm with a thought, and fate force enveloped him and reversed his fate, defeating the huge repulsive force coming from the Hero Steps.

Yang Feng stepped onto the second step, and a trace of eternal aura streaked through his body and a copious amount of knowledge poured into his sea of knowledge, nearly detonating his sea of knowledge.

“My path is the great dao of devour, to devour all power! I just need the law of devour!”

The law of devour seeped out from Yang Feng and formed a pitch black virtual Holy Sword of Devour seemingly capable of devouring everything in his hand.

With each step Yang Feng took on the Hero Steps, he absorbed a strand of eternal aura, and the virtual Holy Sword of Devour in his hand became more corporeal.

When Yang Feng reached the center of the altar, the virtual Holy Sword of Devour was already filled with terrifying devour force.

“My Holy Sword, come out!”

Yang Feng combined the virtual Holy Sword of Devour condensed from the law of devour with the stone sword in the center of the altar. Radiating resplendent light, the two finally formed the Holy Sword of Devour.

As soon as Yang Feng grasped the Holy Sword of Devour, countless mysteries of the law of devour poured out from the Holy Sword of Devour, enabling him to quickly understand and master them.

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