Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 66 – I Still Have Fifty

Chapter 65 – Shi Xue VS Eunice

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“A level-1 Warlock! Thats truly unfathomable! Terrific! Shi Xue, you are so outstanding, so wonderful. Youll definitely belong to me.”

Eunice stared firmly at Shi Xue, her beautiful eyes flashing with fanaticism, slightly panting, she said with a crazed, seductive and charming voice: Shi Xue, come here. As long as you follow me, Ill spare Yang Fengs pathetic life. I can provide you with a lot of resources, allowing you to easily promote to a level-2 Warlock!!”

“Is there something wrong with your head you lowly sow, you actually dared to harm my big brother Yang Feng, thats a capital offense! Let me properly educate you, correct your twisted character and teach you how to conduct yourself!”

Shi Xues beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a sinister radiance, her black hair rose, an extremely powerful ice force enveloped and circled around her body. Streams of white radiance congregated on her right hand, forming a 2m long white Snow-Ice Whip.

“Terrific! Im more and more fond of you!!”

Eunice gave a somewhat hysterical laugh, her jade hand gave a light tap, streams of green radiance shrouded the ring on her hand. That ring suddenly grew a sharp thorn which then became a rattan as thick as a python, the rattans tip grew six feelers, the feelers possessed countless sharp teeth on their inner part – the demonic rattan ruthlessly bit at Shi Xue.

Shi Xue, like an elf amidst ice and snow, took graceful and elegant steps, the Snow-Ice Whip in her hand ferociously whipped out, at once struck at the demonic rattan.

Instantly, an incomparably tremendous ice force erupted, shrouding the demonic rattan, ice spread step by step, freezing the demonic rattan into an ice sculpture – moreover, the ice constantly spread towards Eunices hand.

“The West Extreme Cold Ice Phoenix Art! A top-notch secret method! To actually being able to practice this secret method under the absence of guidance, truly remarkable!”

Eunices eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar radiance, praising without cease as she conveniently flicked, the ring on her hand was directly flocked away.

Once the ring left Eunices jade hand, it immediately crumbled into countless pieces. That a fierce demonic rattan also crumbled inch by inch and turned into ashes.

The West Extreme Cold Ice Phoenix Art was a top-notch ice-attributed secret method, without guidance or a particular physique, it would be very difficult to succeed in it. Shi Xue could, within a short period of more than a year, practice this secret method to reach the realm of level-1 Warlocks, her talent was simply unreasonable.

“However, my enemy isnt you!” Eunice gave a charming smile, her figure retreated suddenly, with a flash, she strangely appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Two thick vines instantly spurted from the ground, at once impaling the protective cover of the 2 shielded robots, coiling around the 2 shielded robots, then forcefully throwing them aside.

“Stop! Otherwise, Ill kill your big brother Yang Feng!” Eunice reached out her hand in a grasp, catching Yang Feng – she used him as a shield in front of her and called out towards Shi Xue.

“Eunice, please have a taste of my gift to you!” Yang Feng, without being aware of him being a hostage, gave Eunice a peculiar smile.

Shi Xues jade hand swung lightly, streams of ice-cold air condensed into a wall in front of her.

Eunices heart was filled with a touch of an ominous premonition, her mind moved, she forcefully made a throw, attempting to throw Yang Feng away.


Accompanied by a terrifying blare – the Liquid-Metal Robot possessed by Yang Feng – its body instantly detonated, the terrifying shock wave instantly swallowing Eunice.

Disregarding the sand and stones, steel pieces splash in every which way – striking at Shi Xues ice wall and then shooting away.

A figure was launched from amidst the terrifying explosion and then fell to the ground – it was precisely Eunice. At this moment, the silver-white robe on her body was already in tatters, that extremely beautiful face was also stained by traces of rubble and ashes, her long golden waterfall-like hair also had some charred marks – she was in a sorry state.

“Sure enough, official Warlocks are freaks, they dont die from something like this!” Yang Feng investigated the sight via a reconnaissance satellite – seeing Eunice still alive, it made him pensive.

The might of the explosion of the Liquid-Metal Robot possessed by Yang Feng was even capable of blowing up a tank. Yet Eunice, under such a terrifying explosion, she still didnt died – it shows that under the blessing of magic force, her defense was stronger than that of a tank.

Two streams of snake-like Snow-Ice Whip shot out from the smoke and dust, and with lightning-like speed ruthlessly whipped at Eunice.

The corners of Eunices mouth reddened, drops of blood dripped from her mouth – turning into bloody ice beads before reaching the ground.

“You forced me to do this!!”

Eunice seemed like an enraged lioness, terrifying life force erupting from her body. She silently recited incantations in quick successions, pointed her jade finger towards the sky, streams of star force sprinkled from within the sky – the streams were drawn towards the necklace secret treasure on her neck that emitted star aura.

The necklace secret treasure emitting star aura, suddenly bloomed with an incomparably bright radiance, shrouding Eunices entire body, resulting in her aura rising little by little. The ice chunks that originally covered half of her body were immediately jolted away.

The starlight enveloping Eunice formed into a formidable starlight force field – she appeared like a powerful and beautiful star queen that had descended from the stars

“Despicable, this is a level-2 secret treasure or higher – moreover, its compatible with the secret method that she practices. Im still not her match. Big brother, its up to you now!” When Shi Xue saw Eunices transformation under the star radiance, her eyes flashed with a touch of unwillingness, her figure shook and she abruptly retreat.

Such a secret treasure, that was compatible with the practiced secret method, was extremely precious, its effect was also very astonishing. Under the strengthening of the secret treasure, Eunices fighting strength was terrifying, comparable to those of a level-2 Warlock.

Although Shi Xues innate skills were powerful and her battle prowess terrifying, but because of the lack of secret treasures, she still wasnt Eunices match.

“Leave her to me! Eunice, lets start the second round!”

A voice echoed in this area and a bladed robot emerged from a corner, it was up to 5m tall with the upper body in the form of a human – yet it had eight arms, with every arm equipped with a long alloy blade, countless insect-like compound eyes littered the head, it also had a serrated mouth reminiscing a bloody sacrificial bowl. Its lower body was in the shape of a wild beast similar to a fierce tigers, with an incomparably sharp lance-like tail. The insect-like compound eyes of the bladed robot flashed with a radiance and locked on the goddess-like Eunice.

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