Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 697 – Breaking Through the God-man Boundary

Chapter 696 – Annihilation

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“Spare my life!”

“Dont kill me!”


These Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses are extremely powerful, and they are all capable of contending with weak divine force rank gods in the outside world. But when swept by Yang Fengs avatar of a Devour Black Moon, they were engulfed by it. After a few breaths of time, only Glorious Sun Cores remained from them.

These Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses are far from being Yang Fengs equals to begin with. Furthermore, since they are being besieged by the 100,000 4th generation battle robots and 1 million 3rd generation battle robots, they can barely hold on. Now faced with Yang Fengs attack, their defenses collapse, and they are being directly engulfed by Yang Fengs Devour Black Moon.


The faces of the surviving Glorious Sun Warlocks changed dramatically. 20 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks unleashed secret methods and turned into streams of light fleeing in different directions.


Flying at their fastest speed, Type II Undyings caught up with the 20 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks who are only preoccupied with fleeing, slashed their magic shields, and chopped them into pieces.

Hundreds of Lightning Manipulators sent lightning snakes barreling towards the fragments of these Glorious Sun Warlocks and blasted them into dregs.

Following afterimages, Yang Feng appeared next to the 20 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks practically at the same time and extended his hand, and Devour Black Moons appeared. Guided by Fate Algorithm, he grabbed at empty spaces, destroyed the life saving secret methods of the 20 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks one after another, and eventually killed them one by one.

Seeing the 20 plus Glorious Sun Warlocks die at Yang Fengs hands, the rest of the Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses are overwhelmed by fear.

“Im Raytheus, a Glorious Sun Warlock from Brilliant Bird! My father is Brilliant Birds Great Elder, an Infinity Warlock! Lei Ming, you cant kill me!”

“Im a personal disciple of Ring Serpents Great Elder Garma. Great Elder Garma is an Infinity Warlock. Lei Ming, if you kill me, Great Elder Garma wont let you off!”


Frightened screams came from these Glorious Sun Warlocks, and they did what they disdained to do in the past, that is, to they rely on their background.

At the weakest, they have Bright World Warlocks backing them.

“Die! Anyone who doesnt surrender shall die!”

As if a God of Death harvesting lives without any scruples, Yang Fengs avatar of the Devour Black Moon attacked these Glorious Sun Warlocks coming from different formidable forces and devoured them.

When using the law of devour to consume various powers, extraordinary life forms capable of using devour force will generate different powers. These conflicting powers may even cause these extraordinary life forms to crumble.

But Yang Feng has nine small worlds inside him. All the powers he devours are transferred into the nine small worlds inside him, strengthening their plane origin force.

Some Glorious Sun Warlocks cultivate queer powers. These powers are extracted by the Eternal Power Furnaces inside Yang Feng and condensed into energy crystals.

Among these Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses, there is also no lack of powerhouses who have formed a virtual world. Each time Yang Feng devours such a powerhouse, the nine small worlds inside him become a bit more stable.

Watching Yang Feng squash these Glorious Sun Warlocks like chicks, Nangong Wumie is filled with shock: “What a frightening fellow. Those guys are peerless geniuses from different forces, yet he doesnt hesitate to kill them. How fearsome!”

Every one of these Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses is backed by a Bright World Warlock or an Infinity Warlock. Usually, if there is no deadly feud, those stronger than them would never kill them. Yet Yang Feng doesnt hesitate to kill them. This is simply insanity.

Seeing this scene, a chill rose from the depths of Bai Yuxians body and enveloped her: “Scary! Too scary! If I were in that crowd, he probably would have killed me without hesitation!”

Bai Yuxian is a peerless genius from Great Cloud Dynastys royal family the Bai family. Out of regard for the Bai family, no matter where she goes, Bai Yuxian is generally like a fish in water, and is pursued by countless people. Even Bright World Warlocks and Infinity Warlock are very gentle and caring with her, as if she were their offspring. What she is most afraid of is meeting an reasonable powerhouse like Yang Feng.

The will of a Glorious Sun Warlock finally collapsed, and he shouted: “I surrender! I am willing to be your slave! Dont kill me! I yield!”

“Open your soul and let me set up a brand!”

Yang Feng appeared in front of the Glorious Sun Warlock and pointed with a finger, and a True God Empyrean Imprint suddenly flew out and radiated powerful light. There are numerous runes inscribed on the True God Empyrean Imprint, each of which stands for a part of the soul of a powerful existence sealed inside.

The Glorious Sun Warlock gritted his teeth and released his soul.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and a rune flew out of the True God Empyrean Imprint and entered the soul of the Glorious Sun Warlock.

“I yield as well!”

“I surrender! Spare my life!”


Seeing this scene, half of the remaining Glorious Sun Warlocks clenched their teeth and chose to surrender. The other half is still struggling butterly.

Under Yang Fengs order, the Glorious Sun Warlocks who surrendered started attacking the other Glorious Sun Warlocks.

“You traitors!”

“Damn you, you traitors without any self-respect!”

“I curse you! I curse your offsprings – women shall be whores and man shall be slaves!”


The prideful Glorious Sun Warlocks unwilling to open their souls were attacked and killed by the Glorious Sun Warlocks who submitted to Yang Feng.

Two hours later, only the fifty-seven Glorious Sun Warlock geniuses who chose to surrender of the close to 300 Glorious Sun Warlocks who besieged Yang Feng still remain alive.

Seeing Yang Feng mercilessly kill all of those Glorious Sun Warlock genius, the other Glorious Sun Warlocks in Sun God Shrine dont dare to mess with him.

After everything was over, Yang Fengs figure blurred, and he took the 57 Glorious Sun Warlocks who submitted to him and the enormous mechanical legion flying towards the top grade warp gate.

Once news of a treasure such as the Sun God Empyrean Flower is spread, even Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses will be moved.

A Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse has the strength to crush all of Yang Fengs resistance. Yang Feng plans to returns to Cangzhi Plane, consume there the Sun God Empyrean Flower, and break through the god-man boundary.

As long as Yang Feng consumes the Sun God Empyrean Flower and uses all of its medicinal power to break through the god-man boundary, those Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses naturally wont bother him.

When they landed in the secret valley, Yang Feng took the 57 Glorious Sun Warlocks who surrendered through the top grade warp gate, and they disappeared from Sun God Shrine.

“Finally gone! That god of murder is finally gone!”

“With him gone, Sun God Shrine is finally safer by a bit!”


When they saw Yang Feng and the 57 Glorious Sun Warlocks drill into the mysterious valley, the other Glorious Sun Warlocks immediately released sighs of relief. They quickly guessed Yang Fengs plan. If it were them, they would consume the Sun God Empyrean Flower as soon as possible.

Since you can enter Sun God Shrine, then you can naturally leave it. Ordinary Warlocks dont have the ability to leave Sun God Shrine of their own accord. But these Glorious Sun Warlocks dont think its difficult for a powerhouse such as Yang Feng to leave Sun God Shrine.

Yu Province is one Cangzhi Planes lesser provinces.

Due to Li Gui Demon Mountain, Li Gui Province is a restricted area for Infinity Warlocks. Although it is rich in resources, but it is not suitable as the foundation of a strong sect.

After he expressed allegiance to Great Cloud Dynasty on behalf of Undying Mountain, Yang Feng obtained a huge territory as his fief in the lesser province Yu Province.

Although this fief cannot compare to the greater province Battle Demon Sect used to rule, but its area is ten-fold that of Earths Russia.

Even though this fief has far fewer resources than Li Gui Province, but many of its resources cannot be found in Li Gui Province. It is one of the important bases under Yang Fengs control.

To break through the god-man boundary, Warlocks need to absorb a large amount of life magic energy and the power of the laws of the world. The best place to break through the god-man boundary is Cangzhi Plane or the 36 material primary planes.

In Cangzhi Plane, breaking through the god-man boundary in Great Cloud Dynasty and the Three Dynasties will yield the best results. Within Great Cloud Dynasty, the 36 greater provinces have the best environment.

As for Li Gui Province, Yang Feng doesnt dare to have his break through there for fears of disturbing Li Gui Demon Mountain.

Along with the growth of his strength, Yang Feng began to migrate his forces from Li Gui Province to Yu Province.

After comprehensive considerations, Yang Feng chose to consume the Sun God Empyrean Flower in Yu Province.

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