Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 694 – Counter-encirclement and -suppression

Chapter 693 – Silver Glow Magic Mirror

Translator: Xaiomoge

Fluctuations spread between the Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses, and the originally solitary Glorious Sun Warlocks gradually united and formed a huge group of nearly 300 people.

The Glorious Sun Warlocks in Sun God Shrine are all geniuses among geniuses of different planes. With nearly 300 Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses joining forces, even though they each harbor their own designs, but thats enough to kill a Bright World Warlock.

Yang Feng frowned and mused: “Sure enough they are working together!”

The Sun God Empyrean Flower is too tempting. No matter who it is, they cannot give up on it.

Even Nangong Wumie and Bai Yuxian cast spells and pried into Yang Fengs whereabouts from a distance. If Yang Feng continues to be invincible, they naturally wont take action. But if Yang Feng shows a flaw, they wont hesitate to take away his Sun Divine Empyrean Flower. After all, there are no deep ties between them.

“Lei Ming, hand over the Sun God Empyrean Flower, and well let you leave! We do not want to be enemies with you! So long as you hand over the Sun God Empyrean Flower, you can go!”

The fluctuations of power of a pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock came from afar, and a voice resembling the bellowing of a giant bear echoed in the area.

Almost at the same time, the fluctuations of power of nearly 300 Glorious Sun Warlock rose from all directions and swept towards Yang Feng.

Amid the Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power, there is no lack of fluctuations of power containing world force.

These Glorious Sun Warlocks are all geniuses from different planes, and many of them are peerless geniuses who have formed a virtual world. With these geniuses teaming up, even a quasi-Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse will have a hard time facing them head-on.

“Weaklings are weaklings even if they unite! You weaklings dare act against me? Youre overestimating yourselves! I hereby declare that all those who come after me shall die!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, and his figure blurred, and then he appeared a few dozen kilometers away.

“Hes running!”

“Lei Ming is running!”

“After him! Dont let him run away like this!”


Seeing Yang Feng run away, the nearly 300 Glorious Sun Warlocks immediately revealed excitement in their eyes, then cast secret methods and turned into streams of light chasing after Yang Feng.

Many Glorious Sun Warlocks silently recited incantations, took out secret treasures, and began casting spells to disturb Yang Feng.

All of a sudden, the earth in front of Yang Feng trembled, and a mountain 10,000 meters tall blocked his way.

“Petty tricks!”

Yang Feng snorted coldly, and the Devour Black Moon suddenly appeared and knocked against the 10,000-meter-tall mountain.

The Devour Black Moon devoured all the rocks in its way and opened a huge hole.

When Yang Feng passed through the 10,000-meter-tall mountain, streams of freezing air surged and formed an ice wall 1,000 meters thick.

Yang Feng hit the ice wall, forcibly opened a large hole, and flew away without hesitation.

Various obstacles such as space barriers, giant mountains, illusions, labyrinths, and icebergs appeared in front of Yang Feng. In the face of those obstacles, Yang Feng just urged the Devour Black Moon protecting him and crushed anything barring his way.

The nearly 300 Glorious Sun Warlocks can only watch Yang Feng getting farther and farther away from them.

Speed is one of the greatest weapons of the strong. One of the reasons why high-level Warlocks are far superior to low-level Warlocks is because they come and go like the wind. Even if they are no match against a group of low-level Warlocks, but they can easily escape, and then look for opportunities to kill the low-level Warlocks.

“Really! I didnt expect that Id encounter such an outrageous genius when picking the Sun God Empyrean Flower. However, it is your misfortune to meet me, Venerable Magic Mirror!”

Among the Glorious Sun Warlocks, an ordinary-looking human Warlock wearing a silver Warlock robe frowned. A sinister gleam in his eyes, he fished out a silver mirror and pointed it at Yang Feng.

A trace Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power streaked inside the silver-robed Warlock.

In a flash, a silver ray shot out from the mirror and barreled towards Yang Feng.

The silver ray pierced the Devour Black Moon protecting Yang Feng and blasted into him.

Yang Feng collapsed instantly and disappeared.

Venerable Magic Mirror is a genuine intermediate Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. He obtained the information that the Sun God Empyrean Flower was going to bloom this time, and so he took the risk of his cultivation base being suppressed and sneaked into Sun God Shrine.

In the outside world, with Venerable Magic Mirrors Infinity Warlock rank power, even if 300 Glorious Sun Warlocks besieged him, he can use all kinds of secret methods to eliminate them one by one. But in Sun God Shrine, powerhouses like Lan Ba and Ba Xun have the ability to pose a threat to his life. If it werent for the fact that the Sun God Empyrean Flower is extremely precious, he would have never come to such a dangerous place in person.

But since Venerable Magic Mirror sneaked into Sun God Shrine with his true body, he can use various secret methods to exert a trace of Infinity Warlock rank power. This is how he absorbed Yang Feng into his level-9 secret treasure Silver Glow Magic Mirror.

Yang Fengs vision blurred. When he snapped out of it, he found that he is in a space about 30 square meters in diameter, inscribed with countless mysterious runes.

Seeing his surroundings, Yang Feng quickly made a judgment: “Shit, I was hit by some powerhouses spell! This is their secret treasure space!”

Warlocks are powerful and they possess all kinds of incredible and formidable secret treasures. Even if a Warlock is far more powerful than other Warlocks, they may die in battle if careless.

“Unfortunately, to trap me in such a secret treasure is but a fools dream!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and waved his hand, and a dense swarm of black Devourers flew out of his hand and pounced on the silver light walls engraved with mysterious runes.

When the black Devourers pounced on the silver light walls, they started devouring the materials and power constituting the silver light walls.

“Shit, my Silver Glow Magic Mirror! You son of a bitch!”

The Silver Glow Magic Mirror is the most powerful secret treasure of Venerable Magic Mirror, and he has a connection with it. As soon as the Silver Glow Magic Mirror issued mournful cries, he reacted and saw that the Silver Glow Magic Mirror is being devoured by Yang Fengs Devourers.

“I originally wanted to keep you alive! But now I changed my mind, die!”

The eyes of Venerable Magic Mirror shimmered fiercely. With a roar, he silently recited an incantation and pointed at the Silver Glow Magic Mirror.

Within the Silver Glow Magic Mirror, the light of the silver light walls flashed, and then the distorted silver runes formed a silver flame that drifted towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs face changed dramatically when he saw the silver flame. With a wave of his hand, a Devour Black Moon swept towards the silver flame.

Is if it has no substance nor contains any energy, the silver flame passed through the Devour Black Moon and continued towards Yang Feng. Within a breath of time, it landed on Yang Feng.

Silver fire instantly ignited in Yang Fengs soul and burned his soul frantically.

Yang Fengs face distorted at once, and severe pain engulfed him, causing him to twitch. Countless veins protruded all over his body.

The silver flame is called Silver Glow Soul Refine Flame, its a flame that directly attacks the opponents soul. When Venerable Magic Mirror is at his peak of his power, then even if an Infinity Warlock is absorbed into the Silver Glow Magic Mirror, he can burn their soul to ashes in a quarter of an hour.

The offensive and defensive power of the Silver Glow Magic Mirror are on the low side when it comes to level-9 secret treasures. But its offensive method is extremely strange. Relying on the Silver Glow Magic Mirror, the Venerable Magic Mirror has sneak-attacked and eliminated two junior Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses.

Venerable Magic Mirror smiled coldly: “Now that I hit you with the Silver Glow Soul Refine Flame, youre dead!”


Along with crisp sounds, cracks appeared on the surface of the Silver Glow Magic Mirror.

“My Silver Glow Magic Mirror!”

At the next moment, amid Venerable Magic Mirrors horrified bellow, the level-9 secret treasure Silver Glow Magic Mirror shattered into countless fragments.

Seeing the broken Silver Glow Magic Mirror, Venerable Magic Mirror feels like his heart is about to break! It is extremely difficult to find a secret treasure that fits you perfectly. He spent thousands of years to ask a Grandmaster Alchemist to refine the Silver Glow Magic Mirror. Now that the Silver Glow Magic Mirror is broken, his strength has dropped by more than 30%.

When Yang Feng emerged from the Silver Glow Magic Mirror, the dense cloud of black Devourers immediately flew to him and devoured the Silver Glow Soul Refine Flame burning his soul.

“Thats Lei Ming!”

“He appeared!”

“How come hes here?”

“Everyone, lets attack and eliminate him together!”

“Kill him, lets share the Sun God Empyrean Flower!”


When the Glorious Sun Warlocks saw Yang Feng appear among them, they shouted with excitement in their eyes.

“Bunch of ants! If you want to die so much, then let me oblige you!”

Enduring the severe pain, Yang Feng revealed a sinister smile. Runes shone, and nine black channels appeared in front of him.

Tens of thousands of 4th generation battle robots flew out from the black channels in a blink of an eye and rushed towards the Glorious Sun Warlocks

“Eliminate them all!”

Yang Fengs cold voice with killing intent soaring to the sky came from behind the tens of thousands of 4th generation battle robots.

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