Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 686 – Sun God Shrine

Chapter 685

685 – Two Dubhe Stars

In the following days, Yang Feng began to mobilize his contacts in Cloud Capital and began to collect information on the grade 3 plane Wu Huan spoke of .

Yang Feng bribed a lot of chess pieces in Cloud Capital . However, most of the chess pieces dont have a high status, and so they have no access to such top-level information .

However, with his other identity of Secret Treasure Divisions Bureau Chief Zhao Fan, Yang Feng learned some information from Secret Treasure Division .

The grade 3 plane is called the Moon Crow Plane . Under the siege of the hellion army, it is already in jeopardy . Moon Crow Planes gods who were conferred godhood by Great Cloud Dynasty were forced into their divine kingdoms, where they take a stance with the support of their divine legions .

Other Plane Development Division once dispatched a large army to attack the hellion army in Moon Crow Plane, but then was ambushed by the hellion army and had its main forces annihilated . Great Cloud Dynastys 48th Prince who was in command of the army was also killed .

Due to the purge of the Ten Great Sects, Great Cloud Dynasty doesnt have enough experts to suppress the underground worlds Demonic Realm . In recent years, many wars broke out in the underground worlds Demonic Realm, and even battles between Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses took place .

Countless of Great Cloud Dynastys experts fell in Demonic Realm, Moon Crow Plane, and other major battlefields .

The planar passageway in Red Rock Subcontinent was snatched away, and so Great Cloud Dynasty had to send Marshal Ying and Marshal Long of the Eight Marshals to seize it back .

Although Great Cloud Dynasty looks calm, peaceful, and prospering, but there are fierce fights occurring on many fronts .

The powerful forces are aware that if Great Cloud Dynasty is given enough time to recover from the purge of the Ten Great Sects, their strength will surge again . These powerful forces took advantage of this period of time that Great Cloud Dynasty is in a weakened state to launch attacks from different directions and weaken Great Cloud Dynastys power .

The death of Starry Sky Warlocks doesnt count for much to Great Cloud Dynasty . With their foundation, so long as Great Cloud Dynasty supplies an unrestricted amount of resources, they can produce Starry Sky Warlocks en masse in a short period . But every time a Transcendent rank powerhouse falls, Great Cloud Dynasty incurs a bit of damage . After all, even with sufficient resources, it will take hundreds of years to cultivate a Moonlight Warlock .

While Great Cloud Dynasty faces enemies on multiple fronts, the Eight Great Families quietly sit on the sidelines and watch the tigers fight . Their top powerhouses have disappeared without a trace . This is when Wu Huan in his capacity as the Director of Board of Rites lowered himself to welcome Yang Feng .

Bai Wuqing removed the Ten Great Sects one by one and recovered 10 greater provinces on one fell swoop . If Great Cloud Dynasty is given time to recover, then Great Cloud Dynasty will be more powerful than ever .

Unfortunately the other forces dont give Great Cloud Dynasty time to recover . Taking advantage of Great Cloud Dynastys moment of weakness, they launched their offensive against the dynasty . Coupled with the rift that exists between the Eight Great Families and Great Cloud Dynasty, it led to such a predicament .

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with regret: “Now is the best time to annex Great Cloud Dynasty! Unfortunately Im not strong enough at the moment! I have to bide my time!”

Many munitions factories under Yang Fengs command have begun to manufacture 4th generation battle robots and modify the already constructed 3rd generation battle robots . However, its still been a short time since he started building 4th generation battle robots, and thus he hasnt amassed them on a significant scale yet . With his current strength, it is impossible to annex Great Cloud Dynasty .

After Yang Feng issued an order to continue to infiltrate Great Cloud Dynasty, he began to prepare for the trip to Sun God Shrine .

A few days later, in Cloud Capitals Brilliant Dragon Airship Port, a giant airship 3,000 meters in length inscribed with countless mysterious runes anchored .

Yang Feng boarded the giant airship unhurriedly and saw more than 70 people form small circles aboard . Emitting faint Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations, they all clearly are Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses .

“Lei Ming, you really came!”

Aboard the giant airship, when Nangong Wumie saw Yang Feng arrive, his eyes lit up slightly, and he walked over with a smile .

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Nangong Wumie, you have become stronger . ”

Smiling brightly, a fragrance wafting off from her, Bai Yuxian came over: “Young Master Lei, please take care of me inside Sun God Shrine . ”

Yang Feng asked, curious: “Moonlight Seven Stars are really extraordinary . Bai Yuxian, in addition to you, have all Moonlight Seven Stars advanced to Glorious Sun Warlocks?”

Bai Yuxian replied with a sweet smile: “Thats right . For the sake of Sun God Shrine, we Moonlight Seven Stars have all broken through and promoted to Glorious Sun Warlocks . After all, Sun God Shrine only opens once every 100 years . If we miss this chance, it will take 100 years before we get another chance to enter Sun God Shrine . ”

Bai Yuxian pointed with a finger: “These two groups are the Glorious Sun Seven Stars and the former Moonlight Seven Stars!”

On the huge airship, there are two groups of people exuding powerful auras different from that of other Glorious Sun Warlocks, with each group having six people .

The 12 Warlocks are monster-level geniuses of the Glorious Sun Seven Stars and the former Moonlight Warlock Seven Stars . These 12 Warlocks have either formed a virtual world inside them, or have other powerful means . They are far stronger than other powerhouses of the same rank .

Nangong Wumie pointed at an ordinary-looking man with eyes as bright as stars and a strong presence wearing a white Warlock robe, narrowed his eyes, and said: “Among the former Moonlight Seven Stars, although others are also strong, but they have promoted to Glorious Sun Warlocks not long ago and cannot compare to the Glorious Sun Seven Stars in terms of strength . But Dubhe Star Ba Xun is a monster among monsters . Even if its me, I may not be able to beat him!”

Yang Feng uttered with a dignified look in his eyes: “Oh! If this is the case, then he is really a monster among monsters!”

Each of the Glorious Sun Seven Stars is a monster-level genius who has reached the Glorious Sun Warlock realm dozens or even 100 years ago, and they all possesses the power to contend with the weakest Bright World Warlocks . Ba Xun has promoted to a Glorious Sun Warlock less than 10 years ago, yet he already is comparable to the Glorious Sun Seven Stars in terms of power . His talent is really incredible .

Nangong Wumie pointed to other people: “Among the current Glorious Sun Seven Stars, Dubhe Star Lan Ba and Merak Star Jiang Qi are also powerhouses whom I have no certainty of defeating . ”

Dubhe Star Lan Ba is a handsome young man with unique features and a domineering temperament in a blue Warlock robe .

Jiang Qi is a tall yet thin man with a strange imprint engraved on his face, 10 earrings on his ears, a cold face, and a strange temperament .

Standing next to Lan Ba is a beautiful girl with black hair, a slender figure, and an unearthly temperament . She is much more beautiful and enchanting than the Five Fairies famous in Cloud Province .

Proud as they are, the Glorious Sun Seven Stars and the former Moonlight Seven Stars formed small circles with one other, exuding a an air of rejection to other people .

When Yang Feng boarded the giant airship, the Glorious Sun Warlocks have already discovered him . Besides Nangong Wumie and Bai Yuxian, none of the other Glorious Sun Seven Stars and former Moonlight Warlock Seven Stars approached Yang Feng .

A middle-aged man wearing a green Warlock robe and exuding a scholarly air slowly walked onto a platform .

When the middle-aged man came to the platform, he unleashed Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power .

Everyone on the giant airship quieted down and looked at the middle-aged man .

Feeling great danger from the middle-aged man, Yang Feng focused his gaze on him .

The middle-aged man glanced at the more than 70 Glorious Sun Warlocks and grinned, saying: “I am An Lei, the guardian in charge of taking you to Sun God Shrine! I will take you to a channel leading to Sun God Shrine . I would like to remind you that there are many dangers in Sun God Shrine . Additionally, there will be powerhouses from numerous planes there fighting for Sun God Fire . Every time Sun God Shrine opens, the number of people who come back is less than one-tenth! If you dont want to die, you can still leave now!”

There are many dangers in Sun God Shrine, and there will be powerhouses of numerous planes entering Sun God Shrine for different reasons . Because of this, only 70 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks are going into Sun God Shrine . The number is this low because Great Cloud Dynasty restricted the number of Glorious Sun Warlocks who can enter Sun God Shrine on one hand, and many Glorious Sun Warlocks are unwilling to enter Sun God Shrine and risk their life on the other hand .

In fact, even if you dont absorb Sun God Fire, but with the various secret methods developed by human Warlocks, you can still practice cultivation to the Bright Word Warlock and Infinity Warlock realms .

Within Great Cloud Dynasty, experts who have advanced to Infinity Warlocks without absorbing Sun God Fire account for more than 90% of powerhouses .

The Glorious Sun Warlocks who choose to enter Sun God Shrine to absorb Sun God Fire are peerless geniuses with great confidence . They brave this danger for the sake of getting a faint chance of advancing to the Warlock Emperor realm .

It is extremely difficult to promote to a Warlock Emperor . You must reach a virtually perfect state in every realm and have a solid foundation .

An Lei uttered with a grin: “Since no one wants to leave, then lets go!”

The runes on the giant airship lit up, countless lights shone, and the huge airship fluttered and turned into a resplendent ray flying into the sky

Getting faster and faster, the huge airship suddenly blurred and flew directly into a distorted channel .

Yang Feng looked at the distorted channel and said slowly: “This is the legendary astral channel . In Astral Boundary spanning through countless planes, you can find special channels that you can use to travel freely in the vast sea of stars . ”

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