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Chapter 672 – Infinity Warlock Rank Kindred Avatar

Chapter 671 – Quelling Grand Duke Gogno

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Yu Yans soul force swept out, and her face fell at once: “So fast! Why is he so fast? He deserves to be one of the three kindred grand dukes most hopeful to advance to a kindred grand prince!”

Just as there are weak and strong Infinity Warlocks, the same is true for kindred grand dukes. Grand Duke Gogno is a most powerful kindred grand duke.

In peak condition and with two Monarch grade secret treasures, Yu Yan may be able to surpass Grad Duke Gogno. But after a few fierce battles, Yu Yan who has no time to recover is not the opponent of Grand Duke Gogno.

“Damn it, if things go on like this, we will be disposed of before we reach our destination! Now we can only believe in him!”

Yu Yan gritted her teeth, silently recited an incantation, and spurted a mouthful of blood essence, and countless black flames rose from her and turned into a pair of burning black Fenghuang wings.

With resolve in her eyes, Yu Tianling also spurted a mouthful of blood essence from her mouth that turned into Fenghuang wings.

The flames of the black Fenghuang wings and the Fenghuang wings interwove and triggered a resonance. Countless flames instantly enveloped Yu Yan and Yu Tianling and formed into a life-like Fenghuang.

When the Fenghuang flapped its wings, countless flames fluttered, and it crossed 10,000 kilometres in an instant.

“Awesome, as expected of Marshal Yu of Great Cloud Dynastys Eight Marshals! No wonder the mighty sixth true ancestor is tempted by her. Pity that this is God Blood Plane! Now that you have come here, you can only wait to be captured!”

Grand Duke Gogno glanced at the fire Fenghuang, smiled, and turned into a beam of bloody light flying after the pair of sisters. He knows very well that the secret method that Yu Yan and Yu Tianling have unleashed is very taxing and cannot be maintained for a log period of time. When they can no longer maintain the secret method, the flight speed of Yu Yan and Yu Tianling will slow down.

Although Yu Yan and Yu Tianling have studied the law of space, but Infinity Warlocks can easily affect space.

In front of an expert such as Grand Duke Gogno, only Infinity Warlocks who can evolve their path that hinges on the law of space into the essence of space can use the law of space to freely cross space and teleport far away.

If Yu Yan and Yu Tianling use spatial spells in front of Grand Duke Gogno to teleport far away, they can be easily wounded by Grand Duke Gogno using spatial force instead, and may even be teleported to next to him.

When facing old monstrous Infinity Warlocks, no one will use spatial spells to escape. Only when dealing with some astral beasts and Infinity Warlock rank freaks with low-intelligence will people use spatial spells to escape. Those with low intelligence fundamentally dont know how to use spatial force to attack and defend.

The three powerhouses quickly flew out of Magadan Region. After crossing the domains of several kindred viscounts, they entered the domain of Viscount Duccio. Grand Duke Gogno is getting closer and closer to the Yu familys sisters.

The endless Thunder Dragon Mountains appeared in front of the three people. Without hesitation, the Yu familys sisters plunged into the mountain range where countless dangerous extraordinary life forms live.

Grand Duke Gogno saw through the intentions of the Yu familys sisters at a glance and sneered: “How stupid! Its useless! Although those extraordinary life forms are extremely dangerous for others, but for the strong, they are nothing but ants!”

There are countless powerful extraordinary life forms in Thunder Dragon Mountains. Even if a kindred earl enters Thunder Dragon Mountains, there is a possibility of them dying.

But Gogno is a kindred grand duke, an Infinity Warlock rank existence. So long as he is given time, he can slaughter all the creatures in Thunder Dragon Mountains. He can even easily kill the strongest extraordinary life form in Thunder Dragon Mountains – Aurora Thunder Dragon.

The Yu familys sisters blurred into motion and plunged into a cave.

“Be crushed!”

Grand Duke Gogno bellowed and pointed towards the cave.

A red beam of light slammed into the cave like a divine punishment and blasted a 1,000-meter-tall mountain into fragments.

Two rays flashed, and the Yu familys sisters took this chance to fly towards another mountain.

There are countless caves in Thunder Dragon Mountains.

The Yu familys sisters are like gophers. When they see a hole, they drill into it. Whenever Grand Duke Gogno attacks, he blasts a mountain to pieces.

Thunderous rumbles rise in Thunder Dragon Mountains nonstop.

Sensing Grand Duke Gognos terrifying aura, countless extraordinary life forms fled at once. There are also some fearless extraordinary life form who attacked Grand Duke Gogno. But as soon as they emerged, their blood was drained and absorbed by Grand Duke Gogno, becoming his nutrients.

True blood kindred have a terrifying innate ability to manipulate blood. Without secret methods or spells to protect themselves, low-level extraordinary life forms may have their blood drained once they reach a certain range from the true blood kindred.

Whenever extraordinary life forms in the Starry Sky Warlock rank realm or below appear before Grand Duke Gogno, they will have their blood absorbed by him.

Grand Duke Gogno looked at the Yu familys sisters escaping into the distance and frowned: “How annoying, are they trying to consume my power? My power has indeed been consumed by half!”

God Blood Plane is one of the 36 primary material planes. As such, the plane itself is very dense and firm. Despite how strong he is, Great Duke Gogno has to spend a lot of blood energy to destroy a mountain.

“Such attacks are too inefficient!”

With a thought Grand Duke Gogno changed his fighting style. He turned into a bloody falling star and flew towards the Yu familys sisters.

Within a dozen or so breaths of time, Grand Duke Gogno strangely appeared behind Yu Yan and pointed with a finger, and an arrow made of blood flames shot towards her.

Yu Yan turned around and stabbed the blood flames arrow with her spear.

Two violent forces broke out in an instant, and Yu Yan was flung back. She spat out blood and fell into a cave.

Grand Duke Gognos figure fluttered, and he shot towards Yu Yan like a bloody falling star and locked in battle with her.

As the two sides fought and fled, Yu Yans injuries mounted bit by bit, with blood oozing our of the corners of her mouth.

Grand Duke Gognos fighting style is shrewd and ruthless. He doesnt give Yu Yan a chance to fight back, but instead keeps wandering around her and consuming her life force with his terrifying resilience.

As a peerless powerhouses in the top three of Great Cloud Dynastys Eight Marshals, if Yu Yan goes all out, she can even give a kindred grand prince damage.

Since Grand Duke Gogno doesnt want to die together with Yu Yan, his way of fighting is to pester her and exchange injury for injury.

Under the shameless attack method of Grand Duke Gogno, Yu Yans wounds became increasingly serious and her aura weaker.

After fighting hundreds of rounds and crossing dozens of mountains, Yu Yan drove Grand Duke Gogno back with a spear strike, and then blurred into motion and dove into a cave.

Grand Duke Gogno smiled coldly, blurred into motion and flew into the cave closely after her.

“Finally hooked! Fire!” Hidden in some corner, Yang Feng who has been watching all this silently showed a smile and ordered grimly.

The main artillery of a Blazing Sun Battlestar hidden in the cave shone and fired a resplendent beam.

“Shit! I fell into a trap!”

Feeling the threat of death, blood energy welled up inside him, and Grand Duke Gogno formed one bloody barrier after another before him.

When the beam blasted into the bloody barriers, they were smashed in an instant, and then Grand Duke Gogno was swallowed by the beam.

When the beam disappeared, Grand Duke Gogno was nowhere to be seen, There are now eight drops of bright red true blood floating in the air with a small barrier around them.

A black figure flashed, and the Blazing Angel Alexia equipped with the Ruler Armor descended from the sky and mercilessly slashed at the barrier with the Blazing Angel Sword in her hands, and Fallen Angel Flames burned the barrier.

“This kindred grand duke true blood is mine!”

Yang Fengs true body who has taken the form of Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming emerged with a step. He silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and the True God Empyrean Imprint emerged. Countless chains formed from runes flew out from the imprint and shot towards the barrier.

Zhan Hongtao and the other Bright World Warlocks of Li Gui Province subordinated to Yang Feng cast spells and bombarded the last barrier of Grand Duke Gogno

Under the frantic bombardment, the barrier of the eight drops of true blood shattered, and then countless chains released by True God Empyrean Imprint stabbed into the eight drops off true blood. The kindred Grand Duke Gognos eight drops of true blood were quelled and sealed one after another.

Grand Duke True Blood is a first rate material for refining elixirs. By absorbing the refined eight drops of Grand Duke True Blood, it can enable Alexia, Zhan Hongtao, and many other pinnacle Bright World Warlocks have a break through and promote to an infinity Warlock rank existence in one go.

If Yang Feng ingests an elixir refined from the eight drops of Grand Duke True Blood, he can also break through the bottleneck and advance to a Bright World Warlock in one fell swoop.

Yang Feng collected the eight drops of true blood and said with a smile to the Yu familys sisters: “Hello, Marshal Yu. I am Lei Ming, the Young Master of Undying Mountain. Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

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