Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 662 – God Blood Plane

Chapter 661 – Yu Tianling

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In Great Cloud Dynasty, ordinary people who cant practice cultivation make up a class, level-1 Warlocks to Starry Sky Warlocks make up another class, and Moonlight Warlocks and above make up the last class.

In the eyes of these ordinary students, Moonlight Warlocks are aloof heroes of Wuxia [1] novels. Any Moonlight Warlock is eligible to establish a sect. Once such a sect is established, countless Warlocks will flock towards it. It should be mentioned that the strongest powerhouses in ordinary advanced Warlock academies are just Starry Sky Warlocks.

Lan Chuxia and Murong Yuling also looked at Yang Feng in amazement, unable to believe this fact. They both knew that Yang Feng is very strong, but they never expected him turnout to be a Moonlight Warlock.

His face deathly pale, Shentu Feng knelt on the ground and implored, mucus and tears running down his face: “Senior, I know I was wrong! I wont bother Murong Yuling again. For the sake of our Shentu family, spare my life!”

“Since you wanted to cripple my arms, then Ill cripple yours.”

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and two rays of light flew out and slammed into Shentu Fengs arms.

Shentu Fengs arms burst apart, and countless fragments flew into the air, and then were obliterated. He squealed like a pig from the pain.

Yang Feng spoke coldly: “Get out!”

Shentu Feng gritted his teeth, struggled onto his feet, and left, cutting an extremely sorry figure.

After driving Shentu Feng away, Yang Feng smiled and spoke to the students: “Lets continue the party!”

The party went on, but the students looked now at Yang Feng with awe in their eyes.

After the party was over, Yang Feng received many date invitations from girls.

When Shentu Feng escaped the villa, his eyes flashed with resentment, and he roared in his mind: “Damn that wretched Zhao Fan! To cripple my arms, we are now sworn enemies! I will destroy you!”

Great Cloud Dynastys healing secret methods are extremely mature. Except for Warlock Monarchs, Holy Spirit Warlocks, or Warlock Emperors, even if most of an Infinity Warlocks body was destroyed, they can fully recover by means of alchemy, healing secrets treasures, or healing secret methods.

With his arms destroyed, on Earth, Shentu Feng would be a disabled person for the rest of his life. But in Great Cloud Dynasty, as long as he goes to a hospital and spends hundreds of thousands of magic stones, he can be fully restored. But even so, Shentu Feng is still filled with killing intent towards Yang Feng. This is the first time that someone dared to treat him this way.

Shentu Feng silently recited an incantation, a communications device lit up, and an impatient voice came from the other side: “Feng, whats wrong? Hurry up and spit it out, dont waste my time!”

Shentu Feng gritted his teeth and said: “Brother, someone blew apart my arms! A Lei and A Hu were killed. You have to avenge me!”

Shentu Feng told Shentu Xiong everything that happened, not forgetting to embellish here and there.

Shentu Xiong said coldly: “You idiot, to provoke a Moonlight Warlock from Secret Treasure Division, are you looking to die? If he wasnt apprehensive of our Shentu family, you would have been dead already, you fool. Dont ever provoke him again. In Imperial Court, there are many people who have malicious intentions towards the Eight Great Families. Dont give them ammunition to use against us, understood?”

Shentu Feng could only swallow his anger and say: “Yes! Brother!”

Great Cloud Dynastys Imperial Court has just leveled the Ten Great Sects. At the same time, they are also eyeing the Eight Great Families. Thus, although the children of the Eight Great Families still have great power, but they cannot rampage like before.

Secret Treasure Division, inside a research room, Shentu Xiong closed the communications device, his eyes flashed with killing intent, and quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread from him: “Zhao Fan, a mere Moonlight Warlock dares to lay his hands on someone from our Shentu family, what a reckless thing.”

Shentu Xiong silently recited an incantation, waved his hand, and touched a cylindrical mission crystal column beside him, and countless missions ejected from the mission crystal column.

All of a sudden, Shentu Xiongs eyes narrowed and the corners of his mouth rose: “Found it. Zhao Fan, your luck is really horrible. Youre screwed!”

In addition to refining secret treasures, the Warlocks in Secret Treasure Division also accept some dangerous missions, such as maintaining some special large secret treasures in special places.

Shentu Xiong found one of the most dangerous missions and assigned it to Yang Feng.

“Follow Major General Yu Tianling to Red Rock Subcontinent and maintain the large secret treasure Planar Lighthouse? Why was I assigned such a mission? Is this the work of the Shentu family?”

As soon as Yang Feng returned to Secret Treasure Division, he received a mission assignment notice. He looked at the sudden mission notice, frowned slightly, and sank into his thoughts.

Yu Tianling is the younger sister of Marshal Yu Yan of the Eight Marshals of Great Cloud Dynasty, and she is a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse.

For her to go to Red Rock Subcontinent, Yu Tianling must have a special mission. According to Yang Fengs original plan, his true body will peacefully increase its strength, while this avatar sneaked into Secret Treasure Division to steal alchemy data. He doesnt want to to be involved in a Bright World Warlock rank mission. However, since Secret Treasure Division has already announced the mission, he can hardly refuse it.

“If I have to go, then I must make sure to get enough benefits!”

As he weighed things again and again, Yang Feng walked towards the section chiefs office.

It didnt take long for the entire Secret Treasure Division to learn that Yang Feng has advanced to a Moonlight Warlock. After taking a test, his tier of Alchemist was upgraded to Grandmaster Alchemist from tier 5 Alchemist.

The mission that Shentu Xiong forcibly assigned him has already been confirmed. As such, Yang Feng cannot refuse it. But the section chief promised Yang Feng that he can enter the Secret Treasure Divisions core database and read some first-rate alchemy data after he completes the mission.

A few days later, Yang Feng and 300 tier 4 Alchemists and above boarded a luxurious pink airship.

“What a beautiful airship. This is Tianling, the private airship of Major General Yu Tianling, its really beautiful. If only I could have such an airship!”

A beautiful, petite Moonlight Warlock with her hair combed into a ponytail, an exquisite figure, and a scholarly temperament looked at the 10,000-meter-long giant airship that looks like an island in the sky with envy in her eyes.

A somewhat dumb, ordinary-looking male Moonlight Warlock said: “Jiang Mei, the Tianling is a level-8 secret treasure. With six Bright World Warlocks operating it, it can even contend against an Infinity Warlock. We have no way of obtaining such a secret treasure.”

Jiang Mei snorted coldly, and a glint of annoyance flashed in her eyes: “Zhang Tie, you party pooper. I was just daydreaming, cant I even do that? Humph! You stupid blockhead.”

The leaders of this mission are the three Moonlight Warlocks Jiang Fan, Zhang Tie, and Yang Fengs avatar Zhao Fan. Since he has no interest in making arrangements for the 300 tier 4 Alchemists, Yang Feng handed his authority to Jiang Mei and Zhang Tie, and then began to stroll around.

Walking freely on the Tianling, Yang Feng diffused his tremendous spirit force to scan its structure. At the same time, he used the power of the level-4 optical computer to quickly analyze the information of the airship.

Yang Feng suddenly turned his head and looked towards the entrance of the Tianling. He saw an enchanting woman wearing a dark battle suit with short black hair, a tall and curvaceous figure, and an unruly charm come his way.

Ten people are following behind the enchanting woman, two of which are Glorious Sun Warlocks and the remaining eight are Moonlight Warlocks.

When the enchanting woman came before the Secret Treasure Division personnel, she said with a faint smile: “Hello, everyone! I am Yu Tianling!”

Looking at Yu Tianling with excitement in his eyes, Zhang Tie straightened his back and said: “Hello, Major General. I am Zhang Tie, and they are Jiang Mei and Zhao Fan. Leave the maintenance of the secret treasure to us!”

“Good!” Yu Tianling smiled and said lightly: “Renee!”

There was a flash of light, and a blond, tall high elf with pointy ears, a full figure, and Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base appeared beside Yu Tianling and spoke respectfully: “Mistress, I am here!”

“If there is anything you need, you can talk to her. I still have things to do, goodbye!”

Yu Tianling politely revealed a faint estrangement, and then turned around and walked away.

The two Glorious Sun Warlocks and eight Moonlight Warlocks followed behind Yu Tianling, showing no intention of interacting with Yang Feng and company.

Many combat Warlocks fighting on the front lines dont have favorable opinions of research Warlocks who specialize in alchemy. For combat Warlocks, only comrades and companions fighting alongside them can be trusted. They look down on research Warlocks hiding behind the front lines and refining secret treasures.

Renee smiled politely: “Hello, everyone, I am the steward of the Tianling. If there is anything, dont hesitate to tell me! There are some areas on the Tianling that are restricted, please be mindful of this.”

Renee quickly spoke about the restricted areas on the Tianling that Yang Feng and company are not permitted to enter.

A month later, the level-8 secret treasure the Tianling landed in a huge airship port in Red Rock Subcontinent.


[1] – Wuxia,

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