Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 658 – Alchemist Certification

Chapter 657 – Level-4 Stronghold

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Nangong Wumie has many powerful killing moves. But as soon as he saw Yang Fengs Devour Black Moon, he understood that unless he goes all out and uses the power of the virtual world inside him, he cannot break Yang Fengs Devour Black Moon.

Astrologers who cultivate star force are generally very calm, and grasp all kinds of deduction spells. They can somewhat infer the outcome of a fight.

What Nangong Wumie cultivates is a part of Star Text left by the Star Lord, and he has also studied astrology. As such, his computing power exceeds that of ordinary people by far. After discovering that he cannot beat Yang Feng, he doesnt have any interest in continue fighting.

After Nangong Wumie admitted defeat, he accepted Yang Fengs invitation and entered Undead Mountain, where he had a good time drinking and chatting with Yang Feng.

The next day, Nangong Wumie left Undying Mountain and Li Gui Province, and traveled to another province of Great Cloud Dynasty to search for opportunities.

It didnt take long for the news that Nangong Wumie of the Glorious Sun Seven Stars was defeated by Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming to spread throughout Li Gui Province.

For the first time, Li Gui Provinces Warlocks faced Yang Fengs avatar Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming squarely. Prior to this, they all believed that he was proficient in plots and conspiracies, and that he wasnt that strong personally. However, after Yang Feng defeated Nangong Wumie, these Warlocks had to admit that Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming is the strongest Glorious Sun Warlock in Li Gui Province as well as the Warlock with the greatest potential of the younger generation in Li Gui Province.

The forces that were originally full of evil designs on Undying Mountain also began to lie dormant, no longer daring to oppose Undying Mountain.

Undying Mountains rule over Li Gui Province is growing firmer with each passing day.

After Yang Feng defeated Nangong Wumie, he threw himself into the practice of cultivation head first in Undying Mountains headquarters.

With the help of the Wisdom Apple, the power of superior level-8 soul aptitude, and virtually infinite resources, Yang Fengs cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds.

Andrak Plane, in a secret underground laboratory.

“The level-4 stronghold is finally completed!”

Yang Feng gazed at the level-4 Matter and Energy Converter in the underground laboratory and showed a smile. With a thought, the level-4 optical computer transmitted a great amount of information.

“Type II Undying: when operated at full speed, can erupt with Mach 100 speed.”

“Blazing Sun Battlestar: a strike from its main artillery can deal heavy damage to an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse.”

“Mistwalker: a type of battle robot that can dissipate into mist and devour all kinds of power!”

“Vajra Robot: a type of offensive battle robot with super defense and a large artillery. The large artillery has the power to seriously wound a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse!”

“Type II Void Assassin!”

“Type II Skynet: a defensive system capable of suppressing Infinity Warlocks!”


Yang Feng looked at the information transmitted by the level-4 Mobile Fortified Stronghold with excitement in his eyes.

Infinity Warlocks are at present the strongest known powerhouses in Cangzhi Plane. Among his subordinates, only Blazing Angel Alexia can barely contend with junior Infinity Warlocks.

The advanced version of Skynet can suppress Infinity Warlocks, this is simply heaven-defying.

After the first excitement, Yang Feng took a closer look, and then suddenly frowned slightly.

Although the level-4 Mobile Fortified Stronghold is able to manufacture a defense system that can suppresses Infinity Warlocks. But the resources the advanced version of Skynet requires are an astronomical amount.

With his current resources, if he doesnt take Li Gui Provinces resources into account, it will take Yang Feng 30 years to build an advanced version of Skynet by slowly synthesizing the necessary materials with level-4 Matter and Energy Converters. And in that period of 30 years, he can only manufacture level-4 Matter and Energy Converters and mass-produce nuclear power plants and other energy power plants.

If he takes Li Gui Provinces resources into account, Yang Feng can create only one advanced version of Skynet at the moment.

Additionally, the expenditure on 4th generation battle robots is much larger than the expenditure on 3rd generation battle robots.

The Type II Undyings need to consume 100 times as many resources as the Type I Undyings.

In a year, Yang Feng can build more than 10 million 3rd generation battle robots, or only 200,000 plus 4th generation battle robots.

Yang Feng mused: “The stronger the existence, the harder it is to manufacture. This is a problem difficult to resolve. The best way is to occupy more places and obtain more resources. Only then can I build more battle robots!”

There is a variety of munitions factories in Andrak Plane. If there were sufficient resources, it would be possible to produce 1 million 4th generation battle robots a month without a problem. However, Yang Feng cannot use all the resources to only build battle robots. As such, he can only slowly collect energy to manufacture the 4th generation battle robots.

A Blazing Sun Battlestar can deal great damage to a Infinity Warlock with one shot. With his current resources, Yang Feng can only make 1 such battlestar in a year. Moreover, although the Blazing Sun Battlestars main artillery is capable dealing great damage to a Infinity Warlock. But with its poor defense, it is not a match for an Infinity Warlock.

After the level-4 stronghold was finished, Yang Feng ordered for most of the munitions factories to adjust the production lines and begin to manufacture 4th generation battle robots.

After he made the necessary arrangements, Yang Feng returned to Undying Mountain and entered closed door cultivation.

With Li Gui Provinces resources at his disposal, Yang Feng doesnt need to worry about resources before he advances to a Bright World Warlock. This is the advantage of being the master of a province.

Cloud Capital, White Oak Villa District, in a villa.

Yang Fengs avatar Zhao Fan slowly raised his head from a pile of books, a peculiar glint flickered in his eyes, and he revealed a smile: “Its time for me to act!”

This Zhao Fan is a perfect Flesh Golem made from a part of Yang Fengs flesh and countless precious resources using xizu technology, and it even has its own unique soul aura.

With the exception of some extremely talented powerhouses, even if an Infinity Warlock used detection spells, they would not find anything wrong with Yang Fengs perfect Flesh Golem.

Cloud Capitals Alchemist Guild, it is an institution that carries out the certification of Alchemists.

A Warlocks strength is a function of cultivation base, secret methods, and secret treasures. Among them, secret treasures is the most important part of a Warlocks combat power.

The reason why the Seven Warlock Emperors were able to subjugate the world and suppress powerhouses of the same rank was because they possessed extremely precious Empyrean grade secret treasures that matched them well.

The research of human Warlocks on secret methods has been continuously enhanced, reaching its culmination in the 7th Warlock Dynasty Magic Note Dynasty. After Magic Note Dynasty was destroyed, human Warlock secret treasure technology dropped to the bottom, and then started to recover its vitality slowly.

Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks, no matter if it is Eastern Word or Western World, they all attach great importance to Alchemists. Therefore, Alchemist Guild is one of the most powerful institutions of Great Cloud Dynasty.

“Hello! My name is Li Wei, what can I do for you?” As soon as Yang Feng stepped into Alchemist Guild, a pretty lady with level-1 Warlock rank fluctuations of power standing behind a reception desk smiled and said.

Yang Feng said lightly: “The name is Zhao Fan, and I come here today for the Alchemist certification!”

Li Weis eyes brightened slightly, and she uttered: “Alchemist certification? What was your Alchemist tier before?”

Yang Feng responded: “I havent been certified as an Alchemist yet.”

Li Wei pointed to that room and said: “Then please enter the tier 1 Alchemist certification room, its over there!”

Yang Feng glanced towards the room and saw more than 30 young men and women gathered in front of the room. He focused his gaze on one person, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he went over.

A handsome young man dressed in white staring at a short-haired beautiful young woman with a scorching gaze said: “Chuxia, I will pass the tier 1 Alchemist certification and become a true tier 1 Alchemist today. If I pass, then go out with me! I like you!”




The young men and women watching from the sidelines made noise. Such a confession scene is most well-received by audiences.

Lan Chuxia raised her eyebrows and responded rudely: “Liu Ming, how many times have I told you. There is someone else I like! Also, please call me by my full name. We are not familiar enough for you to call me by my first name.”

Liu Ming raised his voice, eyes shot with blood: “Chuxia, I am a student of South River Advanced Warlock Academy, and I am in the top 10 of the academy to boot. I am now a level-3 Warlock. After 2 years, I will have full assurance to tackle the Great Warlock rank! Secret Treasure Division has already sent me an invitation to join the division after graduation. The one you like, is he as good as I am?”

Frowning slightly, Liu Chuxia was about to flip out, when she saw Yang Feng, and then immediately showed a smile. She stepped forward, hugged one of Yang Fengs arms, and spoke proudly: “The one I like is him!”

The eyes of the young men and women gathered on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Hello, the name is Zhao Fan, and I am a Starry Sky Warlock!”

“A Starry Sky Warlock!”

“Hes actually a Starry Sky Warlock!”

“Although Lan Chuxias boyfriend is a bit older, but hes a Starry Sky Warlock. She has a good eye!”

“Damn, that lucky bitch actually got herself a Starry Sky Warlock boyfriend!”


Gazes full of envy and jealousy focused on Lan Chuxia and Yang Feng.

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