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Chapter 670 – Grand Duke Gogno

Chapter 669 – Snow Night City

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Viscount Duccio wasnt strong to begin with, and the Flesh Golem Yang Feng made from the five drops of true blood is even weaker, only possessing junior Moonlight Warlock rank strength. But in this way, with the identity of Viscount Duccio as a cover, Yang Feng is able to travel freely in God Blood Plane and reap benefits.

Yang Feng gathered a lot of resources and blood of various powerhouses from Li Gui Province and gave them to his kindred avatar to consume.

After his kindred avatar absorbed the resources and ingested the blood of powerhouses, its cultivation base progressed rapidly, and it recovered the strength of Viscount Duccio in his heyday not long after.

On a particular night, Yang Fengs kindred avatar was enjoying himself with dozens of gorgeous vampire women in the castle, when a strong aura emerged.

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows slightly and waved his hand, saying: “Everyone, get out!”

The dozens of gorgeous vampire women left rapidly.

“Duccio, these toys arent half bad, how about giving me 20?”

A blonde, handsome young man with an elegant temperament emerged from a twisted void and came to before Yang Feng, a smile on his face.

Yang Feng responded with an impeccable smile: “Posino, give me two drops of true blood in exchange, and Ill give you 20 of them!”

The handsome young man in front of Yang Feng called Posino is also a viscount of the sixth true ancestor bloodline.

Posino shook his head and uttered with a smile: “True blood? Thats daylight robbery! If you are willing to give me a drop of your true blood, then Ill send you 10,000 such beautiful vampires, all of which are virgins!”

Although it cannot compare with Cangzhi Plane, but God Blood Plane is also an extremely big plane, while the number of various intelligent life forms that reside on it is calculated in hundreds of millions.

Yang Fengs avatar Viscount Duccio controls 53 large cities with a total population of more than 50 million people.

Posino controls more than 100 large cities with a total population of more than 100 million people, and can mobilize twice as many resources as Duccio. He naturally can easily get many beautiful vampires.

Yang Feng uttered: “Posino, how can I help you? Apart from some cold virgin blood, I have nothing else to receive you.”

For kindred, the hot blood full of vitality and aroma is the best delicacy. However, low-level vampires can only drink some blood drawn from blood banks before hand.

By employing proper blood drawing, it is not only not harmful, but is also beneficial to blood banks. In order to have enough blood, kindred generally do not excessively draw the blood of blood banks. They draw blood from blood banks on regular intervals

Posino licked his lips and revealed an excited smile: “Cold virgin blood? Thats really cold. I remember you seem to have reared a batch of delicacies, why dont we have a feast?”

Duccios ability to rear blood banks is first-class among true blood kindred. It is due to this skill of his that many kindred flocked towards him, only to be secretly consumed by him.

Yang Feng replied lightly: “True blood, or grand duke blood coins.”

Posino sighed slightly, and then revealed a serious expression: “What a miser. Grand Duke Gogno is calling on us to search for the two Warlocks who infiltrated our plane.”

Grand Duke Gogno is one of the seven grand dukes subordinated to the sixth true ancestor, while Duccio and Posino are directly subordinated to him. They must obey the call of Grand Duke Gogno.

Even if Grand Duke Gogno orders Duccio and Posino to die, the two of them can only kill themselves. Only when they practice cultivation until the Infinity Warlock rank, can true blood kindred break the bloodline shackles and truly become masters of their destiny.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and said: “This is the worst news I have ever heard. By the way, since the two human Warlocks are from Cangzhi Plane, they must have not a small number of concealment methods. Isnt Grand Duke Gogno asking us to look for a needle in a haystack?”

Posino sighed lightly: “Reportedly Grand Duke Antimo lurking in Cangzhi Plane paid a drop of true blood to cast a Blood Soul Mark on them. As long as we use a Blood Soul Compass, we can detect them within an area 10,000 kilometres in diameter. Grand Duke Gogno has led people to fight them several times. Many on our side have died, while they have been heavily wounded. However, they still escaped!”

Posino knows that Grand Duke Gogno is using them as cannon fodder. Once they find the trail of the Yu familys sisters, they will be killed by the sisters in the first moment. Grand Duke Gogno will use their deaths as information to hunt the sisters.

Compared to human Moonlight Warlocks, its much easier for true blood kindred viscounts to be born. Kindred marquises and kindred grand dukes, on the other hand, are harder to be born than Bright World Warlocks and Infinity Warlocks respectively.

As for kindred true ancestors; from before the archgod era to the present, the kindred have only birthed nine such individuals. The number of human Holy Spirit Warlocks in each era is far greater than nine. In here lies the biggest difference between the two races.

For the sake of a drop of Grand Prince True Blood, Grand Duke Gogno has clearly become a bit desperate, to the point that hes even willing to use the precious combat power that is kindred viscounts as cannon fodder for the search.

Yang Feng contemplated for a moment, and then said: “Are the other grand dukes and grand princes staying out of it? Otherwise, the two human Warlocks should not be able to escape.”

Posino said meaningfully: “Theres only one drop of Grand Prince True Blood!”

Even grand prince-titled powerhouses will be moved by a drop of Grand Prince True Blood. But even though it is the sixth true ancestor, they can only take out one drop of Grand Prince True Blood. That drop of true blood can make countless kindred powerhouses go crazy for it.

For the sake of that drop of Grand Prince True Blood that can increase their chances of advancement by 50%, many kindred grand dukes who have been stuck at the bottleneck to grand prince for tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years will go crazy.

Yang Feng and Posino discussed for a while, but came to no solution. They can only heed the call of Grand Duke Gogno and go to Snow Night City.

Snow Night City is the place where Grand Duke Gogno lives. Its not an ordinary city, but a celestial body Grand Duke Gogno picked up and refined via ingenious alchemy into a celestial body suspended in God Blood Plane.

The population in Snow Night City is 13.5 billion people. Of the 13.5 billion people, every man is handsome and every woman is beautiful. Once an ugly person is born in this city, they will be banished to the surface world.

For everyone subordinated to Grand Duke Gogno, Snow Night City is a paradise of their dreams. They are proud to be able to live here.

God Blood Planes kindred arent proficient at alchemy. Grand Duke Gogno has become a pinnacle kindred grand duke existence more than 100,000 years ago. In that long period of time, he caught a top Alchemist Grandmaster from Cangzhi Plane and spent nearly 10,000 years to build Snow Night City.

In Snow Night City, Grand Duke Gogno holds a 30% chance to quell a kindred grand prince. Even if he cannot quell them, he can still defeat them. This is the power of secret treasures, the power of human alchemy.

Kindred, fiends, dragons, elves, devils, and other such inherently powerful races are far more powerful than human Warlocks of the same rank. Even if human Warlocks transplant their bloodline, they still cannot compare to the source of the bloodline. But by relying on the power of alchemy, human Warlocks have developed all kinds of powerful secret treasures, enabling them to defeat other powerful races one by one.

As soon as Yang Feng entered Snow Night City, he couldnt help but exclaim in admiration: “What a beautiful city!”

In Snow Night City, the streets are spacious and surrounded by high rise buildings full of artistic flair, and luxury magic chariots roam the streets. This city is much more beautiful than many large cities in Cangzhi Plane.

Snow Night City is filled with powerful life magic energy. To maintain the concentration of life magic energy in the city, there must be special secret treasures installed.

The streets here are filled with handsome men and beautiful women. They all have ruddy complexions and spirited eyes, making this city stand out from the other cities in God Blood Plane.

Posino spoke with a smile: “This is Snow Night City after all, a secret treasure His Majesty Grand Duke spent 10,000 years to refine. The grand princes are very envious of His Majesty Grand Duke due to this Snowy Night City.”

Yang Feng smiled, and countless nano robots the size of dust particles flew out of his hands and disappeared into Snowy Night City. He quietly followed Posino towards the center of Snow Night City.

In the center of Snow Night City, there lies a huge castle, which is the residence of Grand Duke Gogno.

Yang Feng entered the huge castle and came into a hall, where he saw hundreds of kindred viscounts gathered.

Yang Feng mused: “Hundreds of kindred viscounts. The number of Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses subordinated to Grand Duke Gogno is much higher than that of Battle Demon Sect!”

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