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Chapter 656 – Defeating Nangong Wumie

Chapter 655 – Nangong Wumies Challenge

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Nangong Wumie swept trough almost the entire Li Gui Province and defeated one famous Glorious Sun Warlock after another, including the Glorious Sun Warlocks from the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres.

A month later, a Bright World Warlock suddenly attacked Nangong Wumie. The old servant next to Nangong Wumie stepped in abruptly, emitted pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power, and unleashed a strike, injuring the opposing Bright World Warlock severely.

The entire Li Gui Province learned that there is a pinnacle Bright World Warlock guardian next to Nangong Wumie. The powerhouses who wanted to assassinate Nangong Wumie ceased their activity at once.

In Li Gui Province, in addition to the Five Heavenly Lords and Nine Heavenly Ogres who each had one pinnacle Bright World Warlock prior to the Undying Mountain incident, there are still some rogue junior Bright World Warlocks and intermediate Bright World Warlocks. These rogue Warlocks cannot compete with a pinnacle Bright World Warlock.

In Li Gui Province, only Yang Fengs Undying Mountain has the absolute power to kill Nangong Wumie and his guardian.

After Nangong Wumie swept through the the Glorious Sun Warlocks of Li Gui Province, he finally came to the center of the province and arrived before Undying Mountains headquarters.

At this time, there is a large number of female Warlock groupies following Nangong Wumie, who in turn attracted male Warlocks.

The fights between Nangong Wumie and other Glorious Sun Warlocks are held in arenas and are a spectacle to behold. There is no restriction that prohibits other Warlocks from watching the fights. Therefore, he has attracted quite the following in Li Gui Province.

Standing in front of Undying Mountains headquarters, Nangong Wumie operated a secret method and spoke loudly: “I, Nangong Wumie, request an audience with Undying Mountains Young Master!”

A tremendous voice echoed in Undying Mountains headquarters.

“Will Undying Mountain let him in, what do you guys think?”

“No way, right? Nangong Wumie swept the Glorious Sun Warlocks in the entire Li Gui Province. Although there are many experts in Undying Mountain as well as the Blazing Angel Alexia. However, there are no powerful Glorious Sun Warlocks.”

“Yeah, I havent heard of any powerful Glorious Sun Warlocks coming from Undying Mountain.”

“Undying Mountain is very mysterious, and they are said to possesses formidable alchemy. But in terms of powerhouses, they dont seem to have many! They shouldnt let Nangong Wumie in!”


The young Warlocks behind Nangong Wumie chatted among themselves. They dont think that Nangong Wumie can enter Undying Mountain.

Ever since Yang Fengs Undying Mountain occupied Li Gui Province, the powerful forces of Li Gui Province and even the entire continent have conducted research on Undying Mountain.

All forces unanimously come to the conclusion that Undying Mountain is a powerful force with a deep foundation, and what they showed in Li Gui Province is only the tip of the iceberg. At the same time, there are countless conjectures and rumors. One of the rumors is that there are no true experts in Undying Mountain, that there are only some bootleg Starry Sky Warlocks and Moonlight Warlocks who achieved their cultivation base by throwing piles of elixirs and other resources at it.

And that is because no Glorious Sun Warlocks, Bright World Warlocks, nor Infinity Warlocks have ever emerged from Undying Mountain. They only have a Blazing Angel standing guard.

If it wasnt fore the Blazing Angel Alexia who can compete with junior Infinity Warlock powerhouses and the fact that Li Gui Province is a restricted area, countless forces would have come forward to test the strength of Undying Mountain.

Since no Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse is sure to win against Alexia, Nangong Wumie of the Glorious Sun Seven Stars came to Li Gui Province to issue a challenge instead.

“Nangong Wumie, have you come to challenge Glorious Sun Warlocks from my Undying Mountain?”

Yang Fengs indifferent yet majestic voice came from Undying Mountain.

Nangong Wumie smiled faintly and said: “As the No. 1 force in Li Gui Province, Undying Mountain must have countless masters. I came this time to swap pointers with Glorious Sun Warlocks of Undying Mountain!”

“Okay, I will fight you on behalf of Undying Mountain!”

A gold ray emanated from Undying Mountains headquarters and landed on the foot of mountain.

Yang Feng and Alexia slowly emerged from the gold ray.

“Alexia, that is the strongest guardian of Undying Mountain, Blazing Angel Alexia!”

“Thats Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming! He, he actually advanced to a Glorious Sun Warlock?”

“Young Master Lei Ming, wasnt, wasnt he an advanced Moonlight Warlock powerhouse? How did he get promoted to a Glorious Sun Warlock?”


The young Warlocks looked at Yang Feng and Alexia with worship, jealousy, incredulity, and other complicated feelings in their eyes.

Blazing Angel Alexia is recognized as the No. 1 expert in Li Gui Province, and is a terrifying being who can contend against junior Infinity Warlocks. She is the object of worship of many people in Li Gui Province.

As the mysterious Young Master of Undying Mountain who can easily mobilize a 100 million-strong Warlock army, Yang Feng is the most powerful figure in Li Gui Province.

Yang Feng is the most envied figure of Li Gui Provinces younger generation. Free to use Li Gui Provinces cultivation resources, he can make rapid progress, easily break through bottlenecks, and advance to a Glorious Sun Warlock.

When the old servant standing beside Nangong Wumie who seems like hes at his last breath saw Alexia, his eyes shone brightly, and, as if a ferocious beast that has awakened, he suddenly burst out with pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power that rolled out towards Alexia.

“Humph!” Alexia snorted, raised the three pairs of wings on her back, emitted fearsome dark force, and looked at the old servant with deep killing intent.

The old servants fluctuations of power were smashed by Alexias fluctuations of power. His face paled a little, and he took a few steps backwards. His fluctuations of power faded, and he lowered his head, looking like an ordinary old man.

“Humph!” Alexia snorted coldly, dissatisfied. If it was in Abyss, if someone had tested her, she would have cut them in two. But she is in Cangzhi Plane. She understands that she should not antagonize a behemoth like the Nangong family.

Nangong Wumie swept Yang Feng with a glance, an enigmatic glint streaked past his eyes, and he said with a smile: “Young Master Lei Ming, you only have the cultivation base of an intermediate Glorious Sun Warlock, while I am already a quasi-Bright World Warlock, and I have also formed a virtual world. You are not my opponent! Have the strongest Glorious Sun Warlock of Undying Mountain come fight me!”

Yang Feng clapped his hands: “I can handle you. Besides, I want to see how strong the Glorious Sun Seven Stars are!”

Alexia waved her hand, and a level-8 arena secret treasure flew out from her hand, landed on the ground, and formed a giant arena. The level-8 arena secret treasure can endure the fight between Bright World Warlocks.

Yang Feng blurred into motion and turned into a stream of white light that entered the arena.

Smiling confidently, Nangong Wumie turned into mist that entered the arena.

In a breath, Yang Feng and Nangong Wumie appeared in the arena that has a width of more than 20 kilometres and a height of tens of kilometres, and is enchanted with spatial spells.

With an arrogant expression on his face, Nangong Wumie smiled loftily and uttered: “Lei Ming, Ill give you the first shot! Let me take a look at your Undying Mountains secret methods!”

“Since this is the case, then I wont stand o ceremony! Life and Death Mirror!”

Yang Feng operated a secret method and pointed with a finger, and a gray mirror exuding traces of life and death force suddenly appeared in the space, turned slightly, and shot a gray ray barreling towards Nangong Wumie.

The Life and Death Mirror is a unique secret methods the Death Lord has mastered. The Life Mirror can let people who died within a short time-frame rise from death. The Death Mirror can suck away the souls of people and have them die directly.

When has Yang Feng collected all kinds of Warlock books in Li Gui Province, he got his hands on two volumes of the Life and Death Text written by the Death Lord. This is the strongest secret method recorded in the two volumes of the Life and Death Text.

“Incredible, its the Life and Death Mirror! The Life Mirror controls life and the Death Mirror controls death! According to legend, the Death Lord was an imperishable existence when he had the Life and Death Mirror unleashed. No matter how many times he died, he could be quickly reborn from the Life Mirror! It s really amazing that your Undying Mountain can master this secret method! Its a pity that its incomplete!”

Nangong Wumie smiled slightly and spread the fingers of a hand, and a living Sul Beast suddenly flew out and blocked in front of him.

When the gray death ray hit the Sul Beast, the Sul Beast suddenly lost its soul and fell to the ground.

Nangong Wumie spoke flatly: “The Death Lords Life and Death Mirror locks on the target, penetrates all defenses, and directly affects the soul of the opponent! As for you Life and Death Mirror, its too slow and cant penetrate the targets defenses. It is useless if your opponent is prepared.”

“Youre already quite strong, but not quite there yet to be my opponent!”

Nangong Wumie silently recited an incantation. In an instant, seven stars in Cangzhi Planes outer space shone brightly. A copious amount of starlight dropped from the sky and formed seven stars above Nangong Wumie.

Every star contains fearsome star force, which can easily wreck a grade 9 plane.

“Stars Descend, a secret method recorded in Star Lords Star Text!”

“This is a secret method recorded in the Star Text, and it has the power to destroying the sky and laying waste to earth – Stars Descend!”

“Astounding! Hes able to trigger seven stars!”


When the spectators saw the seven stars, their eyes shimmered with astonishment. Stars Descend is a powerful offensive secret method recorded in the Star Text. When cultivated to the pinnacle, it can directly channel the stars in the sky to attack enemies. It possesses world-destroying might.

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