Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 695 – Slaying Venerable Magic Mirror

Chapter 694 – Counter-encirclement and -suppression

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A Glorious Sun Warlock just cast a spell and formed a star blasting towards Yang Feng, when six Type II Undyings with swords in hand appeared before him along with flashes of light, slashed open the life force field around him, and cut him into pieces.

“Golems? To use trifling golems to contend against us Glorious Sun Warlocks, wishful thinking!”

The Glorious Sun Warlock snorted, and then the fragments of his body changed into snakes with wings and engaged the six Type II Undyings in combat.

At this moment, three Mistwalkers scattered into gray mist that rolled out towards the Glorious Sun Warlock incarnated into winged snakes.

The Glorious Sun Warlock suddenly felt a slight tremor inside him, and the life force inside him disappeared like a flood.

“Fuck! Die!”

Startled, the Glorious Sun Warlock was about to cast a fire spell to destroy the strange mist formed by the Mistwalkers.

All of a sudden, several Type II Void Assassins emerged from the void and slashed the Glorious Sun Warlock incarnated into winged snakes into pieces once more.

After the Glorious Sun Warlock was chopped into pieces again, the life force inside the numerous pieces quickly disappeared.

“No! I wont die! How can I die at the hands of these golems!” A Glorious Sun Core shuddered and issued a heartbreaking roar. After absorbing a dozen plus pieces of flesh, it suddenly shot out in an attempt to escape.

Along with flashes of lightning, dozens of Type II Lightning Manipulators shot silver lightning slamming into the Glorious Sun Core and blasted the Glorious Sun Warlocks pieces of flesh and soul apart.

In another place, a Glorious Sun Warlock transformed into a 100-meter-tall Six-headed Gold Dragon. The six heads fired six kinds of dragon breath – light, dark, ice, venom, fire, and gravity, barreling towards Type II Undyings.

The Type II Undyings opened level-5 shields. Under the bombardment of the dragon breaths, the level-5 shields burst like bubbles, and the Type II Undyings were devoured by the dragon breaths.

At this moment, the artillery of a 15-meter-tall Vajra Robot equipped with powerful super alloy armor and an artillery glowed.

A beam slammed into the Six-headed Gold Dragon and pierced it through, and a copious amount of blood evaporated.

After the large hole was blasted into the body of the Glorious Sun Warlock incarnated into the Six-headed Gold Dragon, a large amount of blood spilled out from the hole, but he still didnt die.

Numerous runes flashed, and the large hole on the body of the Six-headed Gold Dragon healed in an instant. The Glorious Sun Warlock clearly used a very powerful healing secret method.

The Six-headed Gold Dragon had just healed up, when seven beams shooting from different directions slammed into it and punched it full of holes.

Type II Sealers suddenly flew out and sent seal halos blasting into the Six-headed Gold Dragon, sapping its power.


The Six-headed Gold Dragon faced upwards and roared. Countless runes formed around it, light flashed, and it healed again instantly.

The moment when the Six-headed Gold Dragon recovered, it was once again punched full of holes by numerous beams.

Hundreds of Type II Undyings strangely appeared around the Six-headed Gold Dragon and sliced it into pieces in a flash.

Dozens of Lightning Manipulators manipulated silver lightning snakes to slam into the pieces of flesh of the Six-headed Gold Dragon and blast them into charred fragments without any life force.

After the flesh of the Six-headed Gold Dragons was blasted into fragments, a palm-sized silver winged snake appeared tens of kilometers away.

As geniuses rarely seen in the outside world, each of the Glorious Sun Warlocks in Sun God Shrine is a fearsome existence that can defeat an ordinary weak divine force rank god. Such powerhouses have a lot of life-saving secret methods to protect themselves, making it hard to truly kill them.

When Yang Feng fought the four monster-level powerhouses Ba Xun, Jiang Qi, Yan Jun, and Che Zhengkuang, he used the peerless secret method Fate Algorithm he obtained from Eternal Continent to severe their escape secret methods, and then killed them.

Yang Fengs true body also has mastered more than a dozen death substitution secret methods. Unless he is killed by a karma spell or a karma secret treasure containing the law of karma, its hard for him to really die.

As soon as the silver winged snake appeared, a Type II Undying flew out and cut it into pieces.

Numerous lightning snakes descended on the pieces of the winged snake and blasted them into ashes, leaving only a Glorious Sun Core.

Caught unprepared, the nearly 300 Glorious Sun Warlocks were besieged by the tens of thousands of 4th generation battle robots. In the first face-off, 20 plus were slayed and 100 plus heavily wounded.

The remaining 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses began to fight the 4th generation battle robots using the strongest secret methods they mastered.

Seeing this scene, Nangong Wumie is stunned: “Incredible! To be able to withstand those Glorious Sun Warlocks by himself, what a monster!”

Also hiding far away, using a secret method to observe the goings-on, Bai Yuxian is full of shock: “Awesome, are those Undying Mountains golems? So strong! Did they get an inheritance of the Golem Lord? No! Golem Star, did they get Golem Dynastys alchemy from Golem Star?”


“That guy is really a monster!”

“How scary!”


In addition to the nearly 300 Glorious Sun Warlocks who formed an alliance, there are still other Glorious Sun Warlocks who are watching from the sidelines. When they saw that Yang Feng is fighting the nearly 300 Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses by himself and that he killed more than 20 Glorious Sun Warlocks, they were stupefied and filled with shock.

Boom! Boom!

Tremendous explosion sounded in the area. At virtually every moment, there are 4th generation battle robots being destroyed by the Glorious Sun Warlocks.

The 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks are indeed peerless geniuses from different planes. They actually suppressed the tens of thousands of 4th generation battle robots with absolute magic power and smashed them continuously.

In spite of this, the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks besieged by the 4th generation battle robots are still dying from time to time.

“Surrender! Lei Ming, hand over the Sun God Empyrean Flower! Or die!”

A Glorious Sun Warlock who formed a virtual world waved his hand, and a fire dragon appeared and slammed into a dozen plus Mistwalkers.

That violent fire dragon instantly changed to a sea of fire covering dozens of square kilometers. Swept by the sea of fire containing the law of fire, the dozen plus Mistwalkers immune to physical attacks were burned to ashes.

“A bunch of idiots! Lets start the second round!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, nine more channels appeared, and a dense crowd of 4th generation battle robots flew out from the nine worlds inside him, turned into a dark cloud of steel, and rushed towards the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks.

“Damn it! Why does he have so many golems?”

“Fuck! How do we kill so many golems?”


Seeing this, the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks were stunned, a look of despair in their eyes. Faced with the 40,000 4th generation battle robots, they have already shown all of their cards and barely suppressed them. Now there are 60,000 more battle robots, which makes them despair.

“Shit! There are still more coming!”

“So many! So many golems!”

“Whats going on! Can someone tell me whats going on?”


The Glorious Sun Warlocks suddenly turned their heads and looked into the distance. Engines booming, there are crowds of battle robots flying this way from different directions, completely surrounding the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks.

Most of the battle robots coming from afar are 3rd generation battle robots with only their weapons updated. In terms of overall performance, they are almost a generation behind the 4th generation battle robots. However, their numbers have reached more than 1 million units, far greater than that of the 4th generation battle robots.

In an instant, the 3rd generation battle robots fired a rain of light blasting towards the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks.

Under the bombardment of the dense rain of light, the only secret methods the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks can cast are defensive secret methods to frantically resist the rain of light.

The 100,000 4th generation battle robots lodged into the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses like a dagger and fought them furiously.

Under the furious siege of the more than 1 million 3rd generation battle robots and 100,000 4th generation battle robots, one Glorious Sun Warlock genius after another perished.

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