Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 696 – Annihilation

Chapter 695 – Slaying Venerable Magic Mirror

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“You are the only one left now! You should not be a Glorious Sun Warlock!” Without paying attention to the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks who formed an alliance, Yang Fengs eyes fell on Venerable Magic Mirror, and he stated coldly.

At this time, there are more than 1,000 4th generation battle robots besieging Venerable Magic Mirror, but they cannot harm him. There are 36 diamond prisms carved with abstruse magical runes suspended around him.

When the attacks of the battle robots blast into the 36 diamond prisms, 90% of the power is directly ricocheted, and only 10% of the power is transmitted to Venerable Magic Mirror.

While under the siege of more than 1,000 4th generation battle robots of different types, Venerable Magic Mirror displayed far greater battle prowess that the ordinary Glorious Sun Warlocks. He even destroyed dozens of 4th generation battle robots without taking any damage himself. If he is given enough time, its only a matter of time before he destroys the 1,000 4th generation battle robots

There was a peculiar flash in the eyes of Venerable Magic Mirror, and he uttered gravely: “I am Magic Mirror Mountains Venerable Magic Mirror of Kongning Plane, an Infinity Warlock! Lei Ming, give me the Sun God Empyrean Flower. Ill give you all the resources of my Magic Mirror Mountain in exchange. No, Ill give you the entire Magic Mirror Mountain if you give me the Sun God Empyrean Flower!”

Looking down at the Glorious Sun Warlock Yang Feng, Venerable Magic Mirror originally didnt even want to talk with him. But in Sun God Shrine, even though he is an Infinity Warlock, his cultivation base was suppressed to the pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock rank, and so he can only give in and negotiate with Yang Feng. For the Sun God Empyrean Flower, he is willing to pay everything, including Magic Mirror Mountain.

Magic Mirror Mountain is a powerful Warlock group that is not inferior to Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects. It is a force that Venerable Magic Mirror has spent thousands of years managing painstakingly, and it has countless resources. Yet for the Sun God Empyrean Flower, he is willing to give up Magic Mirror Mountain.

Of course, it is because Yang Feng is strong enough that Venerable Magic Mirror would humble himself to negotiate with Yang Feng.

“Venerable Magic Mirror, Infinity Warlock! Interesting, let me have a taste of your ability!”

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, then his figure fluttered, and he appeared before Venerable Magic Mirror, extracted world force, and sent a Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist blasting towards Venerable Magic Mirror.

“Reflecting Magic Mirror!”

A dignified look in his eyes, Venerable Magic Mirror silently recited an incantation, and numerous runes appeared on his body and formed a black mirror inscribed with 9,999 runes in front of him.

When the Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist hit the Reflecting Magic Mirror, the fist ray distorted and blasted towards Yang Feng in an instant.

Spurting a copious amount of blood from all over his body, Yang Feng became bloodied and flew backwards for dozens of kilometers.

Venerable Magic Mirror just wanted to give chase, when dozens of Type II Undyings appeared in front of him at once and slashed at him from different directions.


Furious, Venerable Magic Mirror roared, and palm-sized Reflecting Magic Mirrors appeared around him at once.

The dozens of Type II Undyings slashed at the Reflecting Magic Mirrors. The blades twisted, slashed back at them, and opened huge cuts.

But after the dozens of Type II Undyings had huge cuts sliced into them, they still brandished their swords and slashed at Venerable Magic Mirror.

Wounds appeared on the Type II Undyings, yet it only made Venerable Magic Mirror increasingly fretful.

“Awesome, thats an Infinity Warlock for you! Its rude of me not to use all my strength to deal with you! Screen!” Operating Primal Chaos Imperishable Body, Yang Feng healed all his injuries in three breaths of time. He took a deep look at Venerable Magic Mirror and ordered coldly.

Tens of thousands of Mistwalkers suddenly decomposed and turned into a thick fog that enveloped an area 1,000 kilometers in radius.

“The area is covered with mist!”

“I cant see! The thick fog obstructs my detection spells!”

“What does he want to accomplish?”


As soon as the dense mist appeared, the Glorious Sun Warlocks using various spells to spy on this battle found that their spells lost all effect.

Numerous runes appeared on Yang Fengs body and formed a set of white Battle Demon Armor.

Of the secret methods Yang Feng has mastered, Battle Demon Secret Method suits him the best. It can increase his combat power five-fold and can defend against various attacks.

In Li Gui Province, there are also numerous secret methods that can greatly increase a Warlocks strength, but they all come with various restrictions. Some require special bloodlines, while others require special secret treasures. Battle Demon Sects basic secret method Battle Demon Secret Method is Yang Fengs favorite secret method for battle.

After Yang Feng formed the white Battle Demon Armor, the world force of the nine worlds inside him surged and entered him through the World Ring.

“Rest in peace!”

Yang Fengs figure blurred, and he appeared in front of Venerable Magic Mirror. He unleashed a Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist. All of a sudden, nine world phantoms appeared and crushed towards Venerable Magic Mirror with the power to obliterate space and slay everything.

“Nine virtual worlds! The Nine Realms Lords secret method!”

Venerable Magic Mirrors face finally registered a change. He clenched his teeth, the seals on his body unlocked one by one, and an Infinity Warlock rank breath gushed out of him in an instant, trying to pry open Sun God Shrines suppression. Faced with an all-out attack formed from the world force of the nine worlds, Venerable Magic Mirror sensed the danger of death.

All of a sudden, runes appeared, and a beam formed from Sun God Fire spewed out from the ground below Venerable Magic Mirror and engulfed him completely.

“No! I dont want to die! I wont die!”

Venerable Magic Mirror released miserable screams, and countless runes emerged.

Dozens of silver mirror secret treasures flew out from Venerable Magic Mirror and shattered, and silver rays shot out and formed the Venerable Magic Mirrors true body tens of kilometers away.

Venerable Magic Mirrors true body has just formed, when Yang Feng hit him with a Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist containing the five-fold amplification of Battle Demon Secret Method and the world force of the nine worlds.

A tyrannical force erupted in a flash, and Venerable Magic Mirrors body collapsed inch by inch.

“Fate Algorithm!”

After crushing Venerable Magic Mirrors body, Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and a Devour Black Moon appeared and released an attractive force pulling at an empty space.

A death substitution doll, and death substitution body, a silver death substitution magic mirror… dozens of death substitution secret treasures blew up inside the Devour Black Moon.

“Lei Ming, if you kill me, my Magic Mirror Mountain will be mortal enemies with your Undying mountain!”

An Infinity Core containing Venerable Magic Mirrors soul flew out of the Devour Black Moon, and Venerable Magic Mirror released roars of resentment.

“Since you want to kill me, then you should be prepared to be killed yourself! Today is the day you die. If Magic Mirror Mountain dares to provoke me, then Ill bury them together with you!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, and the Devour Black Moon swept towards Venerable Black Mirrors soul and instantly devoured it, leaving only the Infinity Core that entered his hand.

The mist enveloping thousands of kilometers quickly condensed into Mistwalkers.

“Venerable Magic Mirror is gone!”

“Slayed! He slayed an Infinity Warlock!”

“Thats an Infinity Warlock! How did he kill him?”


When the Glorious Sun Warlocks using various secret methods to peer into the goings-on on this side saw Yang Feng stand proudly in the air, they inhaled a breath of cold air.

Venerable Magic Mirror was an Infinity Warlock. Even though most of his power was sealed by Sun God Shrine, but he still possessed countless secret methods and secret treasures, and his battle prowess was tyrannical. Even monster-level geniuses like Lan Ba are not his match. For such a powerhouse to die in Yang Fengs hands, thats simply inconceivable.

Gazing at Yang Feng from afar, Nangong Wumie sighed faintly, a look of envy in his eyes: “Incredible! He progressed to this point in such a short time! How enviable!”

At the time, when Nangong Wumie was defeated Yang Feng, he was confident that if he went all out, he would have a 20% to 30% chance of killing Yang Feng. Now that he saw Yang Feng exerting his true power, he realized how powerful Yang Feng really is.

After he slayed Venerable Magic Mirror, Yang Feng turned to look at the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks.

Besieged by the 100,000 4th generation battle robots and 1 million modified 3rd generation battle robots, the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses suffered disastrous casualties. At this point more than 60 people have died. If it werent for the fact that these Glorious Sun Warlock are geniuses among geniuses and have mastered numerous life-saving secret methods, they would have already been killed by the battle robots!

“I killed Venerable Magic Mirror just now, but this victory feels somewhat lackluster! Now lets have you test how far my strength has progressed!”

Yang Feng swept the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks who are still struggling with a glance, smiled, and turned into a Devour Black Moon flying towards the 200 plus Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses.

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