Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 674 – Monarch Grade Kindred Secret Treasure

Chapter 673 – Alexias Evolution

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Although Yang Fengs kindred avatar now possess intermediate Infinity Warlock rank power, but its only slightly stronger than Alexia when she is equipped with Ruler Armor.

As Yang Feng gazed at his kindred avatar, the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “However, as long as I create a sufficiently powerful secret treasure for this kindred avatar, it should be able to become a most outstanding existence among kindred grand dukes in terms of battle prowess!”

“Now its time to carry out the next step of the plan!”

Yang Fengs kindred avatar showed an excited smile and stepped into the top grade warp gate.

Snow Night Citys Snow White Castle is the center that controls the entire Snow Night City as well as the residence of the Grand Duke of Gogno.

A bloody stream of light flew into Snow Night City and shot towards Snow Night Castle.

“Enemy attack!”

“Enemy attack!”


Alarms sounded in Snow Night Castle. All of a sudden, powerful barriers emerged and covered the whole Snow Night Castle.

A gorgeous blond female kindred earl with a voluptuous body standing besides the barrier saluted Yang Feng and said respectfully: “Sir, I am Bina. This is Grand Duke Gognos Snow Night City. Grand Duke Gogno isnt here now, please leave. If there is anything you want to tell the grand duke, we can relay it for you.”

Although the female kindred earl is the woman Grand Duke Gogno favors the most, but she doesnt dare offend another kindred grand duke.

“Grand Duke Gogno is already dead! I, Duccio, am the new master of Snow Night City from now on! Open the barrier and welcome your new master, this is an order!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, and grand duke-titled blood energy spread from him and shrouded Snow Night City. He took a deep look at Bina and used the innate ability of kindred Bloodline Command.

Binas eyes widened, and then the true blood inside her compelled her to shout loudly: “Open the barrier and greet our new master!”

When Grand Duke Gogno was still alive, he set up a bloodline brand inside his subordinates. As a result, other kindred grand dukes of the same bloodline cannot command his subordinates.

Now that Grand Duke Gogno has been devoured by Yang Fengs kindred avatar, the bloodline brand set up inside his subordinates has collapsed. His subordinates can no longer resist the command of Yang Fengs kindred avatar who is also of the sixth true ancestor bloodline.

The barrier of Snow Night Castle suddenly collapsed, and Transcendent rank auras flew out from inside the castle, knelt in front of Yang Feng, and said respectfully: “We welcome you, mighty Grand Duke Duccio!”

“Good! From now on, you are my subordinates!”

Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth and spread the fingers of a hand, and a ball of blood condensed in his hand. The ball of blood bloomed and turned into bloody rays that flew into Bina and other subordinates of Grand Duke Gogno, and then set up a bloodline brand that belongs to Yang Feng.

Unless Yang Feng is killed or a blood ancestor step is, it is impossible to erase the bloodline brand inside these kindred subordinates.

After Yang Feng subdued Grad Duke Gognos subordinates, he issued an order to have the true blood kindred inside Snow Night City come to Snow Night Castle to swear allegiance to him and receive his bloodline brand.

After taking control of Snow Night City, Yang Feng went directly to Grand Duke Gognos treasury.

Snow Night City is a secret treasure Grand Duke Gogno spent 10,000 years and countless resources to forge. Once Snow Night City is fully activated, even a kindred grand prince can be defeated. This is a very safe place, so Grand Duke Gognos treasury is also located here.

“This is the treasury of Grand Duke Gogno? Sure enough, I made the right choice!”

As soon as Yang Feng entered the treasury, he saw countless treasures from different planes radiating dazzling light inside.

Attracted by fluctuations of divine force, Yang Feng suddenly looked in a direction, and then was taken aback, a peculiar gleam in his eyes: “Godhead, 1 strong divine force grade godhead, 2 intermediate divine force grade godheads, 10 weak divine force grade godheads, 30 feeble divine force grade godheads, and 100 demi-godheads. Did the old monster slaughter a pantheon?”

In Feisuo Plane, elves only have 1 strong divine force grade and 2 intermediate divine force grade gods. For Grand Duke Gogno to have so many godheads here, it is beyond shocking.

“Fortunately I brought Li Gui Provinces powerhouses. Otherwise, if he wasnt killed at that time, the one to die might be me.”

Yang Feng looked at the bodies of devils, dragons, giants, high elves, and other race powerhouses in the treasury, and felt a chill go down his spine.

Grand Duke Gogno was a quasi-Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, and he has lived for more than 100,000 years. In that long period of time, who knows how many tough enemies he has killed. This time, however, he didnt expect Yang Feng to scheme against him, which is how he was killed before he displayed his full strength.

If it was a head-on confrontation, even if the powerhouses under Yang Fengs command joined forces with the Yu familys sisters, they may not be Grand Duke Gognos opponent.

Yang Feng saw a black heart engraved with countless abstruse runes, and his eyes lit up, and he revealed a look of excitement: “This is the heart of a Fallen Angel, an Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel heart! Using this Fallen Angel heart plus enough dark force, I can create an Infinity Warlock rank Fallen Angel that belongs to me!”

The life center of human Warlocks lies in their soul core, the life center of kindred lies in their true blood, and the life center of Fallen Angels lies in their heart.

It is easy to kill a Fallen Angel, but it is extremely difficult to obtain a complete Fallen Angel heart, as they often blow themselves up under adverse circumstances. This Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel heart is naturally extremely rare.

Yang Feng quickly regained his calm: “However, to create an Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel, I need to create a Fallen Angel Pool first. A lot of resources need to be spent!”

Fallen Angel Pool is a treasure that births Fallen Angels, and it is also a place where Fallen Angels who only have the heart remaining regain their body.

An Infinity Warlock rank Fallen Angel can fight until only a heart is remaining. As long as the heart returns to Falling Angel Pool, the body can be quickly restored to its peak condition.

This is the terror of Fallen Angel legions. If you dont destroy the Fall Angel Pool, Fallen Angels are almost like cockroaches that wont die.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then said flatly through a communications device: “Alexia, come here!”

After a short while, a black beam shone, and Alexia appeared behind Yang Feng: “Greetings, my Lord!”

Yang Feng took out the Fallen Angel heart and uttered indifferently: “If you devour this Fallen Angel heart, can you become an Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel?”

The always indifferent Alexia looked at the Fallen Angel heart in Yang Fengs hand with a fervent look in her eyes, and her breathing quickened: “I can!”

Yang Feng threw the heart to Alexia: “Then this is yours!”

Excitement streaked past Alexias eyes. Suppressing her excitement, she uttered: “My Lord, if you build a Fall Angel Pool, and then inject enough dark force, you can get an Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel with this heart! Are you sure you want to give me this Fallen Angel heart?”

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “I understand! However, you have followed me for so long and rendered considerable military merit. A mere Fallen Angel heart doesnt count for much. As long as you are willing to serve me wholeheartedly, then I wont treat you badly!”

Alexia knelt on one knee in front of Yang Feng and spoke a vow with a solemn expression: “Yes! I, Alexia, swear to dedicate my body and heart to you, my Lord!”

Prior to this, Alexia only obeyed Yang Feng because she could not resist the shackles of the soul brand. But after accepting the Fallen Angel heart, she truly recognized Yang Feng as her master.

Alexia devoured the heart without hesitation, and a powerful attractive force spread from her delicate body.

With a wave of Yang Fengs hand, countless high grade magic crystals suddenly flew out and released a copious amount of life magic energy that disappeared into Alexias body.

Threads formed from dark force suddenly flew out and formed a dark cocoon around Alexia. Traces of Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power slowly pulsated inside the dark cocoon.

Yang Feng showed a smile: “It was indeed the right choice to give up ingesting the true blood. In this way, I will soon have two Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses.”

If Yang Feng ingested an elixir made from Grand Duke Gognos true blood, he would at most expedite his breakthrough to the Bright World Warlock realm. But by letting his kindred avatar absorb the true blood, Yang Feng obtained two Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses. Additionally, the tremendous resources in Grand Duke Gognos treasury can bring Yang Fengs power to a higher level.

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