Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 685 – Two Dubhe Stars

Chapter 684 – Grade 3 Plane

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Murong Yuling frowned slightly, unwilling. But she cannot refuse the call of the Director of Board of Rites. She just got up and walked towards Wu Huan and company.

Although Murong Yuling is a famous idol in Cloud Province, but she is only a level-3 Warlock. With her identity, she can refuse the invitation of Moonlight Warlocks at most.

“Hello, Murong Yuling, I am Undying Mountains Lei Ming, a fan of yours! I am happy to meet you!” As soon as Murong Yuling came over, Yang Feng said cordially.

Murong Yuling smiled slightly. There is a trace of estrangement in her bearing: “Hello, Young Master Lei Ming, your reputation pierces the sky like lightning. You even defeated one of the Seven Glorious Sun Stars Nangong Wumie, thats really amazing!”

As one of the Seven Glorious Sun Stars, Nangong Wumie is recognized as one of the top seven Glorious Sun Warlocks in Great Cloud Dynasty. He is a peerless genius most hopeful of promoting to the Bright World Warlock realm. For such a powerhouse to be defeated at Yang Fengs hands, it caused a small sensation in Great Cloud Dynastys Transcendent rank powerhouse community.

Although Murong Yuling is only a bigwig in the show business community, but ever since Yang Fengs avatar Zhao Fan advanced to a Moonlight Warlock, she began to learn some things related to the Transcendent rank powerhouse community.

Yang Feng responded politely: “Its all luck!”

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Yang Feng guarded by Undying Mountains powerhouses sat in a luxury magic chariot and headed towards Holy Light Manor, a luxurious manor in Cloud Capital.

Wu Huan sat in another luxurious magic chariot, closed his eyes, and uttered unhurriedly: “An Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse is willing to act as his guard! The foundation of Undying Mountain is far beyond our imagination! Moreover, the status of Lei Ming in Undying Mountain is much higher than we thought!”

“Thats Blazing Angel Alexia, the Blazing Angel Lei Ming subdued! When she was subdued by Lei Ming, she only possessed Bright World Warlock rank cultivation base. For her to evolve into an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, Undying Mountain must have provided the necessary resources! Undying Mountain is a force with extremely deep roots!” A voice sounded inside the luxury chariot, but the driver driving in front appears not to hear anything.

Wu Huans eyes flashed, and he spoke gravely: “Yes! To be able to evolve a Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angel into an Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel, they should be at least at the level of the Ten Great Sects. Undying Mountain is worth roping in! Make the arrangements, I want the Five Fairies.”

The voice said: “Yes! Sir!”

The Five Fairies are celebrities in Cloud Province. But for Infinity Warlocks, they only need to pay a small price to get them. Moreover, celebrities are updated at a quick pace. After the Five Fairies retire, new idols will soon take their place.

Holy Light Manor is a top-level manor constructed in the extremely expensive Noble Zone by a top Grandmaster Alchemists using spacial alchemy.

On the outside, Holy Light Manor only covers about 100 acres of land. But on the inside, it looks like a scene from paradise. There are a luxurious manor with an area of hundreds of square kilometres, beautiful mountains, clear lakes, and white clouds.

In the garden of the luxurious manor, there is a large round table filled with all kinds of delicacies that are rare in the outside world. Many of the delicious are full of life magic energy. With a bite, they can strengthen the body of ordinary humans, prolong their life, and change their soul aptitude.

After Yang Feng, Murong Yuling, Wu Huan, and Alexia took their seat, they sampled the delicious dishes while watching the singing and dancing performance of the Four Fairies.

Yang Feng praised: “They deserve to be called the Four Fairies, their singing and dancing are really outstanding. In my Li Gui Province, there are no such good performers.”

Wu Huan uttered with a smile: “Young Master Lei Ming, since you like them, then take the Five Fairies back with you!”

Sitting aside, Murong Yulings pretty face turned ashen, and she gritted her white teeth. Fear flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Yang Feng asked, curious: “Oh, can I really? They arent slaves after all!”

The law in Great Cloud Dynasty is extremely strict. Only slaves or concubines cultivated by big families can be traded freely. The Five Fairies are famous idols of Great Cloud Dynasty popular in Cloud Province, and even Moonlight Warlocks cannot compel them.

Wu Huan smiled and said: “The Five Fairies colluded with the hellions. As a punishment, they have been deprived of their citizenship and have been demoted to slaves. I already bought them. If you like them, then Ill give them to you.”

Murong Yuling shivered. He whole body feels ice-cold, as if she has fallen into an ice cave. It is only today that she realized how powerful and terrifying people with real authority are. With just one sentence, the other party deprived her of all her rights and reduced her to a slave. No matter how famous she is in Cloud Dynasty, she isnt worth anything in the eyes of the other party.

Within Great Cloud Dynasty, only Transcendent rank powerhouses who have a position in the Imperial Court cannot be randomly reduced to slaves by others.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Okay! Their singing and dancing are outstanding and I like them very much, I wont stand o ceremony.”

After exchanging a few words, Yang Feng and Wu Huan decided the fate of the Five Fairies famous in Cloud Province. This is the power of truly influential people.

“Young Master Lei Ming, I have something I would like to discuss with you in private! Please dismiss your attendants!”

Wu Huan waved his hand, and the surrounding guards and waiters left quickly.

Yang Feng also waved his hands and had Zhan Ying, Murong Yuling, and others leave, leaving only the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse Blazing Angel Alexia by his side.

As an Infinity Warlock, every move of Wu Huan contains a powerful energy field, and he is proficient in countless secret methods. Yang Feng doesnt dare to stay alone with such an old monster. Even when the two of them are negotiating, Yang Feng will be more confident with Alexia by his side.

Wu Huan drained a cup of fine wine in one gulp, and then said with a smile: “Great Cloud Dynasty intends to give Undying Mountain a gift. The gift if the coordinates of a grade 3 plane. If Undying Mountain suppresses the grade 3 plane and agrees to offer Great Cloud Dynasty 60% of the planes resources every years, then the grade 3 plane is yours.”

Yang Feng was moved when he heard that: “A grade 3 plane!”

A grade 3 plane is a powerful plane that cane give birth to mighty divine force rank gods, that is, Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. Even Battle Demon Sect only grasps the coordinates of two grade 4 planes. The coordinates of a grade 3 plane is enough for many powerful forces to fight over them.

Among the planes that human Warlocks have discovered so far, Cangzhi Plane is a superior grade 1 plane, the 36 primary material planes are superior grade 2 planes, then follow the second-rate grade 2 planes, grade 3 planes, and so on.

Second-rate grade 2 planes are small in number, and they are mostly occupied by human Warlocks who escaped. Second-rate grade 2 planes cannot give birth to Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, but they can give birth to Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

The grade 3 planes is extremely important even for Great Cloud Dynasty. After all, it is a plane that can give birth to Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

Yang Feng responded: “What does the Imperial Court want my Undying Mountain to do?”

Wu Huan said with a smile: “The Imperial Court hopes that Undying Mountain sends an Infinity Warlock to serve the Imperial Court.”

After Great Cloud Dynasty eradicated the Ten Great Sects, it recovered the greater provinces occupied by the Ten Great Sects and obtained a huge amount of resources. However, when the Ten Great Sects disappeared, Marshal Jing was killed, 13 Princes died, and some Bright World Warlocks fell, making the situation of Great Cloud Dynasty unstable.

Although Great Cloud Dynasty has many powerhouses, but those powerhouses mostly keep watch over different domains and protect the entire Great Cloud Dynasty. This is when Wu Huan came to welcome Yang Feng in his capacity as the Director of Board of Rites to rope Undying Mountain in.

Yang Feng spoke calmly: “An Infinity Warlock cannot compare to a grade 3 plane.”

So long as you have godheads and tremendous resources, you can easily cultivate a bunch of powerful gods in a grade 3 plane.

A grade 3 plane is a plane that can hold 1,000 gods. Great Cloud Dynasty can use the the godheads and god slots of the plane to recruit countless experts to serve them.

Wu Huan said, nonchalant: “The grade 3 plane originally belonged to the Imperial Court, but then it was snatched away by the hellion army three years ago! But we still have 136 gods who were conferred godhood by Great Cloud Dynasty fighting against them. As long as Undying Mountain sends troops, we can pincer and wipe the hellion army out easily.”

Yang Fengs eyes constricted slightly, and he guessed secretly: “This old fogey is omitting things. The grade 3 plane must be in jeopardy, or maybe it has already fallen. Only then would he come to me for help. With their strength, if Other Plane Development Division cannot quell the hellion army, then the hellion army must be tyrannical. They want to deceive me and use me as cannon fodder! At the same time, they want to weaken me and the hellion army.”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “This matter is of great importance. I must report it to the Mountain Master and let the Mountain Master decide. I ask that you prepare all kinds of data for the Mountain Master to look them over.”

“This little guy is not a simple one!”

When Wu Huan heard that, he took a deep look at Yang Feng, and then revealed a smile and uttered: “Fine. However, Great Cloud Dynastys Eight Great Families also intend to serve the dynasty.”

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