Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 688 – Sun God Empyrean Flower

Chapter 687 – Eliminating Shang Zizhen

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“This sun is good, it suits my Swallowing Suns Ripping Sky Secret Method well! Young fellow, get lost! Or else die!”

A handsome young man with his hair worn in a bun, an otherworldly temperament, and an arrogant expression, dressed in white refined clothing, materialized from a blur, strangely appeared before the huge sun, and looked at Yang Feng with pride in his eyes.

Yang Feng glanced at the young man and said in a cold voice: “This sun is indeed very good, I also fancy it! Scram! Or else die!”

The young man uttered coldly: “Pigheaded fellow, I am Magic Notes Shang Zizhan! What about you?”

Yang Feng responded: “Undying Mountains Lei Ming!”

“Undying Mountains Lei Ming? Let me teach you a lesson. It is best not to answer the enemys questions, otherwise it might lead to following…!”

Shang Zizhen showed a strange smile, and countless runes condensed in his hand into a golem engraved with countless runes that looks exactly like Yang Feng.

Shang Zizhen squeezed the golem that looks exactly the same as Yang Feng hard, and the golem exploded.

A strange, invisible force swept towards Yang Feng along an incredible law, as if to devour him instantly.

“Fate Algorithm!”

Countless queer runes welled up inside Yang Fengs eyes, and fate force oozed out of his body, distorted the strange force, and returned it back to Shang Zizhen.

A look of shock on his face, Shang Zizhen burst into countless pieces of flesh with a pop, which in turn shot towards Yang Feng as if they have a life of their own.

Yang Feng took a level-7 secret treasure Vulcan Scepter and pointed with it. Suddenly, violent purple flames emerged, devoured the surrounding fire force, and formed a purple sea of fire that incinerated and purified all of Shang Zizhens flesh.

Yang Feng glanced at an empty place and said indifferently: “Come out! I know youre not dead! This little trick is useless against me!”

There was a twist in that empty space, and Shang Zizhen came out into the open and glanced at Yang Feng with a gloomy look in his eyes: “What spell is that? My secret method should have been foolproof.”


An indifferent expression on his face, Yang Feng took a step forward and appeared in front of Shang Zizhen with a blur. With a flick of his wrist, a level-7 secret treasure Devouring Sword suddenly appeared in his hand, and he slashed out. Small black holes seemingly capable of devouring everything emerged and swept towards Shang Zizhen.

“Youre underestimating me! Wretched Lei Ming, let me show you my true power! Sun Morph!”

With a ferocious look in his eyes, Shang Zizhen roared. Wisps of world force frantically poured out of him, countless runes flickered on him, and he transformed into a huge sun and shot towards Yang Feng.

An impact from the huge sun can easily destroy a celestial body. This is the essence of Sun Morph.

Shang Zizhen felt a huge threat coming from Yang Feng, which is why employed his most powerful secret method.

“Interesting! Essence of devour!”

An enigmatic gleam in his eyes, Yang Feng smiled and operated the essence of devour, and an abstruse Devour Black Moon that seems capable of devouring all light suddenly appeared.

The Devour Black Moon erupted with a frenzied attractive force and forcibly engulfed the huge sun Shang Zizhen has incarnated into.

The huge sun Shang Zizhen has incarnated unleashed a heat that rose to 9 million °C. Swept by this heat, even a Bright World Warlock would be wounded and might even incur serious damage.

The Devour Black Moon devoured the light and heat like a huge black hole. No matter how the huge sun Shang Zizhen has incarnated into struggles, his power was devoured by the Devour Black Moon.

The endless power flowed out of the Devour Black Moon, entered Yang Fengs body, and poured into the nine worlds and nourished them.

“My power! You absorbed my power! Spare my life, let me go! I admit I was in the wrong! I wont come near you ever again! Spare me, let me go! I beg you! Lei Ming!”

Shang Zizhens screams and pleading came from the Devour Black Moon. A greater part of the power inside him was already devoured by the Devour Black Moon, which harmed his Glorious Sun Warlock foundation. The most terrifying thing is that he cant even escape.

Yang Feng just looked on with a sneer. After a dozen plus breaths of time, Shang Zizhens power was fully devoured by the Devour Black Moon. Only some ashes sprinkled down from the midair.

“The essence of devour has great power. However, it even devoured and destroyed this guys Glorious Sun Core and storage secret treasures, which is a pity!”

Yang Feng glanced at the huge sun, silently recited an incantation, and pointed with a finger, and countless black runes flew out of his finger, formed a giant black net, and shot towards the huge sun.

Engulfed by the black net, the huge sun shrank until it eventually was the size of a fist, and then flew into Yang Fengs body and entered his first world.

When the huge sun entered Yang Fengs first world, endless sunlight sprinkled onto the ground, and the extraordinary plants on the ground absorbed the sunlight and their vitality increased.

When the sun emerged, as if a certain rule of the first world inside Yang Feng was met, the land rumbled and shook and extended by thousands of meters.

After absorbing the sun, Yang Feng continued to travel throughout Sun God Shrine. With the reconnaissance of the 100,000 micro drones, most of Sun God Shrines topography was investigated, enabling him to know clearly which place has Sun God Fire suitable for him.

In just three days, Yang Feng killed seven Glorious Sun Warlocks from other planes and absorbed nine suns. With the nine suns, the nine worlds inside him entered a perfect state.

Feeling the changes inside him, satisfaction streaked across Yang Fengs eyes: “Not bad. In my current state, when I return to Cangzhi Plane, I can begin my breakthrough to a Bright World Warlock! Sun God Shrine deserves its reputation. Its a pity that Moon God Shrine is not under the control of humans, or else if I absorbed moonlight force while in the Moonlight Warlock rank, my foundation would be even more perfect!”

Moon God Shrine is a shrine from the archgod age that belonged to the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse Moon Emperor who once proclaimed himself a hegemon in Cangzhi Plane. The Moon Emperor is one of the less than five female Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses recorded in the history of Cangzhi Plane.

During the Moon Emperor era, there were three other Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. But all of them were defeated by the Moon Emperor in a fair fight, and they finally accepted Moon Emperor as their lord.

At that time, when the Time Lord was being chased as a Starry Sky Warlock, he snuck into Moon God Shrine, absorbed moonlight force, and finally broke through and advanced to a Moonlight Warlock. It is due to this that the realm immediately after the Starry Sky Warlock realm was named Moonlight Warlock realm.

But after the collapse of the 3rd Warlock Dynasty Transcendent Dynasty, Moon God Shrine disappeared. Of course by that time human Warlocks have already developed countless secret methods to substitute Moon God Shrine. So even though Moon God Shrine disappeared, it didnt affect the evolution of human Warlocks.

However, for those Warlock geniuses who pursue perfection and have their sights set on the Warlock Emperor realm, the disappearance of Moon God Shrine is a regrettable thing.

If you can fully integrate Moon God Shrines moonlight force and Sun God Shrines sun force in a world inside you, youll be able to form a perfect cycle of yin and yang [1] force.

Although human Warlocks have found alternative forces, but they are still slightly inferior to Moon God Shrines moonlight force.

As Yang Feng refined the suns inside him, countless level-4 Sealers joined hands to unleash sealing light and seal the suns in the sky, and then dragged them back to the base and sent them to Andrak Plane.

Each of the small suns evolved from Sun God Fire in Sun God Shrine is a huge energy source. For Yang Feng, they are the best energy storage.

The energy contained in each small sun is equivalent to the energy generated by all power plants within Yang Fengs sphere of influence for 10 years.

Yang Feng glanced at a holographic projection and couldnt help but praise: “The Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede is really like a fish back in water, it has already devoured 72 suns! Thats simply terrific!”

Under the guidance of the level-4 optical computer, the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede devoured one sun after another. Every time it devours a sun, a sun-like imprint appears on its carapace and its aura turns fiercer. If not for the suppression of Sun God Shrines barrier, the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede might have already evolved to the Bright World Warlock rank.

At this moment, in the center of the Sun God Shrine, a radiant beam of light rose abruptly. In the center of the beam of light, a magical flower with nine petals and four green leaves engraved with natural runes slowly blossomed.

The entire Sun God Shrine shook slightly, and the small suns turned into streams of light, flew towards the magical flower in the center of the beam, merged into the magical flower, and became the flowers nutrients.


[1] – Ying and yang

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