Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 661 – Yu Tianling

Chapter 660 – I am a Moonlight Warlock

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On the spacious lawn of the villa, there are tables with various delicacies on top of them set up.

Enchanted by magic, the food and beverages here are all delicious. In contrast, the food and beverages made by Earths best chefs seem unpalatable.

In the villa, there are dressed up students from advanced Warlock academies everywhere. They are Lan Chuxias friends who like to attend parties.

During the past year, Yang Feng not only showcased his talent in alchemy in Secret Treasure Division, but also met a lot of advanced Warlock academy students thanks to Lan Chuxia. This is why he invited so many people to his fabricated birthday party.

“Murong Yuling!”

“Thats the superstar Murong Yuling!”

“Oh my god, am I seeing things? That is Murong Yuling! Im her fan!”


As soon as Murong Yuling stepped into the villa, the eyes of the students brightened, and they screamed with excitement and rushed towards Murong Yuling.

For these students, the Moonlight Seven Stars and Glorious Sun Seven Stars are figures too far removed from their world. Many people have never heard of these figures. But Murong Yuling, a popular singer in Cloud Province, is a celebrity that all young people know of.

Murong Yuling smiled slightly and touched the secret treasure ring on her hand, and white light spread out in all directions.

Under the white light, the students felt a slight cooling of their minds, and they recovered from the enthusiasm. At the same time, a cold power nourished their bodies, making them feel rather comfortable.

“The Calming Ring Zhao Fan gave me is really great!”

Murong Yuling smiled sweetly: “Hello, everyone, I am Murong Yuling, a friend of Zhao Fans.”

“It turns out that Big Sister Yuling is friends with Uncle Zhao Fan! Uncle Zhao Fan is really lucky!”

“Big Sister Yuling, can you give me an autograph?”

“Big Sister Yuling, I dont have a clip board, so please sign my clothes!”


Despite the effect of the Calming Ring, the students are still rather excited. Murong Yuling is a super star popular in Cloud Province, and her influence has begun to spread to other provinces as well. Being able to get her signature is enough for these students to show off in front of others.

“Okay! Come one at a time!”

Murong Yuling smiled, took out a pen, and started a signing session.

“Everyone, please make way for the birthday boy. I have to steal your Big Sister Yuling!”

Smiling heartily, Yang Feng strode this way and radiated light, and an invisible force gently pushed the students aside. He came to Murong Yulings side, took her hand, and walked away with her.

“Amazing! He not only picked up our school beauty, but also picked up our Cloud Provinces star! What an incredible guy!”

“Awesome, a true master! I must learn from him!”

“You want to learn alchemy?”

“No, I want to learn the art of picking up girls!”


When the students saw Yang Feng pull Murong Yuling away, they showed expressions of excitement, worship, and envy.

To them, a star like Murong Yuling is a mountain even more unapproachable than the Moonlight Seven Stars and Glorious Sun Seven Stars, a goddess among goddesses. Such a goddess was actually taken away by Yang Feng, which naturally made the students envious.

Murong Yulings pretty face blushed. Such an intimate interaction with a man in a public setting will have not a small impact on her career, but she didnt struggle away from Yang Fengs hand.

“Release your hand, commoner, or you will lose it!” Along with a cold voice, Shentu Feng walked in with an ashen face. His eyes pierced straight into Yang Fengs hand holding Murong Yulings hands like knives and flickered with killing intent.

Yang Feng frowned slightly, pointed with a finger, and said coldly: “Who are you? I dont seem to have invited you. You arent welcome here, please leave!”

The students focused their gazes on Shentu Feng and chuckled.

Shentu Feng sneered: “I am Shentu Feng from the Shentu family of the Eight Great Families!”

“The Shentu family! Is it that Shentu family?”

“The Shentu family of the Eight Great Families?”


When they heard this, the countenances of the students changed dramatically at once, and they looked at Shentu Feng with apprehension in their eyes.

In Great Cloud Dynasty, the Ten Great Sects and Eight Great Families are the most powerful Warlock groups. As long as youre a Warlock from Great Cloud Dynasty, you would have heard the names of the 18 terrifying forces.

The most talented Warlocks are basically all recruited by the Ten Great Sects and Eight Great Families. Compared to the gems that the Ten Great Sects and Eight Great Families cultivate, these students are pebbles on the ground.

Liu Ming is already a remarkable talent of South River Advanced Warlock Academy, but hes not even at the level of Battle Demon Sects outer sect disciples. This illustrates the gap between the two worlds.

Even though Shentu Feng himself is just a good-for-nothing, but with his identity as a son of the Shentu family, ordinary Starry Sky Warlocks are no match for him.

“You are a small-time manager in Secret Treasures Division, a tier 5 Alchemist. But in front of our Shentu family, you are nothing. Kneel and lick my shoes. Lick the dust off them, and I will let you off. Otherwise, I will make you an armless cripple today!”

Shentu Feng showed a cruel smile and clapped his hands. There was a twist in space, and two Starry Sky Warlocks in black clothes walked out. They are Shentu Fengs bodyguards.

The two Starry Sky Warlocks locked their tremendous spirit force on Yang Feng and showed tyrannical smiles.

The laws if Great Cloud Dynasty are very strict, to the point that even the Shentu family doesnt dare to kill people at will. However, if Shentu Feng disposes of Yang Feng, then as long as he pays a certain price coupled with the help of the Shentu familys prestige, he can escape punishment. So long as there is no commotion, then its okay to take a life.

After seeing the two Starry Sky Warlocks in black clothes, the expressions on the students faces changed greatly, and they retreated quickly.

Once a fight between Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses breaks out, level-1 Warlocks will be wounded gravely just from the shock waves.

Soon, only Lan Chuxia and Murong Yuling were left at Yang Fengs side.

Her face ashen, Murong Yuling clenched her pearl-white teeth, hesitated for a while, and then spoke in a trembling voice: “You win! Shentu Feng, I will go with you!”

There was gleam of happiness in Shentu Feng eyes, and he showed a tyrannical smile.

“No, dont go with him!” Yang Feng took a step forward, blocked in front of Murong Yuling, and looking at Shentu Feng and his two bodyguards with a cold gaze. He then took out a communications device, pressed it several times, and uttered: “Is this the police? Im calling from White Oak Villa District No. 3-409. Some people broke into my villa; I suspect that they are robbers! Please send someone to deal with them! There are a Great Warlock and two Starry Sky Warlocks!”

Furious, Shentu Feng snapped: “To call the police, what a reckless fool! Cripple his arms!”

A flash of killing intent in their eyes, the aura of the two Starry Sky Warlocks in black erupted at once, and they blurred into motion, appeared in front of Yang Feng, and extended a hand towards him.

The two Starry Sky Warlocks are too fast. Before Lan Chuxia and Murong Yuling could react, the two Starry Sky Warlocks have already appeared in front of Yang Feng.

In the next moment, fearsome Moonlight Warlock rank aura emanated from Yang Feng, and a modified six-meter-tall Vajra Robot looking like a gorilla suddenly appeared, grabbed the two Starry Sky Warlocks, and squeezed hard.

Along with brittle sounds, the life force shields of the two Starry Sky Warlocks shuttered, and they were instantly crushed into mince meat by the Vajra Robot.

Shentu Fengs complexion turned pale, despair filled his face, and he cried out in a trembling voice: “A Moonlight Warlock, you, youre actually a Moonlight Warlock!”

Moonlight Warlock are Transcendent rank powerhouse. Except for Starry Sky Warlocks who formed a virtual world, the rest of Starry Sky Warlocks are no match for a Moonlight Warlock no matter how talented they are.

Any Moonlight Warlock has a very high status in Great Cloud Dynasty, and a tier 5 Alchemist rank Moonlight Warlock has an even higher status.

“Moonlight Warlock!”

“He turned out to be a Moonlight Warlock!”

“This, Uncle Zhao Fan, is actually a Moonlight Warlock! How can this be?”


Stupefied, the students watched Yang Feng with disbelieving eyes.

In Great Cloud Dynasty, Moonlight Warlocks are important talents. Once they join the army, they are assigned to the position of general right off the bat. These ordinary students have no chance of getting in touch with Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses.

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