Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 666 – Entering God Blood Plane

Chapter 665 – Sudden Change

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Only five of Yu Tianlings Transcendent rank subordinates managed to escape back to Red Rock Fortress.

Within the barrier of Red Rock Fortress, all human Warlocks watched the three Infinity Warlock rank other race powerhouses in the sky with fear in their eyes.

As soon as Yu Yan entered Red Rock Fortress, the defensive power of the barrier suddenly skyrocketed, and a new barrier emerged and covered the entire fortress.

Antimo glanced at Red Rock Fortress and sneered: “Interesting! Marshal Yu, this barrier should be able to resist the attacks of five Infinity Warlocks for ten days without being destroyed. Ten days is sufficient time for Great Cloud Dynasty to mobilize enough military power to encircle us!”

Yu Yan said coldly: “Thats right! Since you understand, then live when theres still time! I have reported everything that happened here to Imperial Court. Within three days, Imperial Courts army will be here to kill you all.”

Antimo smiled slightly and uncovered the fact that Yu Yan is trying to hide: “Theres no need for three days. As long as they use Heaven Watch Eye, the experts to suppress us will arrive here within an hour!”

Yu Yan creased her slander eyebrows slightly, and an unclear premonition welled up inside her.

Antimos eyes flashed coldly, and he shouted loudly: “However, it wont take us three days to destroy this barrier either. Break!”

Eyes shimmering fiercely, Zhang Tie who has unwittingly moved behind Yang Feng and Jiang Mei sent a tremendous amount of life force into the bracelets on his wrists.

Two black spikes shot out from Zhang Ties secret treasure bracelets and slashed Yang Feng and Jiang Mei from behind in an instant, giving them a fatal blow.

Virtually at the same time, Zhang Tie silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and a ray entered the Planar Lighthouse.

Countless runes lit up on the Planar Lighthouse, and a planar passageway leading to the interior of Red Rock Fortress appeared in the void.

“Damn it!” Yu Yans face flickered. Staring at Zhang Tie, she flicked a finger, and a dazzling black fenghuang arrow shot towards Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie smiled coldly and stimulated the power of the Planar Lighthouse, and planar passageways leading to other places formed before him.

The black fenghuang arrow entered the void and burst into the abyss deepest part of a planar passageway.

Smiling coldly, the three Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses blurred into motion and entered the planar passageway.

The three Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses can enter the barrier from this planar passageway. Attacking from the inside, the three powerhouses can smash destroy the barrier.

As soon as the three Infinity Warlocks entered the planar passageway, the Planar Lighthouse released light, and a strange power erupted in the planar passageway and separated the planar passageway into three parts leading to different locations.

One of the planar passageways disappeared in an instant, and kindred Grand Duke Antimo appeared alone in Red Rock Fortress.

Antimos face fell, and he yelled furiously: “What are you doing, Zhang Tie?”

Overjoyed, Yu Yan and Yu Tianling frantically operated their power and attacked Antimo together. Acting together, the two sisters beat Antimo back again and again.

The situation where the other race experts were sure to win reversed unexpectedly.

Stunned, Zhang Tie denied hastily: “I didnt do anything!”

“But I did!”

A black ray stabbed Zhang Tie in the head. His head exploded, and red and white matter splashed on the ground.

Yang Feng who is supposed to be dead is standing on the Plane Lighthouse. Chanting incantations, he is freely manipulating this fearsome secret treasure.

Covered in blood fire, Antimo activated his charm spells to the limit and transmitted his voice: “Zhao Fan, let Fanad and Gaspar in. I can swear by the Styx that once we have captured these two women and destroyed their cultivation bases, they will be given to you as concubines. At the same time, I will use my true blood to transform you into a noble true blood kindred and make you the lord of more than 1 billion people!”

Yang Feng refused righteously: “I am loyal to Imperial Court in life and in death! Antimo, you other race vermin, I will never betray Imperial Court!”

Yu Yan stabbed a huge hole int Antimo with hear spear and at the same time shouted majestically, “Well said, Zhao Fan. Persevere. So long as you persevere, my Yu family will provide you with enough resources to promote to a Bright World Warlock!”

This battle is related to the fate of the Yu family. If the two pillars of the Yu family Yu Yan and Yu Tianling are wiped out here, then the Yu familys position in Great Cloud Dynasty will plummet. By comparison, although the amount of resources necessary for you to promote to a Bright World Warlock is tremendous, but the Infinity Warlock Yu Yan can still bear this expense.

“Marshal Yu, dont worry, they are dead meat!”

Yang Feng smiled and waved his hand, and a ray entered the Planar Lighthouse Queer planar passageways appeared suddenly. Containing Fanad and Gaspar, these planar passageways connected together and formed a large maze leading to God Blood Plane.

Fanad and Gaspar are trapped in the planar passageway! With their Infinity Warlock rank strength, they can smash the planes passageways. But the spatial force the moment the planar passageway collapses will tear them to shreds in an instant.

While being besieged by Yu Yan and Yu Tianling, Antimo covered with blood flames cannot block the Black Phoenix Spear. With every hit, hell issue a miserable scream, and his life origin will weaken by a fraction. Despite devouring globes of blood essence continuously, he is still barely hanging in. It appears like he will be swallowed by countless flames and turned into ashes at any moment.

Persevering for about half an hour, Antimo performed various escape spells in order to flee this place. However, Red Rock Fortresss barrier is extremely powerful. Every time he was about to escape, he was blocked by the barrier, and then the sisters Yu Yan and Yu Tianling caught up to him and engaged in close quarters combat.

Standing atop the Planar Lighthouse, Yang Feng is operating the large secret treasure to hold the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses Fanad and Gaspar trapped.

Outside Red Rock Fortress, kindred powerhouses attack the barrier like crazy, but to no avail.

“What an unforeseen factor!”

Inside Red Rock Fortress, a man hidden in the dark frowned slightly, took out a communications device, and uttered coldly: “Do it!”

Within Red Rock Fortress, heaven-shaking explosions took places at the Warlock towers and blasted the Warlock towers apart.

The barrier enveloping Red Rock Fortress was blown into pieces.

The energy required by such a large secret treasure like the Planar Lighthouse comes from the Warlock towers. With the Warlock towers blown to pieces, the Planar Lighthouse can no longer maintain the planar passageways it unleashed, and so planar passageways collapsed.

The two infinity Warlock rank powerhouses Fanad and Gaspar revealed malevolent smiles, killing intent flickered in their eyes, and they looked deeply at Yang Feng!

“What horrible luck! There are even moles! Who wants to kill them this much?”

With a thought, Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed at the Planar Lighthouse.

A planar passageway appeared behind Yu Yan and Yu Tianling.

“Flee!” Yang Feng left this sentence behind. Without looking back, he plunged into another planar passageway that appeared beside him and fled into God Blood Plane.

The three Infinity Warlocks coupled with countless kindred powerhouses can get rid of Yu Yan and company before Great Cloud Dynastys reinforcements arrive.

Since Yang Feng doesnt want this avatar to die here, he chose to escape.

Yu Yan deserves to be one of the Eight Marshals. She promptly made a gesture and flew towards the planar passageway together with Yu Tianling.

As the nest of true blood kindred, God Blood Plane is a very dangerous place. But even so, the plane itself is vast. As long as Yu Yan who is proficient in countless secret methods conceals herself properly, she can go into hiding.

In the same fashion, although the tree Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses Antimo, Fanad, and Gaspar are not a match for human Warlocks in Cangzhi Plane, but they are still lurking here because the plane is extremely wide. As long as they dont act recklessly, it is extremely difficult to trace them.

“Is not that easy to leave!”

Staring at Yu Yan and Yu Tianling with resentment, Antimo opened his mouth, and a drop of true blood that he regards as his life suddenly flew out, turned into two blurry soul marks. The two soul marks instantly appeared behind Yu Yan and Yu Tianling and imprinted onto their bodies.

“Go to hell!” At the moment when the planar passageway blurred, Fanad issued an aggrieved bellow, and then blurred into motion and appeared before a Glorious Sun Warlock. He waved his hand, and the head of the Glorious Sun Warlock appeared in his hand. He opened his mouth, and an indistinct soul force flew out of the body of the Glorious Sun Warlock and entered his mouth.

Gaspars figure fluttered, and he appeared in front of the other Glorious Sun Warlock. With a flash of his right hand, a Glorious Sun Core and a heart appeared in his hand.

The eyes of the Glorious Sun Warlock lost their luster, and he turned into a corpse. Gaspar tore the corpse to pieces that he shoved into his mouth and chewed.

Hellions like to devour human powerhouses, as they can become stronger this way. This is also the reason why human Warlocks suppress hellions everywhere.

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