Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 69 – Eunices Fear

Chapter 68 – Interrogation

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Bursts of ecstatic and entrancing feelings traveled from Eunices limbs and bones, from every inch of her skin and skeleton, her eyes intoxicated – she fell limply to the ground, unable to budge.

Yang Feng smiled and once again snapped his fingers.

Bursts of pain, as if being bitten by ants, at once traveled from every inch of Eunices skin and skeleton. Her entire body was itchy and sore, giving the impression that her soul was itchy and sore. Froth from her mouth, tears from hear eyes and nasal mucus, all unrestrainedly flowed out – without the demeanor of a peerless beauty, as if she had changed into a hideous and lowly junkie experiencing withdrawal.

Eunice frothed from her mouth, her eyes dim – she pleaded with difficulty: “Spare … me! Release … me! I beg you. Im … willing … to do … anything!”

Yang Feng once again snapped his fingers.

The strange condition in Eunices entire body disappeared, she curled up, panted heavily and looked at Yang Feng, her beautiful eyes finally flashed with a touch of fear.

Shi Xues beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of splendor, she recited an incantation, pointed with her jade hand, ice force congregated into an ice mirror in front of Eunice, she ridiculed: “Look at your current appearance! The noble daughter of the dean of Warlock College Antalya, what have you become? Even the cheapest whore would be nicer to look at.”

Eunice saw her wretched appearance, her pretty face paled slightly, she felt great resentment within, yet she didnt dare to refute, she merely lowered her head, her beautiful eyes flashed with a malicious and resentful radiance: “Vile, to even dare turn me into this, Yang Feng, Ill definitely put you to death!!”

Just as the malicious and resentful thoughts run through her head – at once, bursts of pain and itch, as if being bitten by ants, once again transmitted from Eunices skin, skeleton and flesh – under the torment of the unbearable pain, she once again fell limply to the ground, rolling about and struggling in pain, frothing from her mouth, tears and mucus continuously flowing, following by the leakage of a stream of yellow liquid – extremely wretched.

Yang Feng looked down at Eunice struggling in pain and said with a cold smile: “Eunice, the liquid nano-robots had already merged with your body and soul. This is the 6th Warlock Dynastys technology and the distillation of modern Warlocks technology – youre basically not able from concealing your thoughts from me. As long as you have a trace of malice towards me, then this will be the consequence.”

Eunice pleaded while in pain: “Would … not … dare. Forgive … me! Forgive … me!”

Yang Feng snapped his fingers, Eunice panted for air while her entire body was covered in sweat, exuding bursts of foul odor, without the demeanor of a peerless beauty – the beautiful eyes looking at him were brimming with fear, as if looking at a fiend.

Shi Xue clutched her nose while chuckling in ridicule: “The noble daughter of Warlock College Antalyas dean is truly dirty and smelly, such a nauseating scene. Quickly wash yourself clean. Youre so smelly!”

A bladed robot moved over a large vat and placed it on the ground.

Eunice was ashamed and enraged, she had never been so humiliated – finally, two lines of tears flowed out from the suffering and humiliation, extremely miserable – she took off the smelly Warlock robe, revealing her beautiful and tempting **, entered the vat filled with cold water and started washing herself.

Yang Feng looked at the scene of the beautiful and tempting Eunice bathing, suddenly he felt that something was amiss and whispered: “Hold on, it feels like Im the villain.”

Shi Xue exposed a trace of a flirtatious and charming smile, she stroked her lips with her jade fingers, her whole body exuding the bewitching aura of an enchantress: “How come?! Big brother, youre not at fault! This woman is so vicious, she needs to be properly punished. Hand her over to me, IIll educate her properly and turn her into a cute and obedient lamb just like Judy.”

After Eunice finished bathing, she then dressed new clothes – resisting the feeling of shame in front of Yang Feng – the graceful and beautiful posture, took his breath away.

Eunice was the most beautiful and graceful woman that Yang Feng had ever seen. Once Shi Xue grows up, then shell be a beauty on the same level. Eunices only drawback was that she was too vicious and full of enmity towards Yang Feng.

In fact, Eunices personality wasnt too vicious, merely just like that of the average Warlock, disregarding those those whose cultivation was inferior to that of an official Warlock. Apprentice Warlocks like Trucks regarded mortals as ants, official Warlocks like Eunice also regarded Apprentice Warlocks like Yang Feng as ants.

Yang Feng swept Eunice with a glance and said faintly: “What about Gloom Cave? Was the information true? You already know the consequences for lying to me.”

Eunice recalled the inhumane suffering that she went through just a moment ago, her body shivered and she quickly said: “This information is true! There have been some Apprentice Warlocks that went inside, those who came out alive brought items that confirmed the insides of Gloom Cave. However, its very dangerous inside, even level-3 Apprentice Warlocks that enter die nine out of ten times. Those who come back alive, it wasnt because of their strength, but because of their luck, thats why they werent killed by the defensive traps and the treacherous phenomena inside.”

Yang Feng suddenly smiled and said: “Those Apprentice Warlocks that came back alive and all those familiar with this information, all of them died by your hands, right?

Eunice fell into silence and then said lightly: “Yes!”

The value of a relic such as the one from the 3rd Warlock Dynastys Gloom Cave was simply immeasurable. Once any treasure gets excavated, it might bring about a formidable Warlock group. The fact that there were no dissemination of information on such a relic, made it obvious that any person with that information was already dead.

It was precisely because of this relic that Eunice continuously lured in various Apprentice Warlocks, letting them think that they obtained this information by chance – like moths flying into flames, they entered the relic to look up various treasures on her behalf and in the end died at her hands.

Yang Feng said: “The situation inside, you should be quite clear about it!”

Eunice said: “No, the ones that entered were all Apprentice Warlocks. They could only move about at the most peripheral area, they simply couldnt enter the core area. Even at the most peripheral area, the treacherous freaks and the strange phenomena, all of them could kill an official level-1 Warlock. Without the strength of a Great Warlock rank, its simply impossible to safely enter the relic. I only have information about the peripheral area.”

Yang Feng said with suspicion: “Isnt your father Starlight Aldrich? Why wont you tell him about it? With his strength, it should be quite easy to enter this headquarters of Gloom Cave.”

Eunice at once became silent, apparently she didnt want to answer Yang Feng.

“Big brother had asked you a question, you have to answer properly, understood? Youre just a lowly sow!” Shi Xue gave a sweet smile and immediately snapped her fingers.

The tingling and itch, the maddening anguish spread through Eunices body all of a sudden and she knelt on the ground from the torment at once.

Eunice shrieked in pain and then answered in terror: “I want to kill him!! He is the person that I hate the most as well as am the most afraid of! I want to kill him!!”

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