Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 687 – Eliminating Shang Zizhen

Chapter 686 – Sun God Shrine

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After flying for one day and one night in the distorted channel, a huge hole appeared at the end of the channel. The giant airship flew out of the hole, and a huge astral body appeared before everyones eyes.

The giant airship flashed and turned into a stream of light flying towards the huge astral body.

There is a very powerful barrier around the huge astral body.

The giant airship knocked into the membrane-like barrier. Countless runes shone, and the giant airship crossed the barrier and landed on an airship port.

Not far from the airship port, there is a 1,000-meter-tall crimson gate engraved with countless mysterious runes. Around the crimson gate, there are 9 nine-story-tall Warlock towers erected. The 9 nine-story-tall Warlock towers have activated the powerful barrier guarding the astral body.

An Lei led the Glorious Sun Warlocks to the crimson gate, and then uttered flatly: “Since you all have a token to enter Sun God Shrine, you can go in! Remember, you can stay in there for 48 days. After that, the token you have will teleport you back here. Make sure that the token is not destroyed. Otherwise, you might have to stay in Sun God Temple and wait for the next time it opens.”

The 70 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks coming from various forces of Great Cloud Dynasty took out a palm-sized token each. The nine suns engraved on the token shone brightly and pulled them into streams of light that entered the crimson gate.

Ripples set off on the crimson gate, a vast aura apparently capable of burning everything emerged from the crimson gate, and wisps of powerful spatial law surrounded and engulfed the Glorious Sun Warlocks.

A sense of vertigo assaulted his mind. When Yang Feng came back to his senses, he found that he is already in a strange space.

In this strange space, everywhere is filled with fire elemental particles, and the temperature is above 3,000 °C. Everywhere you look, you can see magma flowing, flames burning, and poisonous smoke rising.

Yang Feng glanced at Sun God Shrine and frowned slightly: “This is Sun God Shrine! It is not a place where humans can live! Only Sun Gods can live in this forsaken place!”

With a temperature of 3,000 °C, even if it is Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses, very few can stay is such a place for a long period of time without resorting to secret treasures.

Even if it is Glorious Sun Warlocks, except for those proficient in the law of fire, the rest will feel uncomfortable in such an environment. After all, in such an environment, their life force field will be consumed at all times.

Bright lights shone as the Glorious Sun Warlocks cast secret methods and flew away.

Nangong Wumie smiled at Yang Feng, cast a secret method, and turned into a stream of light shooting away: “Lei Ming, I will go ahead first!”

Bai Yuxian smiled sweetly at Yang Feng and turned into a stream of light shooting away: “Young Master Lei, Im going as well!”

Each Glorious Sun Warlock who enters Sun God Shrine is a genius among geniuses confident in themselves. In addition to the Sun God Fire, there are countless outstanding treasures born in Sun God Shrine.

Legend has it that in the deepest part of Sun God Shrine, there are ancient treasures left by the Sun Emperor.

Archgods of the archgod era had many powerful secret treasures. Those secret treasures are not secret treasures refined by archgods, but are magical treasures with all kinds of extraordinary powers naturally born in the world. Because of the materials they are made of, the ancient secret treasure used by archgods are far more formidable then Warlock secret treasures. Moreover, many ancient secret treasures are themselves top alchemy materials, which is why they are sought after by countless people.

In modern times, the ancient secret treasures from the archgod age are very scarce. Once these ancient secret treasures emerge, they will be contested by various forces, and then processed by top Alchemist. In the world of Warlocks, the primary materials of many Empyrean secret treasures are ancient secret treasures from the archgod age.

It is because of this legend that mane Glorious Sun Warlocks enter Sun God Shrine. These Glorious Sun Warlocks are all geniuses very confident in themselves. Naturally unwilling to share the treasures they find with other people, they choose to act alone.

Yang Feng looked around, and then blurred into motion, flew 10,000 meters away, and landed in a valley, where he set up a strong barrier, and then took out a top grade warp gate, set it up, and operated it.

Light shone, and the top grade warp gate rippled and opened.

4th generation battle robot immediately walked over from the other side of the warp gate.

Yang Feng showed a smile of excitement: “Success! My deduction was correct! When it is closed, Sun God Shrine is completely sealed off, and the warp gate cannot be opened. But now that Sun God Shrine is opened, it means that my mechanical legions can be fully transported through the warp gate!”

As long as the mechanical legions are transported over, no matter which plane the other Glorious Sun Warlocks come from, they will be eliminated by Yang Feng.

Although Yang Feng believes that he is one of the strongest individuals among Warlocks of the same rank. However, he is cautious by nature. If he can make sure that he prevails, he doesnt mind using the battle robots.

Glorious Sun Warlocks who enter Sun God Shrine are geniuses from different planes, who knows what sort of trump cards and strange spells they have. A moment of carelessness can spell out death.

When the Nine Realms Lord was rampant in the world, he didnt put the Star Lord in his eyes. In the end, however, it was the Star Lord who had the last laugh and quelled the Nine Realms Lord. This is what happens to those who are careless.

Countless robots walked out of the warp gate and rapidly transformed into various instruments such as power plants, munitions factories, an optical computer, and so on.

That small valley was quickly converted into a large base.

Flame-resistant micro drones flew out of the large base and spread in all directions.

In the large base, the level-4 optical computer shone and carried out calculations. Wherever the micro drones flew by, everything was recorded and reconstructed into holographic projections in front of Yang Feng.

Within Sun God Shrine, you can see sun-like spheres of light every 1,000 meters. Those spheres of light are Sun God Fire formed by absorbing the surrounding fire elemental particles in Sun God Shrine.

In the archgod age, when Sun Gods reached adulthood, they would enter Sun God Shrine to look for Sun God Fire to absorb and obtain greater power.

The temperature on the surface of Sun God Fires is more than 7,000 °C, while inside is more than 10 million °C. Even Glorious Sun Warlocks need to use special secret methods to absorb Sun God Fires and make them their own. In a moment of carelessness, once Sun God Fire explodes, even a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse can be burned to ashes.

“These Sun God Fires are not good enough. Since I came to Sun God Shrine, I will absorb the strongest Sun God Fires!”

Yang Feng looked at Sun God Fires floating in the air, raised his eyebrows, and chose not to absorb them. Instead he sent more drones.

At this moment, Yang Fengs arm twitched slightly, and a palm-sized Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede crawled out of his hand and transmitted a strange signal.

Nurtured by the resources provided by Li Gui Province, the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede has already evolved into its mature state. It already possesses a Glorious Sun Warlock cultivation base.

Yang Feng said with a smile: “You want to devour those Sun God Fires to continue to evolve! Okay! Go ahead and evolve freely!”

The Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede transmitted its elation, issued a cry, and immediately flew away.

A ray of light shone in the base, and a holographic projection of the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede appeared.

It showed the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede quickly appear before a small sun. Its figure fluttered, and it turned into an eight-meter-long centipede with six insect wings. Next it opened its mouth, and golden light enveloped the small sun.

That small sun was swallowed by the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede. After that, a sun-like pattern emerged on the body of the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede.

The appetite of the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede is evidently large. It blurred into motion and flew towards another small sun.

Watching the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede continue to devour one small sun after another, Yang Feng sighed in his heart: “The talent and abilities of other races are much more impressive than those of humans!”

Unlike the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede who can continuously devour the small suns, Yang Feng can only absorb nine suns and send them into the nine worlds inside him. If he absorbs weak suns, it will adversely affect his worlds. In the future, it will require him hundreds of times or thousands of times as much resources for him to lay a good foundation.

Before long, 100,000 micro drones with a heat resistance of up to 1 million °C appeared in Sun God Shrine, flew to different places, and recorded the outline of the terrain in Sun God Shrine.

“Found it!”

Staring at the information listed in the holographic projection and the analysis of the level-4 optical computer, Yang Fengs eyes suddenly lit up. His figure flickered, and he turned into a stream of light shooting away.

After a while, a huge sun emitting endless light and heat appeared in front of Yang Feng.

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