Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 665 – Sudden Change

Chapter 664 – Marshal Yu

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Yang Feng looked at kindred Grand Duke Antimo and frowned slightly: “What terrible luck! A true blood kindred with the grand duke title, thats a being that can compete with Infinity Warlocks!”

The Fenghuang Holy Armor and Fenghuang Spear are powerful Holy grade secret treasures. But Yu Tianling only has advanced Bright World Warlock rank cultivation base, which is not enough to fully operate these two secret treasures.

If Yu Tianling used these two secret treasures to deal with Antimo from the get go, she might still be able to deal him heavy blow, or even defeat him. But she erupted with her power to wound Joseph severely, falling one step short of killing him.

After Yu Tianling erupted with her power in that attack, the remaining power is clearly not enough to fight against Grand Duke Antimo!

Grand Duke Antimo used Marquis Joseph to consume most of Yu Tianlings power before he finally emerged from the bloody moon. He doesnt have the bearing of a powerhouse. As soon as he emerged, he killed one of Yu Tianlings Moonlight Warlock subordinates.

When the Moonlight Warlock died, the remaining two Glorious Sun Warlocks and seven Moonlight Warlocks besieged by kindred Transcendent rank powerhouses fell into a precarious positions.

Antimo spread the fingers of a hand. Marquis Josephs heart flew into his hand at once, and a copious amount of blood energy flowed into it and forced out the fenghuang flames burning it.

After the flames were forced out of the heart, it twisted rapidly, and changed into Marquis Josephs form. At this moment, he is releasing Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

Antimo tossed a glob of red blood essence, which flew into Marquis Josephs mouth.

When Marquis Joseph swallowed the crimson blood essence, frightening blood essence erupted inside him, and his power rose gradually. He quickly recovered until the junior Bright World Warlock realm.

Looking up at the sky, a dignified glint shimmered in Yang Fengs eyes: “Incredible, true blood kindred are something else! No matter how seriously injured they are, as long they have enough blood essence, they can quickly restore their strength.”

The regeneration of true blood kindred is superior to that of fiends, elves, dragons, and other extraordinary life forms. With enough blood essence, they can quickly heal most of their injuries and regain most of their combat power.

As soon as he restored most of his strength, Marquis Joseph glanced at Yu Tianling with a vicious look, and hes figure fluttered. Leaving behind afterimages, he appeared before the two Glorious Sun Warlocks and seven Moonlight Warlocks, and attacked the nine human Warlocks ferociously.

Antimo took a step forward, and appeared in front of Yu Tianling, blocking the path to Red Rock Fortress.

Staring at Yu Tianling with a scorching look in his eyes, Antimo spoke with a graceful smile: “Yu Tianling, I appreciate you very much! Your aptitude is much higher than your sisters! Become my woman! I can give you kindred true blood and make a true blood kindred, make you an immortal and eternal existence! Isnt this the ultimate pursuit of you human Warlock?”

Yu Tianling smiled coldly and pointed out the lies: “An eternal existence? It sounds beautiful and all. But unfortunately, even if I become a true blood kindred, I still wont be able to become a truly eternal existence. Its true that you kindred leave far longer than us humans, but unfortunately you also have a huge flaw. Otherwise, why did your first true ancestor hole themselves up in God Blood Plane, and never set foot on Cangzhi Plane?”

The kindred first true ancestor is a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse. Legend has it that he existed since before the archgod era, that he is one of the oldest antiques in the world. But he always stayed in the God Blood Plane.

During the Seven Warlock Dynasties eras, the Seven Warlock Emperors have all conquered God Blood Plane. The Taboo Lord in particular has defeated the first true ancestor and obtained a drop of Primordial True Ancestor Blood.

After the other Six Warlock Emperors ascended the throne, as soon as their armies arrived at God Blood Plane, the true blood ancestors and grand princes went into hiding, leaving the human Warlocks to dominate God Blood Plane.

But once the Warlock Dynasties started collapsing, the kindred powerhouses would emerge from different nooks and crannies, attack Cangzhi Plane, and accelerate the speed of collapse.

In any case, the first true ancestor has always been hiding in the dark. Except for the time when he was defeated by the Taboo Lord, there has never been any news of him.

Numerous human Warlock prodigies have taken it upon themselves to research on kindred. Through various experiments, it has long been concluded that kindred are not immortal. They do have a longer lifespan than humans. But much like humans, they also age, their souls decay, and they die.

“You are really beautiful and smart. Too smart for your own good. Now I can only turn you into food!”

Antimo smiled regretfully and spread the fingers of a hand, and an overwhelming amount of blood flames gushed out, covered the sky, and swept towards Yu Tianling.

The overwhelming blood flames have terrifying corrosive properties. When submerged inside them, even an Infinity Warlock will be burned to ashes.

Yu Tianling silently recited an incantation, and a huge fenghuang flew out of the Fenghuang Spear and released countless fenghuang flames that surrounded her.

With their tyrannical power, the blood flames suppressed and reduced the fenghuang flames to the extreme. The fenghuang flames look like they would collapse at any time.

Suddenly, the void cracked open, Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power suddenly out, and black fenghuang flames seemingly capable of devouring everything in the world flew out and shot towards Antimo like a meteor.

Enveloped by the black fenghuang flames, Marshal Yu Yan of Great Cloud Dynastys Eight Marshals dressed in Monarch grade secret treasure Black Fenghuang Armor and holding Monarch grade secret treasure Black Fenghuang Spear shooting towards Antimo.

With the boosted provided by the two Monarch grade secret treasures, even an Infinity Warlock who formed a virtual world would be seriously wounded when stabbed by Yu Yan.

Antimos face distorted and he cried out, “Marshal Yu! It turned out to be her! Why is she here?”

At this time, Antimos power was fully restricted by Yu Tianling, and so he could not divide his power to resist Yu Yans frightening blow.


The moment Antimo was about to be stabbed, a strange expression appeared on his face, and he sneered.

From inside Antimos shadow, a black figure flew out suddenly. Emanating Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power, a 100-meter-tall archdevil with a fierce appearance emerged, and a shield made of numerous skulls appeared in his hand. The archdevil used the shield to block Yu Yans attack.

Yu Yan stabbed the giant shield made of numerous skulls, and the skulls burst apart one after another. A total of 18 skulls burst apart before the attack was neutralized.

The 100-meter-tall archdevil with a pair of horns on the head revealed a sinister smile: “Yu Yan, we meet again!”

Eyes flickering with frigid killing intent, Yu Yan pointed at the archdevil with the Black Phoenix Spear in her hand and said coldly: “Fanad! Step aside, or die!”

The archdevil Fanad is an Infinity Warlock rank archdevil who has been lurking in Cangzhi Plane for a long time. He fought against Yu Yan ten plus times, and each time he was defeated. He was even almost killed a few times.

Marshal Yu Yan is one of the strongest individuals among the Eight Marshals. With two Monarch grade secret treasures, shes no weaker than an Infinity Warlock who formed a virtual world.

The archdevil Fanad replied with a grin: “Yu Yan, I am indeed not your opponent. However, I am not alone!”

A fierce aura welled up, and an Infinity Warlock rank Undying Hellion emerged, gazed at Yu Yan, and said with a malevolent smile: “Yu Yan, the ones who are going down are you and your sister. Wait till I capture you both alive! Youll regret the day you were born!”

Looking at the two infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, Yu Yans pupils constricted.

True blood kindred, archdevils, and hellions are far stronger than humans of the same rank. Equipped with two Monarch grade secret treasures, Yu Yan isnt afraid of fighting them two-on-one. But if its three-on-one, than thats beyond the scope of her ability.

“Gaspar, go to hell!” Yu Yan roared loudly, and violent black fenghuang flames revolved around her and formed a black pillar of flames.

A dignified look in their eyes, the two Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses Fanad and Gaspar stimulated their bloodlines, and powerful defensive spells enveloped them.

Marshal Yu Yan is in the top three among the Eight Marshals in terms of fighting strength. If they are the least bit careless, Fanad and Gaspar may even be in danger of being killed.

Yu Yan flapped gently the wings on her back, and black fenghuang flames condensed into black light feathers that shot towards Fanad and Gaspar like arrows.

Fanads right hand surged with demonic qi, he swatted the space before him, and the space collapsed. When the countless black light feather shot into the collapsed space, they were crushed instantly.

Enveloped in hellion qi, Gaspar punched out 10,000 times in a flash, and the fist afterimages crushed countless wisps of black fenghuang flames.

At this moment, Yu Yans figure blurred, and she appeared behind Antimo and sent her spear stabbing towards him.

Antimos face fell. His body shattered into blood mist that strangely moved 10 kilometres away in an instant.

Yu Yan grabbed Yu Tianling, blurred into motion, and then the two sisters appeared inside Red Rock Fortress.

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