Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 697 – Breaking Through the God-man Boundary


“A bunch of scrap metal, break!”

A fierce look in his eyes, a Moonlight Warlock operated the law of wind, silently chanted an incantation, and pointed with a finger.

All of a sudden, countless violent wind blades emerged and covered an area a dozen plus kilometers in diameter.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Following a round of explosions, all the low-level humanoid robots in the area enveloped by wind blades were cut into pieces.

Low-level humanoid robots do not have energy shields and they are made from ordinary crude steel. They naturally cannot resist an area of effect attack cast by a Moonlight Warlock.

“The warning was ignored! Turn on the enemy annihilation mode! Eliminate all intruders!”

A voice echoed within Undying Mountains territory in Yu Province.

Within Undying Mountains fief, various places such as plains, mountains, and cities opened quickly, and dense crowds of level-3 battle robots flew out and turned into torrents of steel rushing towards the intruders.

In an instant, an almost endless rain of light shot out from Undying Mountains territory and rained down on these Warlocks.

Hit by the dense rain of light, Warlocks below the Moonlight Warlock rank were torn to pieces, and a copious amount of blood and countless pieces of flesh sprinkled down on the ground.

Stained by the blood and flesh, many ordinary plants covering the land died. However, there is also a considerable number of plants that absorbed the blood and flesh and evolved into strange extraordinary plants.

“I am a Warlock from Wind God Dragon…”

A Moonlight Warlock screamed in fear before a beam hit him in the head and vaporized his upper body, and then what is left of him fell from the sky, dead.

Unlike those monstrous Warlock geniuses in Sun God Shrine who have a number of life-saving secret methods, ordinary human Moonlight Warlocks will die if their head is blown apart.

The booming sounds of engines sounded as a large number of 3rd generation battle robots charged at and besieged the Moonlight Warlocks.

No matter how these Moonlight Warlocks pleaded, the 3rd generation battle robots didnt let them go, and instead killed them to the last man.

“How cruel!”

“This is Undying Mountain? What cruel guys!”

“What a dreadful bunch!”


Seeing this scene, the Warlocks who originally intended to take advantage of the commotion sobered up. They stopped and flew away.

Undying Mountain made it clear that anyone who intrudes on their territory will be killed, making the blood of Yu Provinces Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Sun Warlocks run cold.

However, there are still many powerful Warlocks flying this way from different corners of Yu Province.

Treasures that can enable you to break through the god-man boundary are extremely rare. In Cangzhi Plane, they generally may only appear once every 1,000 years. Only when a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse is born, will numerous wondrous treasures that can enable you to break through the god-man boundary appear in Cangzhi Plane.

Whenever a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse is born, they require a massive amount of resources and countless miraculous treasures.

The reason why God Blood Plane gave birth to a Warlock Emperor-rank powerhouse is because the First True Ancestor consumed the Primordial God Blood Stone produced by God Blood Plane, allowing him to break through the limit and evolve into a Warlock Emperor rank being.

After the First True Ancestor consumed the Primordial God Blood Stone, no more treasures of the same level have been born in God Blood Plane. As for the other Eight True Ancestors, no matter what stage their cultivation base reaches, they cannot evolve into Warlock Emperor rank beings. Moreover, no matter what miraculous treasure they use, they cannot evolve into a Warlock Emperor rank being unless they kill the First True Ancestor and consume all his true blood.

Wondrous treasured that can enable you to break through the god-man boundary are like nectar to the bees, attracting countless Warlocks. However, when these Warlocks saw Yang Fengs mechanical legion slay powerful Warlocks one after another, apprehension shimmered in their eyes. They dont dare to go there rashly.

At this moment, pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank aura descended from the sky, and a man riding a 100-meter-tall extraordinary life form Dragon Elephant with a dragon head, an elephant body, an elephant nose, and lion claws arrived at the border of Undying Mountains territory and said loudly: “I am Heart of Dragon Elephants Great Elder Wei Guanghe, I request an audience with Young Master Lei Ming!”

A pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank aura soared from the Undying Mountains fief, and Zhan Hongtao emerged and responded: “Our Young Master is still in closed door cultivation! Great Elder Wei, Im sure that anything you want to discuss can wait until tomorrow!”

“Undying Mountains Lei Ming sure is arrogant! Hes just a mere Glorious Sun Warlock, yet hes actually ignoring a Great Elder of my Heart of Dragon Elephant! What a foolish thing!”

An Infinity Warlock rank aura slowly spread, and a bald man with numerous runes engraved on the head, a string of sculls of various powerful being on his head, withered features, and a fierce gleam in his eyes stepping on air emerged and sneered.

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