Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 692 – No One Dares to Obstruct

Chapter 691 – Overbearing

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Jiang Qi shouted: “Lets attack together! Hes far stronger than us, so lets team up and defeat him! Then well divide the Sun God Empyrean Flower equally!”

Jiang Qis words havent yet fallen, when his eyes suddenly flickered with resolve and his body blurred, and an indistinct breath oozed out from him.

Standing still, Yang Feng glanced at Jiang Qi and said calmly: “Illusion?! Jiang Qi, if it comes to sneak attacks, then among the six of you, you pose the greatest threat. Its a pity that in front of my essence of devour, you are the weakest!”

Jiang Qis illusion power has just approached the materialization of the essence of devour the Devour Black Moon, when it was completely devoured, not even able to touch Yang Feng.

The Glorious Sun Warlock with the level-9 secret treasure Transcendent Diagram in hand frowned and stepped forward: “Nine Gods Abodes Yan Jun, I wish to fight you!”

The Transcendent Diagram shone, and one Glorious Sun Warlock rank Transcendent after another flew out.

Dozens of pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock rank spells involving fire, ice, wind, space, and other attributes turned into a torrent of spells and barreled towards Yang Feng at an intricate pace.

The dozens pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock rank spells slammed into Yang Fengs Devour Black Moon, and then were noiselessly devoured, without so much as touching a hair on Yang Fengs head.

With his hands behind his back, Yang Feng standing inside the Devour Black Moon spoke flatly like an undefeated god: “Yan Jun, come at me with your true skill! If this is your true strength, then youre much weaker than Ba Xun. No, youre not even in the same league.”

“Ogre God Mountains Che Zhengkuang, I wish to fight you!”

Che Zhengkuangs incarnation of a huge archdevil that looks similar to the Fifth Sky Devil Che roared, the vertical eye on his forehead shone, and a gray ray shot out and blasted into Yang Fengs Devour Black Moon.

Blasted by the gray ray, the materialization of Yang Fengs essence of devour the Devour Black Moon showed faint signs of collapse.

“Ogre God Mountains Che Zhengkuang? Very good, your quite strong! You are eligible to be my opponent, so go to hell!”

With a smile on his face, Yang Feng surrounded by the four monstrous geniuses stepped out from the Devour Black Moon, and his figure blurred. He appeared on Che Zhengkuangs head, countless runes condensed on his leg, and he stomped with his foot on the other partys head.

Extracted by the World Ring, world force of the nine worlds condensed into an imprint that slammed on Che Zhengkuangs head.


Along with a deafening blare, Che Zhengkuang incarnated into a giant ogre was crushed, his cells were shocked by a terrifying force, and he turned into ashes inch by inch.

“Humph, you want to use a death substitution secret treasure to save your life? Thats useless! Die!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, operated Fate Algorithm, and extended his hand, and a Devour Black Moon suddenly appeared and devoured the void along the law of nether.

One after another, death substitution bodies flew out of the void and exploded. When the seventh death substitution body was crushed, miserable screams sounded, and a Glorious Sun Core was devoured by the Devour Black Moon.

Che Zhengkuang was a monstrous genius proficient in countless secret methods, including death substitution secret methods. He created seven death substitution bodies. The seven death substitution bodies could help him resist seven mortal blows. But under the effect of Yang Fengs Fate Algorithm, he could not withstand a single blow and was killed in an instant.

Che Zhengkuang was a powerhouse who formed a virtual world. At the moment of his death, his virtual world began to collapse. At the moment when his virtual world was about to explode, Yang Fengs Devour Black Moon devoured it directly.

“Che Zhengkuang is dead!”

“Undying Mountains Lei Ming is this strong?!”

“This, how can there be such a strong monster!”

“Is this the strength of a monstrous genius capable of tackling the Warlock Emperor rank? I couldnt feel anything when reading the historic records. But now that I see such a monster in the flesh, I can feel their terror!”


On the edge of the center of Sun God Shrine, Warlocks who have cast various secret methods to see the goings-on in the center are struck dumb, unable to believe their eyes.

To be able to kill his way into the center of Sun God Shrine, Che Zhengkuangs strength is absolutely above that of other Glorious Sun Warlocks. For such a peerless genius to be easily killed by Yang Feng, incredulity welled up inside these Glorious Sun Warlocks.

When the five monstrous geniuses in the center of Sun God Shrine saw this scene, their hearts shook. As the strongest Warlock geniuses, they also have mastered many life-saving secret methods. It now appears that the life-saving secret method they have prepared may not be useful in front of Yang Feng.

“Jiang Qi, since you attacked me, you die as well!”

Yang Fengs figure blurred, the Devour Black Moon disappeared, and then appeared in a strange fog. He extended a hand, and the Devour Black Moon swept towards an empty space.

The space twisted suddenly, and Jiang Qi came into the open and struggled before being devoured by the Devour Black Sun, a look of horror and despair on his face.

A mournful scream came from the Devour Black Moon. Shortly after, a Glorious Sun Core flew out from the Devour Black Moon and fell into Yang Fengs hand.

His mind shaken, Ba Xun watched Yang Feng with despair in his eyes: “Strong! Undying Mountains Lei Ming is this strong?! Is the gap between us that big?”

Ba Xun is a peerless genius that formed a virtual world, the first star the Dubhe Star of the former Moonlight Seven Stars. He has always been extremely proud and full of confidence, and he believed himself to be the next Warlock Emperor. Todays fight, however, let him see the terror of a powerhouse eligible to fight over the position of Warlock Emperor.

“Ba Xun, release your soul and let me set up a soul brand, and I will spare your life! Otherwise, since you dared attack me, this will be your resting place!”

Yang Feng is standing inside the Devour Black Moon, and there are the Glorious Sun Cores of Jiang Qi and Che Zhengkuang floating beside him. The Devour Black Moon is like an invincible barrier. It easily devoured the attacks of Yan Juns dozens of Glorious Sun Warlock rank Transcendents, making him look like an unequaled overlord.

“I, Ba Xun, am the man who shall become the Warlock Emperor in the future! I can lose, I can die, but I will never submit!”

There was a flash of pride in Ba Xuns eyes, and he released a shocking roar. Numerous runes appeared on him, and he took out a palm-sized secret treasure and pressed it on his back. Brilliant blue light shone, and a pair of ice wings appeared on his back.

“You want to escape? Unfortunately youre one step too slow!”

At the moment when the ice wings appeared, Yang Feng appeared behind Ba Xun and stabbed him in the heart with a hand, and a Devour Black Moon instantly devoured Ba Xun.

“You want to kill me? Then let us die together!”

There was a look of madness in Ba Xuns eyes. The virtual world inside him shook lightly, and then exploded in an instant. With him as the center, terrifying world force spread in all directions. This is equivalent to the explosion of 1,000 10,000-ton nuclear bombs.


Following the world-shaking explosion, terrifying shock waves swept the surrounding stone sculpture remains.

“Did he kill him?”

“Ba Xun is dead!”

“Mutual destruction, maybe this is the best result!”


The Glorious Sun Warlocks at the edge of the center of Sun God Shrine looked at the explosion with mixed emotions in their eyes

Yang Feng is far stronger than these Glorious Sun Warlocks have imagined, and hes even far stronger than ordinary warlocks of the early Bright World Warlock rank. These Glorious Sen Warlocks are all geniuses among geniuses, and each one is ambitious, hoping to become the next Warlock Emperor. They naturally do not want to see Yang Feng alive.

Under the gaze of the countless Glorious Sun Warlocks, a Devour Black Moon suddenly rose from the terrifying explosion. Standing inside the Devour Black Moon, Yang Feng has no wounds on his body, looking just like an immortal, imperishable Transcendent.

“He isnt even wounded!”

“What a monster!”

“Who can oppose him now?”


Seeing this scene, the Glorious Sun Warlocks on the edge of the center of Sun God Shrine inhaled a breath of cold air. A peerless genius such as Ba Xun blew himself up, yet he couldnt harm Yang Feng at all. Yang Fengs combat power far exceeded the imagination of these Glorious Sun Warlocks.

“Youre next! Yan Jun, die!”

Eyes filled with indifference, Yang Feng glanced at Yan Jun and uttered flatly, as if a god sentencing a mortal.

“You want to kill me?! Lets see if you have the ability! Man Diagram Fusion!”

There was a flash of coldness in Yan Juns eyes, and he silently chanted an incantation and pointed with a finger. The level-9 secret treasure Transcendent Diagram absorbed all the Transcendents at once, and then swept Yan Jun into it.

Following brilliant light, Yan Jun transformed into a three-meter-tall freak exuding terrific aura and covered in numerous mysterious imprints, with each imprint depicting the head of a Transcendent.

Hundreds of Transcendent auras spread from the freaks body, and a very powerful life force rose into the sky, as if to tear the sky asunder.

If it werent for the restriction of Sun God Shrine limiting everyones strength, the freak would have been able to advance to the Bright World Warlock rank.

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