Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 668 – Refining Duccio

Chapter 667 – Regina

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Yang Feng took a closer look at the silver-haired loli and praised: “What a pretty thing. A few years later, shell definitely grow into an outstanding beauty!”

The silver-haired loli has porcelain-white, delicate skin, beautiful ruby-like eyes, a petite and slender figure, and exquisite facial features. Even though she is all dirty, but you can still vaguely see her beautiful outline. Her only shortcoming is that the lumps on her chest are really small. Compared to many well-developed Caucasian lolis, shes far worse off.

Looking at the silver-haired loli, Yang Feng spoke in an arrogant tone: “From today on, you are called Regina and belong to me! Understood?”

Her eyes dull, Regina answered in a tender and sweet voice: “Yes, Sir. I will work hard to be your food bank, Sir.”

In God Blood Plane, the only value of ordinary humans is to become the food of vampires and kindred. Their offsprings are educated in this way. They are taught that their only mission in life is to become food and toys for vampires and kindred.

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows slightly and touched Reginas forehead with a finger, and powerful soul force enveloped Regina.

“Intermediate level-8 soul aptitude!”

Yang Fengs eyelids jumped up, and the arrogance particular to true blood kindred on his face almost collapsed.

Before today, Yang Feng has seen only one level-8 soul aptitude prodigy – Shi Xue.

Except for Shi Xue, Regina has the highest soul aptitude Yang Feng has ever seen.

If Regina was born in Cangzhi Plane, once it was known that she has such a fearsome soul aptitude, countless powerful forces would send experts to fight over her.

Under the premise that they dont form a virtual world, which increases the difficulty of breaking through bottlenecks, then as long as they have the proper secret methods and enough cultivation resources, a prodigy with intermediate level-8 soul aptitude can easily promote to a Bright World Warlock in the future, and will have a much easier time advancing to an Infinity Warlock than other Warlocks.

The two most outstanding prodigies of Battle Demon Sect Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian who have formed a virtual world have been stuck in the quasi-Infinity Warlock realm, unable to break through. In the end, it was thanks to breaking through to inferior level-8 soul aptitude that they barely managed to advance to Infinity Warlocks. This showcases the importance of soul aptitude.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly: “Fate Algorithm is indeed a peerless secret method that controls the power of fate. With her alone, this trip to God Blood Plane has been worth it!”

Looking at Yang Feng, Regina revealed a mysterious smile. After hesitating for a moment, she grabbed Yang Fengs hand with her two little hands, and then pressed the hand on her chest.

“Ah! What are you doing?”

Yang Feng was dumbfounded, and his heart surged with stormy billows. Blood energy surged, enveloped his hand, and turned his hand slippery, and he easily broke free from Reginas small hands.

As if a helpless puppy about to be abandoned by its owner, Regina stared at Yang Feng with her beautiful ruby-like eyes and begged: “Master, am I not doing it right? I will work hard, I will study hard! Please dont abandon me!”

Yang Feng pinched Reginas chin and spoke in an arrogant tone specific to true blood kindred: “Fool, things like this will have to wait until seven years later! Now all you have to do is to study, grow, and become more beautiful. In the future, I will consider making you into my blood descendant!”

Regina nodded seriously: “Mhm! I will work hard!”

Following afterimages, a 1.7-meter-tall, mesmerizing pure blood kindred woman with long blond hair and a sexy figure dressed in black leather appeared in front of Yang Feng.

The mesmerizing pure blood kindred women is followed by 20 plus very pretty vampires of different races.

Marina threw Yang Feng a flirtatious look and smiled charmingly, saying: “Your Highness Viscount, I am Marina, a servant of the master of Oren City Viscount Duccio! The great Viscount Duccio hopes to be able to invite you for a visit to our castle.”

Marina smiled, and beastmen, elves, fiends, and people of other races became enchanted by her natural charm, unable to move their eyes away from her. They all revealed looks of infatuation.

Kindred posses a remarkable natural charm. It is pure charm, not a spell, and so cannot be broken. The charm of pure blood kindred and above is comparable to that of Abysss Succubi.

Yang Feng took a deep look at Marina and smiled slightly: “Okay!”

In the center of Oren City lies a large, beautiful manor. Within the manor, vampire cannon fodder and kindred powerhouses who control them can be seen everywhere.

Whether men or women, all are good looking. There is no ordinary looking nor ugly person in the manor.

In the center of the manor, there lies a huge castle full of Medieval style. This huge castle is where Viscount Duccio lives.

When he entered the huge castle, Yang Feng sensed strong auras looming in the huge castle.

With a scan of his spirit force, Yang Feng quickly made an analysis: “Two kindred barons and twelve pure blood kindred.”

In God Blood Plane, Transcendent rank kindred are at the top of the food chain. It is very difficult to reach this level, and their numbers arent large.

Oren City is located is very remote area. For this kind of place to have a kindred viscount and two kindred barons is already quite amazing. Yang Feng guessed that all the resources in this area should be supplied to the kindred viscount, which is why his servants are so few and so weak.

“Hello, I am Viscount Duccio, a descendant of the great sixth true ancestor. Viscount from afar, how do I address you?”

In a beautiful hall, surrounded by a dozen other race beauties, a handsome man with short blonde hair and a powerful charm stood up, welcomed Yang Feng, and introduced himself enthusiastically.

Yang Feng responded elegantly and courteously: “I am Anderson, a descendant of the seventh true ancestor. I am happy to make your acquaintance, Viscount Duccio.”

Among themselves, titled true blood kindred communicate as equals, rarely showing the arrogance inscribed in their bones.

Viscount Duccio invited cordially: “You came at a really good time. I just raised some delicious blood banks. Lets have a glass and chat, what say you?”

Yang Feng showed a courteous smile: “Okay!”

Duccio clapped his hands, and beautiful vampire women dressed revealingly appeared with a long table and all kinds of delicious food.

God Blood Planes true blood kindred can survive even without drinking the blood of intelligent life forms. However, a true blood kindred who doesnt consume blood will weaken over time until they cant even display 30% of their strength. Thus very few people chose not to drink blood. However, in addition to consuming blood, they can also enjoy the taste of other delicacies.

Not long after, six 16-year-old girls – a beastman, an elf, a demon, a human, a dragonborn, and an ogre – came in.

Despite looking immature, the six girls have well developed figures. At the same time, they have first-class looks, a mixture of purity and sensuality.

Standing beside Yang Feng, Regina looked at the bulging chests of the six girls, and then looked at her barren chest, and her beautiful eyes dimmed slightly.

Duccio pointed to the six girls and said with a proud smile: “These six girls are the highest quality blood banks I have recently cultivated. They are only 16 years old. Not only are they virgins, but each has a level-2 Warlock rank strength. Their blood is absolutely delicious. You are my distinguished guest, please pick three you like first.”

“Then Ill oblige respectfully!” Yang Feng pointed at the human, dragonborn, and elven girls and said arrogantly: “The three of you, come here!”

With a fragrance wafting out from them, the three girls came over. Their beautiful eyes contain both excitement and fear.

Duccio smiled slightly, grabbed the beautiful foxman girl beside him, hugged her, opened his mouth with ferocious fangs, and bit down at the foxman girls neck.

The foxman girl issued a scream. Her eyes suddenly glazed over, and she fell into a state of excitement. Then she twitched and, as if she lost all the water inside her, turned into a dry corpse.

When they feed, kindred secret a special kind of liquid that induces a feeling of ecstasy into the pray. Many pray willingly become blood banks of kindred for the sake of that feeling of ecstasy.

Trembling, the beautiful ogre and demon girls looked at Duccio with fear in their eyes.

Duccio threw the body of the beautiful foxman girl aside, showed a gentleman-like smile, and uttered: “Its too bad. But its so delicious. If youre not careful, youll drain them dry. The blood of beautiful virgins is really intoxicating. Viscount Anderson, you havent tried yours yet? Do you think they arent delicious enough?”

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