Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 669 – Snow Night City

Chapter 668 – Refining Duccio

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Yang Feng smiled slightly and glanced at the elven girl.

With a look of fear in her eyes and a fragrance wafting out from her, the elven girl hugged Yang Feng and slanted her head, revealing the snow-white neck.

Yang Feng exposed his false fangs, bit down on the elven girls neck, and injected a kindred-like psychedelic elixir into her.

The beautiful eyes of the elven girl suddenly glazed over, her petite body flushed, and she fell into the state of rapture.

After absorbing part of the elven girls blood and storing it, Yang Feng released the elven girl. The elven girl fell into Yang Fengs arms. Breathing heavily, her mind is in a state of confusion.

Seeing this scene, the human and dragonborn girls felt a bit relieved.

Becoming the blood bank of a true blood kindred is not certain doom. It all depends on which true blood kindred it is that will drink your blood. If it is a brutal true blood kindred, then you will be slaughtered.

Duccio asked, curious: “The mighty sixth true ancestor has issued a true ancestor decree and ordered us to encircle Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks. Viscount Anderson, are you also going to encircle the human Warlock?”

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “The great seventh true ancestor has as well issued a true ancestor decree! However, Im aware that each of these human Warlocks who came from Cangzhi Plane are much stronger than I am. Even if I find them, I am not their opponent. I dont want to meet them.”

A scorching look in his eyes, Duccio spoke unhurriedly: “Yes, an Infinity Warlock and a Bright World Warlock, the two human Warlocks have reportedly seriously injured Grand Duke Antimo! Going against such powerhouses is simply suicidal. However, a true ancestor decree cannot be violated. It is said that the sixth true ancestor likes that pair of sisters very much. Whoever captures them alive, the sixth true ancestor will give them a drop of Grand Prince True Blood!”

Yang Fengs eyes narrowed slightly when he heard that, and he exclaimed: “A drop of Grand Prince True Blood, how extravagant!”

A true blood kindred grand prince is equivalent to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. Every kindred grand prince only possesses nine drops of true blood and a large amount of ordinary blood.

As long as they have enough blood energy, a kindred grand prince can regenerate the ordinary blood almost infinitely. But the same is not true for true blood. Each drop of true blood contains one-ninth of a kindred grand princes power. Once a drop of true blood is taken away, a kindred grand prince will usually take thousands of years to condense another drop.

A drop of true blood of a kindred grand prince is enough to propel a kindred viscount such as Duccio to a kindred earl with Glorious Sun Warlock rank strength and have the potential to become a kindred marquis.

As their source of power, a kindred grand prince will never give their true blood away. Even the kindred true ancestors dont have many drops of Grand Prince True Blood.

“Grand Prince True Blood is naturally an excellent reward. Unfortunately, the two human Warlocks are too strong. We stand no chance at all. I think that all the true blood of a viscount is also a rare supplement that can elevate my strength to a higher level.”

Duccio smiled coldly, silently recited an incantation, and pointed at the dragonborn and human girls.

Countless bloody runes appeared on the dragonborn and human girls. Their eyes lost their spirit, and they issued miserable screams. Their bodies exploded in an instant, and a copious amount of blood formed into bloody runes that shot towards Yang Feng.

The blood of the elven girl stored in Yang Fengs fake fangs trembled, turned into countless insect-like runes, and attempted to break through the vessels that sealed them.

Runes emerged from Yang Fengs body, bound him like chains, and sealed his power. Hes face changed dramatically, and he cried out: “Lock Soul Blood Poison! To use this most vicious spell developed by human Warlock to deal with a comrade, you animal, thats lower than low! How many comrades have you killed with this vicious spell?”

Showing a crazed and sinister smile, Duccio looked at Yang Feng like the other is a vial of tonic and said: “Comrades? Anderson, you are such a fool! In this world, only you yourself matters! The rest are stepping stones for you to move forward. I was able to become a kindred viscount in a short 300 years all the way from an ordinary vampire by devouring the blood of countless people. Devouring the blood of our comrades is the fastest evolution path of us kindred! This is the original sin of our race!”

Human Warlocks need to cultivate various secret methods, use various elixirs to strengthen themselves, and use countless resources to be able to evolve continuously. Even though Yang Feng has the resources of the entire Li Gui Province, he still needs to work hard to continue with his evolution. Kindred are different. As long as the lower-level kindred can devour the true blood of a higher-level kindred, they can evolve rapidly. This leads to infighting and killing in God Blood Province.

Of course, higher-level kindred has absolute authority over lower-level kindred of the same bloodline. Duccio is a kindred viscount of the sixth true ancestor bloodline. As such, a kindred earl of the sixth true ancestor bloodline has an absolute authority over him.

Only by advancing to a grand duke can this absolute authority be greatly reduced. Although a kindred grand prince of a bloodline can give orders to a kindred grand duke, but the kindred grand duke may not obey the orders completely.

Yang Feng suddenly showed a strange smile: “It makes sense! I also want to get my hands on a viscount-title true blood kindred and absorb their true blood, and that viscount-title true blood kindred is you!”

The void distorted, and five Type II Void Assassins suddenly appeared from the void and hacked at Duccio with the swords in their hands.

Following a flurry of afterimages, Duccio was torn apart. Suddenly, a tremendous amount of blood energy welled up, and then his fragmented body turned into countless bats that flew in different directions.

10 Type III Ice Manipulators suddenly flew out and released a copious amount of white frozen air from their freezing units sweeping in all directions.

Hit by the white frozen air, the countless bats turned into ice chunks.

The frozen bats erupted with powerful blood energy and broke out of the ice chunks one after another.

Six Type II Sealers suddenly flew out and fired countless sealing halos blasting onto the bats, suppressing the bats one by one.

In just a dozen plus breaths of time, the kindred Viscount Duccio whose strength is infinitely close to that of a Glorious Sun Warlock was directly suppressed and sealed by the battle robots.

Along with flashes of afterimages, Void Assassins quietly hunted the powerful pure blood kindred within the castle.

In less than a day, Oren City has silently changed owners.

In the castle, in a secret room, there is a top grade warp gate set up.

With a flash of light, Yang Fengs true body came out of the top grade warp gate.

Yang Fengs Flesh Golem avatar quickly gave his true body the sealed bats that is Duccio.

Yang Feng glanced at Duccio and said regretfully: “Unfortunately its just a viscount-titled true blood kindred! If it was a grad duke-titled or higher true blood kindred, that would be great!”

The bloodline extracted from a true blood kindred can give rise to a Moonlight Warlock rank Bloodline Warlock family. Although it may be extremely valuable for ordinary Warlocks. But to Yang Feng, Duccios bloodline is not very useful for improving his strength.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and a True God Empyrean Imprint flew out and floated in the void.

Countless chains formed from runes shot out from the True God Empyrean Imprint and stabbed into the bats that Duccio has transformed into.

Wriggling strangely, the bats struggled desperately before they finally collapsed one by one and turned into blood colored mist that flew out of the imprint and condensed into five drops of true blood radiating bloody light.

Yang Feng released another Flesh Golem who swallowed the five drops of true blood.

The Flesh Golem quickly twisted and distorted, and eventually became a viscount-titled true blood kindred who is a spitting image of Duccio.

The Yang Fengs true body raised the corners of his mouth slightly: “From today on, I am Viscount Duccio, the master of Oren City!”

Yang Fengs true body smiled slightly and said to Regina who is standing behind his avatar: “Regina, follow me!”

Regina shrank back behind Yang Fengs avatar and looked at him with a pleading look.

Smiling slightly, the body of Yang Fengs avatar blurred, and he transformed into Yang Fengs original appearance: “I am him and he is me. To be precise, he is the real me, while I am just his avatar. This is my true appearance! Regina, if you follow him, its the same as following me!”

Regina glanced at the two Yang Feng, and then astutely walked towards Yang Fengs true body: “I understand!”

Yang Fengs avatar Zhao Fan left with Yang Fengs true body and Regina, leaving only the viscount-titled true blood kindred avatar that looks exactly like Duccio and exudes Duccios soul aura behind.

Yang Feng sensed his new avatar and revealed a smile: “The conversion rate is still too low. This body only has half of Duccios fighting power, making it only slightly stronger than a junior Moonlight Warlock. Its soul is even more pitiful, only at the quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank. However, since Duccio likes to play weak, the strength he displays is only at junior Moonlight Warlock rank. This is already enough.”

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