Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 671 – Quelling Grand Duke Gogno

Chapter 670 – Grand Duke Gogno

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Shortly after, a tall, handsome man who looks very young yet whose eyes contain the vicissitudes of life walked into the hall from a side chamber and sat on the throne.

Yang Feng learned from Duccios memories that the handsome, very young-looking man is Grand Duke Gogno, who has 3 kindred marquises, 13 kindred earls, and hundreds of kindred viscounts subordinated to him.

“The reason why I gathered you all here, presumably you all are clear about it. Now I order you to go to Magadan Region at once and search for traces of the two human Warlocks. After finding them, do your utmost to issue an alarm signal, and then try to stop them by any means!”

Looking coldly at the many kindred powerhouses, mysterious bloody light radiated from Grand Duke Gognos eyes, and strange blood energy spread from him and enveloped Yang Feng and company.

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

Swept by the bloody light, the true blood inside the hundreds of Moonlight Warlock rank kindred viscounts shuddered, and they bowed their heads and responded respectfully.

Even Yang Feng who has prepared himself beforehand could not resist the control over the true blood inside him, and couldnt help but to reply respectfully.

Grand Duke Gogno spoke coldly: “Go!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

Along with flashes of bloody light, Yang Feng and the many other kindred viscounts turned into streams of light, shot out of Snow Night City, and flew towards Magadan Region.

The nano-robots that Yang Feng has released in Snow Night City are absorbing the life magic energy in the city and multiplying quietly.

100 level-4 optical computers are frantically performing calculations and analyzing the structure of Snow Night City and its various runes.

A level-4 optical computer is comparable to a Bright World Warlock in terms of computing power. With their computing and analytical powers combined, the 100 level-4 optical computers have already surpassed a common Infinity Warlock.

“Now lets have an experiment, lets see how powerful the command of a kindred grand duke is! Disobey!”

As soon as Yang Feng flew out of the Snow Night City, he began to experiment. First, he chose to fly towards outside Magadan Region.

Yang Feng had just moved, when he suddenly fell into a trance. When he woke up, he found out that he had already flown a long distance towards Magadan Region.

“Fate wont do, the true blood inside me wont let me disobey his orders! How about outward devotion yet inward opposition? I can slow down the flying speed!”

With a thought, Yang Feng became as slow as a snail. At this speed, when he finally arrives in Magadan Region, it will presumably already be a few months later.

Yang Feng flew slowly for a dozen seconds, when he suddenly fell into a trance again. When he woke up, he discovered that his speed has increased a lot. According to his assessment, with the current speed, he will be in his peak condition when he arrives at Magadan Region.

“His command cannot be violated! This is the true blood shackles, the greatest curse of true blood kindred!”

Formidable strength is always difficult to restrict. True blood kindred have the true blood shackles, forming a distinct hierarchy in the kindred world. With the nine true ancestors as bloodline sources, there is a total of nine bloodlines in God Blood Plane.

Thanks to the true blood shackles, true blood kindred powerhouses of the nine bloodlines formed powerful and dauntless kindred armies and fought Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks countless times. They defeated the human Warlocks many times.

If it wasnt for the true blood shackles, God Blood Planes kindred would have been defeated by humans god knows how many times. After all, the true blood kindred with Transcendent rank strength fear death. If not for the inviolable commands, they wouldnt attack human Warlocks without the fear of death, and would instead disband and scatter when they lost.

After experimenting for a while, Yang Feng came to a conclusion: “But this command is not without limitations. I just have to try my best to follow the wording of the command, and thats enough. I dont have to work hard to complete the task itself.”

As soon as Yang Feng reached Magadan Region, he lazily took out the Blood Soul Compass and operated it. Three light spots lit up on the Blood Soul Compass, one of which represented Yang Feng. The other two light spots are much brighter and exude dazzling bloody light. They clearly represent the two powerhouses Yu Tianling and Yu Yan.

Yang Feng furrowed his brows and revealed a wry smile: “What bad luck, I won the jackpot!”

The Blood Soul Compass searches for enemies by receiving the waves released from the true blood marks set up by the casters. While it locks on the enemies position, it will also be detected by the enemies.

Yang Feng felt a terrible aura, and immediately shouted: “Dont kill me! I am friends with Zhao Fan, Im here to save you!”

There was a twist in the void, and Yu Tianling suddenly appeared behind Yang Feng and slapped him lightly with her lily-white hand, and countless runes sank into Yang Fengs body, sealing all the power inside him.

Yang Feng hurriedly said: “The Blood Soul Compass cannot be destroyed, or else Grand Duke Gogno will take notice and come here with his true body to chase after you.”

Yu Tianling stopped mid action. Looking at Yang Feng with vigilance, she silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger at him, and a series of detection spells fell on Yang Feng and proved that he is telling the truth.

Unless they posses a special lie secret treasure, a kindred viscount cant resist Yu Tianlings detection spells.

Yu Tianling creased her slim eyebrows and asked: “Why would Zhao Fan help us?”

Apart from close friends and companions, few Warlocks will help others for no reason. Many more Warlocks believe in the principle of equivalent exchange.

His thoughts revolved, and Yang Feng weaved out a lie: “Its because he fell in love with you at first sight! It is for this reason that he contacted me regardless of everything to help you!”

Yu Tianling wrinkled her slim eyebrows. Zhao Fans appearance flashed in her mind, and she said a bit coldly: “But I dont like him!”

Yu Tianling likes strong combat Warlocks fighting on the front lines. Regarding Alchemist like Zhao Fan staying far behind the front lines, she looks down on them a little despite understanding that without the support of Alchemists, the strength of combat Warlocks will be halved at the very least.

Yang Feng smiled: “You can tell him this in person! I just want to know if you need my help or not? No, it should mutual help! I also need your help.”

“Tell me your story!”

Without any warning, a sweet voice rang behind Yang Feng, and a chill welled up in his mind at once. When he looked back, he saw Yu Yan standing behind him with a smile.

There is a dignified look in Yang Fengs eyes: “So this us an Infinity Warlock, incredible! If I were her enemy, she would have killed me before I could sense her, how scary. Alexia is not her opponent! She is indeed one of the Eight Marshals of Great Cloud Dynasty!”

Although this kindred avatar is far weaker than his true body, but it is still a Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse, and its perception ability is far more developed than that of ordinary human Moonlight Warlocks. For him not to be able to sense Yu Yans presence, it let him once again experience the power of an Infinity Warlock.

In the west of Magadan Region, a kindred viscount took out a Blood Soul Compass. All of a sudden, his countenance changed greatly, and he shouted loudly: “Theyre here!”

The kindred viscount had just shouted, when the surrounding space distorted, and all sounds were isolated.

In the wink of an eye, Yu Yan appeared behind the kindred viscount, and the Black Fenghuang Spear in her hand easily pierced into his body. Violent Black Fenghuang Flames welled up, swallowed the kindred viscount along with the Blood Soul Compass, and burned them to ashes.

“Found you!”

Countless specks of bloody light flew out from the Blood Soul Compasses in the hands of the kindred viscounts in Magadan Region and formed a bloody portal in the space, and Grand Duke Gognos sinister and tyrannical voice came from the bloody portal.

Grand Duke Gognos subordinates Marquis Levon, Marquis Rania, and Marquis Riclow flew to the bloody portal.

The hundreds of kindred viscounts turned into stream of bloody light that poured into the bodies of the three marquises, enabling them to radiate traces of kindred grand duke fluctuations of power.

Even if Yu Yan and Yu Tianling fight desperately, it will be difficult for them to break the large formation formed by the three kindred marquises and hundreds of kindred viscounts in a short time.

A pair of Black Fenghuang wings formed on Yu Yans back and flapped violently, and Yu Yan enveloped in Black Fenghuang Flames fled into the distance.

Yu Tianlings figure fluttered, and she flew towards Viscount Duccios territory along with Yu Yan

Terrifying fluctuations of power spewed out of the bloody portal, and Grand Duke Gogno blurred into motion and shot out from the bloody portal, and his eyes locked on the pair of sisters thousands of kilometres away.

“Marshal Yu, since you have come to our God Blood Plane, then let me entertain you!”

Grand Duke Gogno smiled fiercely, spread the bat wings on his back, blurred into motion, and turned into a stream of bloody light shooting towards the pair of sisters.

Ever since Yu Yan and her sister entered God Blood Plane, she has gone through successive battles, having fought with several kindred grad dukes. Although she has no visible injuries, but in fact she has taken some damage. Whats worse, she isnt given time to heal. Although she operates a secret method, but her flight speed is still far from being a match to Grand Duke Gognos.

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