Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 68 – Interrogation

Chapter 67 – Liquid Nano Robot Elixir

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“Fuck off!” Eunice shrieked, the entire starlight around her condensed into an enormous sphere that shook crazily, forcibly knocking the 5 beast-type bladed robots away.

After Eunice knocked those 5 beast-type bladed robots away, her figure flashed and she quickly fled towards the outside.

The figures of the beast-type bladed robots constantly flashed about, madly pouncing at Eunice from all directions, attempting to prevent her from fleeing.

The starlight crazily revolving around Eunices body, knocking those beast-type bladed robots away one at a time.

After several dozens of the beast-type bladed robots were knocked away in succession, the starlight protecting Eunice became dim.

The Ice-Snow Whip suddenly burst out from the ground, resolutely whipping at Eunices tender body, shattering her protective starlight – in a split second, a terrifying ice force shrouded her, freezing half of her body.

Shi Xue appeared like an ice queen, with ice force revolving around her – she jumped on the shoulder of a beast-type bladed robot, looked down at Eunice and smiled in contempt: “Lowly sow, youve finally fallen into my hands!”

A group of beast-type bladed robots at once surrounded her – countless analogous insects-like electronic compound eyes, capable of making one feel cold within, coldly stared at Eunice.

Eunices complexion was pale and she smiled coldly: “Even if I fall into your hands, then what? You dared to act against me, my father will definitely uproot your Steel City, without even sparing chickens nor dogs.”

Shi Xues eyebrows slightly wrinkled, she felt very troubled.

The daughter of the dean of Warlock College Antalya – they could neither kill her nor set her free, it was a headache.

“You thought that I couldnt get a hold on you, you were gravely mistaken.”

A faceless Liquid-Metal Robot came out from the side – its body twisted and turned, changing into Yang Fengs appearance – looking at Eunices cold smile.

Eunice gave that faceless Liquid-Metal Robot a glace and her beautiful eyes bloomed with a peculiar radiance, her temperament changed, becoming capable of bewitchment – with an enamoring expression, she said with a pleasant voice capable of corrupting others: “A morphing mechanical golem that can be possessed? It seems like you really obtained the legacy of the 6th Warlock Dynasty. As long as I leak this secret, the entire Turandot Subcontinent wont have a place for you to hide. It would be beneficial to us both if we joined forces and killed your uncle, we could control Steel City together. Afterwards, me marrying you also wont be impossible.”

Eunice was one of the most beautiful woman that Yang Feng had ever seen – even Shi Xue was currently somewhat lacking, her charming bearing still wasnt mature. She could engross people, that even such an unfeeling person as Yang Feng was slightly moved, evoking the fire of last within him.

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “Quite a good proposal! I admit that I was somewhat moved.”

Eunice slightly twisted her tender body, appearing to be even more tempting. She was a peerless beauty that could drive men crazy, she was a woman that could be described ascapable of causing the downfall of a state. Additionally, she also knew how to display her charm to its limit.

“Sure enough, men are morons that use their lower bodies to thinking! Afterwards, I need to think of a way to kill this idiot, then all that is his will fall into my hands. If I could get the secret of the 6th Warlock Dynastys mechanical legion, then I even might somewhat contend with that person.” Eunice looked flirtatiously at Yang Feng, the corners of her mouth slightly raised and a touch of contempt flashed deep within her eyes.

Men like Yang Feng were easily bewitched by her charm, Eunice looked down on such waste from the bottom of her heart.

Yang Fengs next words however took a turn as he spoke with a cold smile: “Unfortunately, I dont believe you!”

Eunices smile became a bit rigid, followed by the reddening of the rims of her eyes, pearl-like tears streamed down from her beautiful eyes, and she whimpered with a lovely and pitiful voice: “Youre too overbearing. I was just joking around a bit, yet you have to go so far to bully me? Yang Feng, youre too overbearing! Havent I already apologized?”

Yang Feng watched Eunices performance with a ridiculing expression, not saying a single word.

A few minutes later, the rumbling of aircraft flying past arrived from the sky.

Gunner robots descended from the sky while suspended by parachutes, descending towards this place – they looked like blossoms scattered by a heavenly maiden.

Eunice saw closely packed gunner robots in the sky, like blossoms scattered by a heavenly maiden, her pretty face became immediately petrified as she spoke involuntarily: “So many large mechanical golems!”

Mechanical golems such as those bladed robots, that were comparable to pinnacle level-1 Warlocks, were considered as treasures in the eyes of level-2 Warlocks. When the densely packed gunner robots and bladed robots joined hands, they could defeat and even kill a level-2 Warlock. Even a level-3 Warlock, if one were to be slightly careless, one also might fall by their hands.

Eunices status was comparable to that of a princesses from a lot of states, that was precisely why she didnt had guards such as those large mechanical golems.

A gunner robot arrived in front of Yang Feng and extended its hand, its mechanical palm opened, revealing an iron box.

Yang Feng received that iron box and opened it, revealing a blood-red syringe. He picked up the blood-red syringe, and with a smile on his face, walked towards Eunice in large strides.

Eunice looked at Yang Feng walking towards her, her heart filled with a trace of an ominous premonition, she said somewhat fearfully: “What do you want to do?”

Yang Feng exposed a trace of a demonic smile: “This is the Liquid Nano-Robot Elixir, a combination of modern science with Warlock research on biology and human neurology, it has an exceedingly powerful ability to control a humans body. Congratulations for being the first one to use this elixir.”

Suddenly tears fell from Eunices beautiful eyes, a touch of fear flashing in them – she unceasingly struggled and wailed: “No! Dont! Yang Feng, spare me, I can give you great riches! I can help you prepare large amounts of resources in order to promote to a level-2 Warlock. Spare me! I beg you!!”

In Turandot Subcontinent, on the surface, large-scale human experiments were banned. Yet human experiments on slaves and death row inmates had never stopped. Eunice saw many mortal slaves testing all kinds of elixirs and turning into horrible freaks. She didnt wanted to be injected with some monstrous elixir.

Yang Feng made a smiling expression, without expressing any kindness what so ever, mercilessly pricked at Eunices snow white neck – the blood-red elixir, amidst Eunices struggles, was immediately injected into her body.

Yang Feng spoke with a smile: “Alright! Xueer, this savage beast has been tamed! You can unfreeze her.”

Shi Xue smiled sweetly, silently recited some incantations, pointed at Eunice and the ice chunks enveloping her immediately crumbled.

Eunice got freed, silently recited an incantation, waved her jade hands and her body was at once covered by radiances from several detection spells.

Yang Feng smiled and snapped his fingers.

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