Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 672 – Infinity Warlock Rank Kindred Avatar

ful eyes. She is itching to fly into the cave and take a closer look at the barrier inside. But then she recalled the power of the Blazing Sun Battlestars main artillery, and a chill welled up inside her.

Blazing Sun Battlestars main artillery can inflict a grave wound on an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, and it can even injure a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

With Yu Yans current strength, once she is hit by Blazing Sun Battlestars main artillery, she will be likely killed, and even if she is not killed, she will be surely disabled.

When Blazing Sun Battlestars main artillery beam ambushed Grand Duke Gogno, it has flown past Yu Yan. She could feel the terror of the main artillery just from this.

Yu Tianling creased her slender eyebrows: “Sister, lets go! Since he left so confidently, there must be other means there. Even when we are in a peak condition, it would still be pointless! Well just offend him in vain!”

A gleam of indignation streaked past Yu Yans beautiful eyes, and she clenched her white teeth and said in a deep voice: “That guy is the most hateful man I have ever met! When I return to Cangzhi Plane, I must teach him a lesson!”

“Lets go!”

Yu Yan took out a dozen plus vials of first-rate elixirs and consumed them. She regained part of her strength and unleashed a secret method to escape this place with Yu Tianling.

Li Gui Province, inside a secret room, Yang Fengs true body holding eight drops of Grand Duke Gognos true blood sank into his thoughts: “These eight drops of Grand Duke True Blood are indeed a rare treasure, but its still hardly enough to let me tackle the Infinity Warlock realm. If I use them on my kindred avatar, I can turn it into a kindred grand duke!”

Yang Fengs true body is a human Warlock, the core secret method he cultivates is the secret method Primal Chaos Imperishable Body created by the Taboo Lord in his later years, and the law essence he condensed is the essence of devour, all of which has no relation with blood energy. As for his kindred avatar, it is composed of a true blood kindred, and can perfectly absorb most of the power of Grand Duke Gogno.

If Yang Fengs true body uses the true blood on him self, he will waste a large part of its power. It wouldnt have mattered, but Grand Duke Gogno is a kindred grand duke who has a huge territory with countless people. After weighing it again and again, Yang Feng chose to let his kindred avatars absorb the power of the Grand Duke True Blood.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed at the eight drops of Grand Duke True Blood. Suddenly, the God Empyrean Imprint flew out, and numerous chains made of runes shot towards a drop of true blood.

As the drop of true blood struggled, a faint soul of Grand Duke Gogno appeared.

Grand Duke Gogno enticed with a tempting voice: “Human Warlock, I am Grand Duke Gogno. I have more than 1 trillion people under my control and countless resources. Please spare my life! I will offer you endless resources, so that you can smoothly promote to an Infinity Warlock!”

“Your words are indeed very tempting. Unfortunately, I dont have a way to control an Infinity Warlock. I can only invite you to die!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and slammed Grand Duke Gogno with his hand, and numerous runes erupted and erased the discarnate soul of Grand Duke Gogno. With a flick of Yang Fengs finger, the drop of true blood flew into the mouth of his kindred avatar.

When Yang Fengs kindred avatar swallowed that drop Grand Duke True Blood, its blood surged, and endless power welled up inside it. The kindred avatar evolved all the way until it became a kindred earl.

Yang Feng looked at his kindred avatar with some envy, and then went on to purify the second drop of Grand Duke True Blood: “The evolution of this race is really fast, much faster than that of human Warlocks!”

After Yang Fengs kindred avatar devoured the second drop of Grand Duke True Blood, it made a breakthrough and advanced to a kindred marquis in fell one swoop.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Fengs kindred avatar devoured five more drops of the true blood, and then broke through to a kindred grand duke. After devouring the last drop of true blood, Yang Fengs kindred avatar became an intermediate Infinity Warlock rank grand duke.

Yang Feng is envious of the kindred avatars evolution speed. This is the frightening thing about the evolution of kindred. As long as they have true blood of upper-level kindred, they can quickly evolve and reach new heights. This is one of their strongest racial abilities.

Yang Feng looked at the kindred avatar with intermediate Infinity Warlock rank strength and uttered regretfully: “Even if it is a kindred who absorbs the true blood, it still wastes a lot of power of the true blood. The power of Grand Duke Gogno was more than this! What a pity!”

Grand Duke Gogno was a quasi-Warlock Monarch rank existence. Without using any secret methods, he can already rival Yu Yan. If Yu Yan did not have those two Monarch grade secret treasures, she would not be his opponent.

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