Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 667 – Regina

Chapter 666 – Entering God Blood Plane

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Following a ray of light, Yang Feng appeared in an unfamiliar land filled with a rejection force, making him seem out of place here.

When Transcendent rank powerhouses enter other worlds, they will provoke the suppression of said worlds. The suppression of the worlds is the main reason why Transcendent rank powerhouses dont dare to hastily go to other worlds.

Only Great Warlock rank powerhouses wont be subjected to any rejection and suppression when they enter other worlds, and that is because no matter how Great Warlock rank powerhouses fight, they cannot harm the world origin force.

When Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses and above fight, they may damage a worlds world origin force.

“This is God Blood Plane, one of the 36 primary material planes! This plane was conquered by Cangzhi Plane before! I can simulate the fluctuations of power of this worlds life forms and blend into the world!”

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation, and gold runes flew out, circled around him, and changed the fluctuations of power emanating from him into those of a true blood kindred.

The rejection force disappeared immediately.

Regarding the planes they have conquered before, human Warlocks have all kinds of information on how to blend into them. This is one of the greatest advantages of human Warlocks.

An enigmatic flash in his eyes, Yang Feng quickly analyzed: “Being able to come here is also a big gain. Now that Im here, I only need to find a place to settle down and install a top grade warp gate, and then I can open a path leading to God Blood Plane. Next I need to find a way to infiltrate true blood kindred society and become a part of it!”

Each of the 36 primary material planes has powerhouses at the Infinity Warlock rank or higher. During the collapse of the 8th Warlock Dynasty, the complete planar passageways leading to the 36 primary material planes were largely destroyed by human Warlocks.

Thats because once there is a complete planar passageway leading to the 36 primary material planes, Cangzhi Plane may fall under the control of other races.

After the collapse of the 8th Warlock Dynasty, countless human Warlocks battled with other race powerhouses who entered Cangzhi Plane, which ended in a lose-lose situation. Countless other race powerhouses and human Warlocks died. This has resulted in a decline of Cangzhi Planes powerhouses, with the strongest powerhouses being merely at the Infinity Warlock rank.

The human Warlocks rely on the power of several Empyrean grade secret treasures to barely guard Cangzhi Plane from being controlled by other races. If the other races gain control of a stable planar passageway, they may be able to become the new rulers of Cangzhi Plane.

Originally, under the leadership of the Time Lord, humans slayed, banished, sealed, and drove out countless archgods, and finally took control of Cangzhi Plane. Then under the leadership of the Seven Warlock Emperors, they had the universe recognize the human race as one of the strongest races.

Humans were able to become the rulers of Cangzhi Plane, and other powerful races may be able as well. Thats why the Eight Warlock Dynasties collapsed so quickly.

“Fate Algorithm! With fate as guide, lets go to a place suitable for me to take refuge!”

Yang Feng silently chanted an incantation and conjured the secret method Fate Algorithm, and wisps of fate force seeped out of him, formed an arrow, and pointed northwest.

There was a peculiar gleam in his eyes, and Yang Feng set off northwestward.

Yang Feng walked for about 4 kilometres, and then entered a dense jungle. He had just entered the jungle, when a level-4 extraordinary life form Fire Demonic Tiger rushed out from the tall underbrush and pounced towards Yang Feng lightning-fast.

In God Blood Plane, except for the cities where true blood kindred live, there are many powerful extraordinary life forms in the countryside.

“Really! Youre too weak! Lie down!”

Yang Feng looked coldly at the Fire Demonic Tiger and released the innate spell of true blood kindred Compulsion.

Suddenly, the Fire Demonic Tiger shivered, its eyes revealed fear, and it prostrated itself on the ground, expressing its subservience.

The kindred innate spell Compulsion, much like divine might of gods and demonic might of demons, is a might that higher level life forms can use to suppress lower level life forms.

The Compulsion Yang Feng simulated is at the kindred viscount rank, which is comparable to Transcendent rank might. As a mere level-4 extraordinary life form, the Fire Demonic Tiger cant resist kindred viscount rank Compulsion.

With a light jump, Yang Feng leaped onto the Fire Demonic Tiger, and then continued to travel northwestward.

After traveling for about 50 kilometres, a 30-meter-tall city wall, a worn down city wall not enchanted with any spells appeared before his eyes.

Yang Feng glanced at the huge city and quickly made an assessment: “There are no Warlock towers and no enchantments. This kind of wall can only defend against enemies below the level-1 Warlock rank. For the truly powerful, it has no meaning.”

On Cangzhi Plane, slightly larger human cities have Warlock towers, and the city walls are enchanted with countless spells. Once Red Rock Fortresss barrier is activated, it can resist five Infinity Warlocks for 10 days. From this, it can be seen how remarkable human cities in Cangzhi Plane are.

When he entered the huge city, Yang Feng saw people of different races – such as humans, beastmen, elves, fiends, and even devils – in the city.

The source of power of true blood kindred is the true blood inside them. By absorbing the blood of different powerhouses, it can make the true blood inside them stronger and more vigorous.

It is because of this that true blood kindred capture many other race people via various methods and bring them to God Blood Plane, which led to this scene of many races intermingling.

In fact, due to the frequent contact between the 36 primary material planes and Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks, excluding Sandra Plane of the aloof high elves, the rest of the planes have races not native to the plane existing.

Yang Feng took a closer look and saw that the humans wear ragged clothes, have dull eyes, and have collars on their neck that represent their status as slaves.

The beastmen, elves, fiends, and devils are of a higher class. In charge of supervising the human, they often hit and scold them.

For true blood kindred, the stronger the master of the blood they drink, the more delicious they find it and the faster their strength will increase. If humans dont practice cultivation, their physical aptitude simply cannot compare to that of the rest of the races. Their status is naturally lower than that of beastmen, elves, fiends, devils, and other extraordinary life forms born with formidable power.

When the beastmen, elves, and demons saw Yang Feng riding a Fire Demonic Tiger, fear and apprehension emerged in their eyes, and they all retreated. They didnt dare to approach Yang Feng.

In God Blood Plane, only true blood kindred bigwigs have the qualifications to control powerful extraordinary life forms like Fire Demonic Tigers.

“This is it!”

When Yang Feng passed by an iron cage, his heart stirred suddenly, and he felt a trace of fate force throbbing. He stopped and looked at the iron cage.

He saw a human loli about 11 or 12 years old in the iron cage. The human loli is dressed in tattered clothing and has very beautiful yet dirty long silver hair. She curled up in the corner of the iron cage like a helpless puppy.

All smiles, a foxman man stepped forward and spoke respectfully: “My Lord, this is a human child I just caught. With a bit of training, shell be a top quality virgin. Her blood is definitely the most delicious virgin blood. She is yours for only a medium blood coin.”

Blood coin is the currency kindred use. It is an object that viscount-titled true blood kindred refine using the blood essence of various life forms. Low-level vampires can absorb blood coins to refine their bloodline and evolve.

With enough blood coins, a vampire can break through the bottleneck and become a kindred. In turn, with enough medium or large blood coins, kindred can evolve into true blood kindred.

In God Blood Plane, as long as a person of any race accumulates enough blood coins, they can ask a true blood kindred to transform them into a vampire, and then climb the ladder of evolution step by step and finally evolve into a true blood kindred. This is the only evolutionary path of many races in God Blood Plane.

In God Blood Plane, everyone would be proud to be transformed into a vampire. However, true blood kindred wont easily transform people into vampires, because once everyone has become a vampire, it will become difficult for them to find food.

“You lowlife, its your honor to offer her to me. How dare you ask me for money, are you looking to die?!”

Feigning the pride, coldness, and cruelty of a viscount-titled true blood kindred, Yang Feng glared at the foxman man. The face of the foxman man suddenly contorted, and a copious amount of blood flowed out of his facial orifices and formed a medium blood coin in midair.

“This medium blood coin is for you, take it!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly. With a flash of simulated blood energy, the blood coin flew to the corpse of the foxman man and the cage with the silver-haired loli opened.

Staring at the silver-haired loli, Yang Feng spoke in an arrogant way specific to a viscount-titled true blood kindred: “Come out. From today on, I am your master!”

The silver-haired loli stood up slowly. She has a pair of beautiful, ruby-like red eyes, which make her appear shrouded in a mysterious and dangerous feeling.

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