Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 675 – Coercion of Visitors

ed grand duke with a noble temperament oozing out of him and vicissitudes of life pervading his eyes dressed in formal attire walked in unhurriedly.

The kindred grand duke is followed the two people. The two are Marquis Levon and Marquis Rania formerly subordinated to Grand Duke Gogno.

Yang Feng swept the kindred grand duke with his gaze and said indifferently: “You are Grand Duke Charlie? Are you the one who stole my subordinates and annexed my territory?”

Marquis Levon snorted and shouted: “Your territory? Thats the territory of Grand Duke Gogno, it doesnt belong to you! Now that Grand Duke Gogno is no more, his territory belongs to the truly strong! Grand Duke Charlie is the true master of these lands!”

Yang Feng spoke: “Grand Duke Charlie, I am talking to you. When is a dog eligible to participate in the dialogue between grand dukes?”

With a flash of anger in their eyes, Marquis Levon and Marquis Rania stared at Yang Feng.

In Cangzhi Plane, although Bright World Warlocks a far weaker than Infinity Warlocks, but Infinity Warlocks still regard them highly. They are the Great Elders of many sects.

But in God Blood Plane, kindred grand dukes have the power to decide the fate of subordinated kindred marquises. Therefore, the status of kindred marquises and kindred grand dukes is not at the same league.

Kindred Grand Dukes are kings, while kindred marquises are only subjects, albeit with a slightly higher status. They arent worthy of participating in a dialogue between kings.

Charlie replied with a smile: “Levons words are also my words. And they are not my dogs, but my most loyal subjects, closest confidants, and also my friends!”

After hearing Charlies words, the eyes of Marquis Levon and Marquis Rania glittered with emotion, and their loyalty towards him rose higher.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered, and he asked frigidly: “Charlie, why did you come?”

Charlie glanced at Yang Feng with a scornful look in his eyes and sneered: “I came to ask you to hand over Grand Duke Gognos treasury and Snow Night City. They are not something that you can take for your own!”

Grand Duke Charlie is only slightly weaker than Grand Duke Gogno. Even in God Blood Plane, he is in the top 20 among Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses.

When Carrie and the other beautiful girls of Snow Night City heard this, they turned pale, and their eyes revealed traces of fear and despair.

Once Yang Feng loses Snow Night City, the status of Carrie and the other beautiful girls in Snow Night City will instantly plummet to the bottom.

Yang Feng glanced at Charlie like a god overlooking a mortal and said indifferently: “Charlie, this is Snow Night City. I am curious, why did you chose to challenge me here? Dont you know that Snow Night City is the strongest secret treasure Grand Duke Gogno has refined?”

Charlie replied with a cold smile: “In the hands of Grand Duke Gogno, Snow Night City is indeed a terrifying secret treasures. So while he was still alive, apart from a few of his friends and the great sixth true ancestor, no grand duke and grand prince dared to step into Snowy Night City. However, Duccio, how many days have you been in Snow Night City? How much of Snow Night Citys strength have you mastered?”

“Why…” Yang Feng smiled slightly and paused for a moment, and then said coldly: “100% of course!”

When Yang Fengs words fell, numerous runes suddenly appeared in Snow Night City, making the city look like an ancient beast that slept for countless years slowly waking up.

All of a sudden, countless rune lit up inside the hall.

Two silver rays shot out from the hall and headed towards Marquis Levon and Marquis Rania.

In an instant, Marquis Levon and Marquis Rania were hit by the two silver rays. Countless runes appeared on them and eroded them.

With horrified looks on their faces, Marquis Levon and Marquis Rania roared wildly, stimulated their blood energy, and tried to get rid of the runes, but to no avail. The runes still eroded them frantically.

Marquis Levon screamed, panic-stricken: “Your Majesty Charlie, save us!”

Both Marquis Levon and Marquis Rania can imagine the fate that awaits them once they fall into Yang Fengs hands.

Grand Duke Charlie erupted with fearsome blood energy and formed a tract of blood flames burning and purifying dozens of silver rays shooting at him one by one.

“Pretty good! Grand Duke Charlie, youre pretty good! If you can beat me, this Snow Night City is yours!”

Yang Feng sitting on the throne smiled coldly and flicked a finger, and a silver ray shone brightly. Marquis Levon exploded in an instant, and seven drops Marquis True Blood flew towards Yang Feng and landed on his hand.

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