Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 663 – Fenghuang [1] Holy Armor and Fenghuang Spear

Chapter 662 – God Blood Plane

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Wearing a unique military uniform of Great Cloud Dynasty, a beautiful woman with short black hair and a capable temperament came to Yang Feng and his party and said with a polite smile: “Hello, I am Liu Wei! Presumably you already know that your mission this time is to maintain the large secret treasure Planar Lighthouse. Please follow me, I will take you to the Planar Lighthouse.”

Yang Feng frowned slightly and said: “I am Zhao Fan, one of the the chief Alchemists for this mission! The Planar Lighthouse is one of the most important secret treasures to maintain planar passageways. As far as I know, among the planar passageways made public by Great Cloud Dynastys Imperial Court, there is no planar passageway in Red Rock Subcontinent.”

Bright World Warlock rank mission is extremely dangerous for the current Yang Fengs avatar. If he is not careful, he may fall and have to give up the identity of Zhao Fan. This will be a major roadblock to his plans to infiltrate Secret Treasure Divisions upper echelon.

Liu Wei smiled and said, “In Red Rock Subcontinent, there is a planar passageway leading to another plane set up during the Magic Note Dynasty era. That planar passageway was not destroyed, but sealed. Not long ago, our people unsealed the planar passageway and successfully crossed it to the other plane.”

When the Warlocks present heard this, their eyes lit up and showed looks of excitement.

Great Cloud Dynasty controls many planar passageways, and those planar passageways lead to other planes. Human Warlocks obtain tremendous amounts of resources from other planes to fuel the development of Warlock society.

If opened successfully, a new planar passageway leading to another plane will net Great Cloud Dynasty tremendous benefits.

Yang Feng very calmly pointed out the core of the issue: “For even Major General Yu Tianling to be deployed, which plane does this planar passageway lead to?”

With the power of Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks, the conquest of planes below grade 6 is pretty much a given. Once Other Plane Development Divisions army arrives, such planes can be easily quelled.

Although Yang Feng has wiped out many elites of Other Plane Development Division in Andrak Plane, but in the past few years, Imperial Court has already replenished the loss of the elites. Although the current Other Plane Development Division is not as tyrannical as it used to be, but its still a breeze to quell a plane below grade 6.

For a Bright World Warlock such as Yu Tianling to be dispatched in person, the plane the planar passageway leads to must not be simple.

Liu Wei said: “The plane passageway leads to one of the 36 primary material planes – God Blood Plane.”

“God Blood Plane!”

Everyone took a breath of cold air when they heard that.

God Blood Plane is one of the 36 primary material planes, and is ruled by kindred. In God Blood Plane, kindred are divided into junior vampires, intermediate vampires, advanced vampires, junior kindred (level-1 Warlocks), intermediate kindred, advanced kindred, pure-blood kindred, baron kindred, viscount kindred (Moonlight Warlock), earl kindred, marquis kindred, duke kindred (Infinity Warlock), grand prince kindred, and true ancestor kindred.

God Blood Plane has given birth to nine true ancestor kindred. The first true ancestor kindred is a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse who lived trough the archgod era and even more ancient times.

In the 2nd Warlock Dynasty era, the Taboo Lord once went to God Blood Plane, where he defeated the first true ancestor kindred and won a drop of Primordial True Ancestor Blood.

After the 2nd Warlock Dynasty, the first true ancestor kindred disappeared without a trace. Following the collapse of the 8th Warlock Dynasty, true ancestor kindred are said to have disappeared from God Blood Plane.

However, there are still six Warlock Monarch rank grand prince kindred in God Blood Plane. It is definitely a most dangerous plane. However, God Blood Plane is also one of the planes most rich in resources. Kindred bloodline of high level kindred can create a powerful Bloodline Warlock family. Moreover, human Warlocks possess many secret treasures to refine high-level kindred into precious elixirs that enhance soul aptitude of Warlocks.

According to legend, Primordial True Ancestor Blood is a peerless treasure with the ability to break the god-man boundary and enable a Warlock to promote their soul aptitude to level-9.

True Ancestor Blood of the other eight true ancestor kindred has the ability to break the heaven-man boundary and enable a human Warlock to advance their soul aptitude to level-8.

But apart from the Taboo Lord of the 2nd Warlock Dynasty, no one else has won Primordial True Ancestor Blood from the first true ancestor kindred. Most of the powerhouses who challenged the true ancestors have become their food instead.

They are surprised that Yu Tianling is trying to open this sealed planar passageway.

At the moment, the strongest human Warlocks in Cangzhi Plane are only at the Infinity Warlock rank. By relying on the Empyrean grade secret treasures left from the Eight Warlock Dynasties and sealing most of the planar passageways, only this way can human Warlocks dominate Cangzhi Plane.

Among the 36 primary material planes, the powerhouses of powerful planes such as Evil God Plane, Demonest Plane, and others want to open a planar passageway leading to Cangzhi Plane. They are much stronger than human Warlocks in Cangzhi Plane.

The number of top powerhouses in God Blood Plane far exceeds that of Cangzhi Plane. With its current strength, for Cangzhi Plane to rashly open a planar passageway leading to God Blood Plane is suicidal.

Once God Blood Plane powerhouses are able to enter Cangzhi Plane through the stable planar passageway, then apart from major forces with the protection of Holy grade and Empyrean grade secret treasures, the rest of human Warlocks will be reduced to food for high-level kindred from God Blood Plane.

Zhang Tie said coldly, a gloomy expression on his face: “Why do you want to open a planar passageway to God Blood Plane? Thats too dangerous! If you dont give us a reasonable explanation, then we wont help you open the planar passageway!”

Li Wei replied: “This planar passageway utilizes the most advanced plane crossing technology of Magic Note Dynasty. Through this planar passageway, you can designate different locations to teleport to. Unless the other side seizes control of the planar passageway from this side, they will never be able to use it.”

When they heard this statement, Warlocks from Secret Treasure Division revealed a look of sudden realization. With this most advanced plane crossing technology of Magic Note Plane, you can control the entrance and exit freely. You can gain tremendous wealth from planar trade alone.

An enigmatic gleam streaked across Zhang Ties eyes.

Yang Feng glanced at Zhang Tie standing beside him, silent: “No wonder Yu Tianling would come here! Presumably, she came here to guard the planar passageway and prevent others from competing over it. All their Infinity Warlocks are being watched by other forces, so they sent a Bright World Warlock to Red Rock Subcontinent to stand guard.”

Yang Fengs heart stirred suddenly: “Should I send people to fight over this planar passageway?”

Ever since the xizu technology was promoted to level-4, the fighting power of his mechanical legion has surged to a terrifying level. If an ordinary Moonlight Warlock is caught unprepared, they will be cut into countless pieces by a Type II Undying in an instant. Of course, a Moonlight Warlock enchanted with defensive spells can batter a Type II Undying like a dog.

Unless it is a peerless genius who formed a virtual world like Nangong Wumie, thousands of 4th generation battle robots can even dispose of a Glorious Sun Warlock.

With countless powerful battle robots together, Blazing Angel Alexia, and Li Gui Provinces Bright World Warlocks, Yang Fengs force is already comparable to that of Battle Demon Sect of the Ten Great Sects.

After a moment of thought, Yang Feng chose to give up: “No, its meaningless. I cant defend it! Currently, the strongest force in Cangzhi Plane is still Great Cloud Dynastys Imperial Court!”

Great Cloud Dynastys Imperial Court has extremely deep roots, and they have the protection of Empyrean grade secret treasures. Even is it is a Holy Spirit Warlock, but if they dare go to Cloud Capital, they will be quelled by the countless powerhouses operating Empyrean grade secret treasures.

With Li Wei taking the lead, Yang Feng and his party entered a fortress with a powerful barrier. In the center of the fortress, there is a 100-meter-tall Planar Lighthouse engraved with countless mysterious runes.

The function of the Planar Lighthouse is to control the planar passageway leading to God Blood Plane and make it impossible for God Blood Planes powerhouses to enter Cangzhi Plane through the planar passageway.

With this planar passageway, Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks will always be in the offensive position.

In the Magic Note Dynasty era, many such planar passageways were established in Cangzhi Plane. But after the collapse of Magic Note Dynasty, the powerhouses of other planes barged into Cangzhi Plane and destroyed one planar passageway after another, causing the human Warlock civilization to regress greatly.

When the hundreds of Alchemists from Secret Treasure Division entered the Planar Lighthouse, they began to do various calibrations. Many alchemy techniques of Great Cloud Dynasty stem from Magic Note Dynasty. These Alchemists restored the Planar Lighthouse in just a week.

Inside the Planar Lighthouse, one of the three chief Alchemists Zhang Tie announced excitedly: “Begin the final calibration! Start the Planar Lighthouse!”

The Planar Lighthouse lit up, and countless runes shone brightly. A 30-meter-tall bronze gate appeared in the void, opened slowly, and revealed a planar passageway leading to God Blood Plane. The planar passageway is extremely stable, to the point that even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses can use it.

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