Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 680 – Defeating Grand Duke Tolle

Chapter 679 – Yu Yan Asks for Help

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Myriad Transformations Star Origin Pool is an unparalleled treasure for human Warlocks. Who knows how many Warlock geniuses have to struggle in Astral Boundary to get a plane seed.

However, plane seeds are of little use to kindred. The cultivation of kindred hinges entirely on blood energy. As a kindred, only by constantly absorbing powerful blood and purifying your true blood can you continue to evolve.

Yang Feng mused: “Myriad Transformations Star Origin Pool can enable the most talented individuals under my control to form a small world. But the number of such talents is bound to be great.”

Even in Magic Note Dynasty era, there were not too many Warlocks who had a semi-plane seed implanted inside them. And thats because each and every Warlock who implants a semi-plane seed and embarks on the strongest Warlock path consumes a lot of resources. Furthermore, more than 99% of Warlocks who implanted a semi-plane seed inside them are stuck in the Bright World Warlock realm, finding it extremely hard to break through and advance to the Infinity Warlock realm.

For human Warlocks, there is a huge checkpoint between the Bright World Warlock and the Infinity Warlock realm, which is also known as the life and death checkpoint. Countless talented Bright World Warlocks are stuck at this checkpoint for the rest of their life.

For Bright World Warlocks who have formed a small world, to transform and evolve into Infinity Warlocks is more than 1,000 times harder than for ordinary Bright World Warlocks.

It is precisely because of this that Infinity Warlocks who have formed a small world are so rare. In Great Cloud Dynastys Eight Marshals, each individual is an outstanding talent among Infinity Warlocks, yet none of them has formed a virtual world.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose: “This treasure can be used by Xueer and Regina.”

The resources provided by Li Gui Province, Andrak Plane, Fuso Subcontinent, Feisuo Plane, and Turandot Subcontinent can support the cultivation of about 30 Infinity Warlocks who formed a small world.

All of a sudden, Yang Feng remembered something: “Wait a minute! With Myriad Transformations Star Origin Pool, I can form more small worlds inside me! I remember that the Nine Realms Lord had defeated the Star Lord on several occasions. If it wasnt for the Star Lord being proficient in divination, which provided him with an opportunity to ascend the throne, the Nine Realms Lord should have been the ruler of the 4th Warlock Dynasty!”

After the collapse of the 3rd Warlock Dynasty and before the establishment of the 4th Warlock Dynasty, Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks have seen the rise of numerous freakish geniuses.

Numerous geniuses competed for the position of the Warlock Emperor. And among those geniuses, the most outstanding at the time was not the Star Lord, but a peerless genius called Nine Realms Lord.

The Nine Realms Lord has formed nine worlds inside him, and the path he walked was to refine the law of power into the essence of power. He could erupt with world force of nine worlds and the essence of power in an instant, giving him the power to suppress everyone.

The Star Lord fought the Nine Realms Lord several times, and he has been defeated by the Nine Realms Lord every time. In the end, the Star Lord used his power of divination to seize the opportunity to ascend the throne, advance to a Warlock Emperor, and quell the Nine Realms Lord in one fell swoop.

The Nine Realms Lord is recognized by everyone to have battle prowess comparable to the junior Warlock Emperor rank.

Of course this assessment came as a result of a battle between the Nine Realms Lord and the Star Lord when the Star Lord had just promoted to a Warlock Emperor.

But once the Star Lord reached his peak, just like with other human Warlock Emperors, wherever he went, Transcendents retreated, with no one daring to face his edge. He was recognized as one of the strongest seven human Warlock Emperors.

Yang Feng ordered with a thought: “Check for the Nine Realms Lords cultivation method!”

An optical computer surged with streams of data and rapidly checked the data in the database.

Soon a piece of information was sent back: “In the current database, there are only three complete volumes and two incomplete volumes of the secret method Nine Realms Text cultivated by the Nine Realms Lord. The complete volumes are the 5th, 6th, and 7th volumes, and the incomplete volumes are the 4th and 8th volumes. The secret method for forming and absorbing nine worlds is recorded in the 6th volume.”

The Nine Realms Lord was a powerhouse with Warlock Emperor rank strength, and his Nine Realms Text is regarded as an Empyrean grade text. But few people cultivate it.

The nine semi-plane seeds required by Nine Realms Text are extremely hard to procure. Besides, once you have formed nine small worlds, the consumption required by those nine small worlds, even the Battle Demon Sect of the Ten Great Sects wont be able to bear it.

The Nine Realms Lord was born into Cangzhi Planes No. 1 sect at the time. In order to obtain resources necessary to cultivate the nine worlds, he destroyed countless sects and plundered the resources of countless planes. The nine worlds circulate one another, grow, and absorb the power of the surroundings at all times, making him unequaled in the same realm.

Yang Feng ordered: “Very good. Analyse how my true body should practice cultivation to be able to cultivate it perfectly.”

1,000 level-4 optical computers immediately operated wildly and began to perform deductions. This is equivalent to 10 Infinity Warlocks carrying out deduction and analysis nonstop.

After Yang Feng conquered Scarlet Thorns City, the 300,000-strong kindred legion left Snow Night City and headed for the domains of Grand Duke Gogno and Duke Charlie.

Yang Feng personally lead the troops into battle. No kindred dared to contend with him, and so they all took the initiative to surrender and become his subordinates. The territories of Grand Duke Gogno and Grand Duke Charlie were thus directly annexed by him.

The kindred grand dukes subordinated to the Sixth True Ancestor remained silent, not interfering with his matters. Yang Fengs kindred avatar not only possesses a cultivation base comparable to that of Grand Duke Gogno, but he also has the Monarch grade secret treasure God Blood Sword specific to kindred. He is not an existence that ordinary kindred grand dukes can contend with.

After Yang Feng annexed the territories of Grand Duke Gogno and Grand Duke Charlie, he stopped expanding and began to stabilize the rule of those two territories.

The kindred grand dukes who were nervous felt relieved when they saw that Yang Feng knows how not to go too far.

Kindred grand dukes are Infinity Warlock rank existences, and their regeneration ability is extremely strong and fast, far superior to that of human Warlocks. If such a powerhouse made up their mind to escape, then even kindred grand princes may not be able to stop them.

As a result, struggles between kindred grand dukes are limited in scope. They rarely fight one another to the death. After Grand Duke Charlie was quelled by Yang Feng in Snow Night City, his territory became ownerless. These kindred grand dukes arent willing to clash with Yang Feng over ownerless land. But if Yang Feng attacks their domains, it will definitely cause the other grand dukes to fight back.

In God Blood Plane, although the Nine True Ancestors are in seclusion, but they are all alive, and there are also kindred grand princes. Even though Yang Feng is daring, but he doesnt want to anger the Sixth True Ancestor and bring about his own doom.

The Sixth True Ancestor is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank existence. If they stepped in, then despite Yang Feng being as strong as Grand Duke Gogno, only death would await him.

God Blood Plane regained its peace once Yang Feng annexed the domains of the two grand dukes.

!0 days after Yang Feng unified the domains of the two grand dukes, within a hall of Snow Night Castle.

The palm of Yang Fengs kindred avatar enjoying himself with beautiful girls of different races suddenly heated up, and a crimson mark appeared on it.

Yang Fengs kindred avatar raised the corners of his mouth: “You cant bear it at last?”

In the sky above a mountain range, there are three figures tangling together and colliding.

Amid the collisions, flames and blood flames rain down onto the mountain range below.

As soon as a flame falls on the ground, it turns into a raging fire spreading in all directions and burning everything in its wake.

In the wake of the blood flames, the blood inside intelligent life forms will shot out of their bodies, turn into scarlet rays, and enter the body of the kindred grand duke in the sky.

Kindred are one of the races least afraid of crowd attacks. In a battle, they can absorb the blood of low-level intelligent life forms and transform it into pure blood energy to attack, defend, and regenerate, making it extremely difficult to deal with them.

A handsome young man frantically manipulating blood energy sent one wave of attacks after another blasting towards the Yu familys sisters. At the same time, he spoke elegantly: “Yu Yan, surrender! The great Sixth True Ancestor has promised that as long as you surrender, he will personally transform you and your sister into our kind. If you continue to resist, then I can only kill you and your sister. Two Holy grade secret treasures and two Monarch grade secret treasures plus an Infinity Warlock corpse and a Bright World Warlock corpse are a windfall to me.”

At this time, Yu Tianling is already bruised all over, and her face is haggard. There is no semblance of a peerless beauty. Her aura is very weak, only emitting junior Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

Yu Yan on the other hand exudes a burnt smell, and her eyes are listless, but she still clenches her teeth, holds Black Fenghuang Spear tightly in her hands, and urges Black Fenghuang Flames to burn the blood flames.

Yu Yan knows very well that once the both of them fall into the hands of the kindred true ancestor, their ending will be miserable. Among the Nine True Ancestors, the Sixth True Ancestor is a sadist who likes to torture powerful women. Once women of different races fall into his hands, life is worse than death.

The Sixth True Ancestor was severely injured by a female Holy Spirit Warlock of Cangzhi Plane. She destroyed his male appendages, and with a karma weapon to boot. Even the First True Ancestor cannot heal such an injury. This had an adverse impact on his psyche, turning him into a scary sadist who likes to torture and kill Cangzhi Planes female Warlocks the most. Well aware of this, Yu Yan gritted her teeth and asked Yang Feng for help.

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