Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 675 – Coercion of Visitors

Chapter 674 – Monarch Grade Kindred Secret Treasure

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Yang Feng gazed at Grand Duke Gognos treasury with admiration in his eyes: “Its really huge. If you use all the resources here, you could create a Warlock group comparable to Cangzhi Planes Ten Great Sects.”

Grand Duke Gogno is a quasi-Warlock Monarch rank kindred grand duke who has reached the bottleneck tens of thousands of years ago, unable to make any headway due to bloodline shackles. Since he had no plans of cultivating another kindred grand duke, he accumulated countless resources that are his spoils of war over the years, which he stashed in the treasury.

All kindred grand dukes have equal footing. They only obey the true ancestors of the same bloodline, and not even kindred grand princes can command them. It is for this reason that Grand Duke Gogno hadnt cultivated another kindred grand duke.

“Thats a Monarch grade secret treasure!” In the deepest part of the treasury, there is a huge blood pool thousands of square kilometres in area. In the center of the blood pool, there is a long sword inscribed with countless bloody runes. The bloody long sword emits terrifying blood energy. As soon as Yang Feng saw the long sword, he made a judgment.

Yang Feng looked at the long sword floating in the blood pool with a dignified gleam in his eyes: “Kindred powerhouses arent expert at forging secret treasures. This long sword should be a secret treasure that a Grandmaster Alchemist of Cangzhi Plane refined for Grand Duke Gogno. Fortunately, this secret treasure hasnt formed yet, or else the ambush would have been a joke.”

Kindred blood energy, Fallen Angel dark force, and human Warlock life force are completely different types of energy. With the exception of some secret treasures that are versatile in terms of energy, kindred cannot use secret treasures developed by human Warlocks.

Since kindred powerhouses are sufficiently powerful to contend with human Warlocks without using secret treasures, they fundamentally look down on the alchemy of humans. Therefore, there are very few kindred Alchemists in God Blood Plane, and consequently there are few secret treasures that kindred can use.

Most of the secret treasures created by humans serve to strengthen life force of human Warlocks and trigger resonance.

Since kindred blood energy is a force completely different from human Warlock life force, you need countless Grandmaster Alchemists carrying out deductions to research secret treasures exclusive to kindred.

Although Grand Duke Gognos strength is earth-shattering, but his talent for alchemy is mediocre. He can use precious materials to refine level-8 secret treasures exclusive to kindred, which are completely useless when it comes to him. He can destroy level-8 secret treasures at will.

Warlock Monarch grade secret treasures are obviously far beyond the ability of Grand Duke Gogno. For that, he has captured a Grandmaster Alchemist from Cangzhi Plane. Under the guidance of the Grandmaster Alchemist, he spent countless materials and time to form a Monarch grade secret treasure embryo.

If Grand Duke Gogno had a Monarch grade secret treasure, then his fighting strength would have reached junior Warlock Monarch rank. The Monarch grade secret treasure would be his ultimate trump card

“God blood, devil blood, Angel blood, dragon blood… archgod blood! In order to refine this Monarch grade secret treasure, Grand Duke Gogno spared no cost. Its a pity that he didnt manage to refine this Monarch grade secret treasure successfully before he died! With the materials available, analyze the refining method of this secret treasure, and compute a method to refine it successfully as soon as possible!”

Yang Feng gave an order, and 100 level-4 optical computers quickly established models and began to analyze the Monarch grade secret treasure according to the bodies of knowledge recorded in the database.

The Monarch grade secret treasure has no use to Yang Fengs true body. But his kindred avatar is a kindred grand duke, it can fully exert the power of the secret treasure.

“Secret Treasure City No. 5,765 secret treasure is a kindred secret treasure refined by a kindred Bloodline Warlock, Seven Stars Abode No. 3,476 data has the theoretical conjecture of refining kindred secret treasures…”

Countless information related to kindred secret treasures quickly flashed in the level-4 optical computers, and then combined with xizu technology for modeling and analysis.

“According to the analysis of the current data, it isnt possible to use Cangzhi Planes alchemy to analyze this Monarch grade secret treasure. However, using xizu technology, we can refine a new Monarch grade secret treasure without changing the blood energy enhancement method. Here is a list of materials needed!”

A few hours later, a line of information was transmitted by an optical computer.

Yang Feng looked at the list of materials, and his eyelids jumped up. The new Monarch grade secret treasure requires almost half of the rare resources in Grand Duke Gognos treasury, among which are godheads, dragon crystals, devil cores, and the like.

After a moment of thought, Yang Feng spoke resolutely: “Then adopt this plan! Refine the Monarch grade secret treasure at once.”

There are more than 1 trillion people in Grand Duke Gognos territory, which is much greater than the number of humans ruled by the human gods in Feisuo Plane. At the same time, although the resources this territory can provide cannot compare to the resources a greater province in Cangzhi Plane can provide, but it is still amazing. It is more than enough to support the cultivation of three Infinity Warlocks.

Grand Duke Gogno is able to occupy such a huge territory because he is a powerful existence of the quasi-Warlock Monarch rank, and even grand prince kindred are a little apprehensive of him. Without enough strength, Yang Feng cannot hold such a large territory.

Before long, all kinds of robots entered the treasury and quickly transformed into various apparatuses like Transformers.

A machine covered in tentacles suddenly flew out, and then its tentacles with numerous tiny probes quickly approached the bloody long sword and began the next step of analysis.

In the world of Warlocks, there are countless strange phenomena. Secret treasures with a spirit may even evolve into extraordinary life form-like existences, and they can also practice cultivation and evolve independently.

The bloody long sword is a Monarch grade secret treasure embryo. Even so, it needs a careful touch to be successfully refined.

10 days later, the news that Yang Fengs avatar Duccio occupied Snow Night City spread across God Blood Plane. Countless kindred bigwigs learned that an insignificant kindred viscount subordinated to Grand Duke Gogno became a kindred grand duke by some stroke of luck and that Grand Duke Gogno died.

God Blood Plane, in an ancient castle, a handsome, very young man in aristocratic attire is holding a beautiful elven girl in his arms, forming a very beautiful picture. The only thing that damages this beautiful picture is the fact that the elven girl has two bloody holes on her neck and that blood is oozing out of the two bloody holes.

“Grand Duke Gogno has just died, and then Grand Duke Duccio appeared, what a coincidence! To be able to devour Grand Duke Gogno, this Duccio isnt simple. His scheming is on another level! However, such a guy who reached the pinnacle in one go isnt eligible to inherit Grand Duke Gognos territory!”

The corners of the handsome mans mouth curved into a fearsome smile, and fluctuations of blood energy that are only slightly inferior to those of Grand Duke Gogno seeped out from him.

God Blood Plane, within a manor, a beautiful woman with long blond hair and a sexy figure wearing a swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses is lying in a chair on a beach. In front of her there is a sea extending without end.

The sea extending without end overlays with the manor that is hundreds of square kilometres in area, forming a strange scene that ordinary people cannot imagine.

A bloody ray emerged and entered the beautiful blond woman, and she raised the corners of her mouth and spoke in a low voice: “Grand Duke Duccio? Interesting, a small-time kindred viscount became a grand duke in one go, and even occupied Gognos treasury. His scheming is incredible. I just dont know if he can hold his territory.”

Inside Snow Night Castle, in a luxurious palace.

A fragrance wafting out from her, Bina stepped into the palace and saw Yang Fengs kindred avatar sitting on the throne surrounded by dozen plus beautiful girls who originally served as blood banks.

As soon as Bina entered the palace, she saluted Yang Feng and said respectfully: “Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng let a beautiful dragonborn girl feed him a fruit much sweeter than litchi, and then asked casually: “What is it? Speak!”

Bina said with a bitter expression: “Marquis Levon and Marquis Rania defected to Grand Duke Charlie, and Marquis Riclows stance is unclear. Among the remaining 13 earls, 10 have been roped in by Grand Duke Charles, while the stances of the other 3 is unclear. 382 viscounts who have originally belonged to Grand Duke Gogno have also defected to Grand Duke Charlie. Now we have only control over Snow Night City!”

A virtuous minister serves only a virtuous master. Generally, kindred grand dukes evolve step by step, and by the time they become grand dukes, they will have numerous experts as subordinates to help them govern a huge territory.

As Bina gazed at Yang Feng, a faint flash of dissatisfaction flashed in her beautiful eyes. After he occupied Snow Night City, Yang Feng indulges himself like a mouse who jumped into a rice tank. He flirts and plays with the beautiful girls of different races in Snow Night City everyday. During this time, he didnt take a single step outside of Snow Night City, giving the rest of the kindred grand dukes a chance to recruit kindred powerhouses who belong to Grand Duke Gogno. If it wasnt for the bloodline brand Yang Feng set up on Bina and other kindred powerhouses in Snow Night City, they would have already defected to other grand dukes.

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