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Chapter 699 – Magic Ban Array

Chapter 698 – Five Overlords

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“Dragon Elephant Ancestor! Hes here too!”

“Thats the founder of Heart of Dragon Elephant, Dragon Elephant Ancestor! Unexpectedly hes still alive!”


Seeing the bald man, the Warlocks on the scene took a breath of cold air.

Dragon Elephant Ancestor is the person who founded Heart of Dragon Elephant, he is a peerless powerhouse with an intermediate Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base.

With Dragon Elephant Ancestor as its backer, Heart of Dragon Elephant is only slightly inferior to Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects in terms of strength. Although the foundation of Heart of Dragon Elephant is far more shallow than that of the Ten Great Sects. But with Dragon Elephant Ancestor present, Heart Dragon Elephant is definitely a first-class force second only to the Ten Great Sects.

Great Cloud Dynasty is boundless and has countless powerhouses, among which there is no lack of Infinity Warlocks.

In the past, the Ten Great Sects used to be the staunchest supporters of Great Cloud Dynastys Bai Family. Over the years, the Ten Great Sects campaigned around and quelled numerous planes for Great Cloud dynasty, with countless of their powerhouses having died.

Battle Demon Sect once went on an external campaign for Great Cloud Dynasty and lost several Infinity Warlocks, which is why there only remained four Bright World Warlocks in the sect.

Within Great Cloud Dynasty, in addition to the Ten Great Sects and Eight Great Families, there are countless other Warlock groups. Among these Warlock groups, peerless geniuses emerge from time to time. After experiencing numerous fortuitous encounters, these peerless geniuses eventually advance to the Infinity Warlock rank.

Once a Warlock group gains an Infinity Warlock rank protector, it will become a first-rate force within Great Cloud Dynasty.

With the Infinity Warlock rank Dragon Elephant Ancestor and a pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank Great Elder, Heart of Dragon Elephant is already one of the five overlords in Yu Province.

A fearsome Infinity Warlock rank aura rolled out from the Dragon Elephant Ancestor and swept towards Zhan Hongtao.

Zhan Hongtaos complexion suddenly changed drastically, and he broke out in cold sweat from his back. He couldnt help but take a few steps back. With his extraordinary perception ability, he understands that the Dragon Elephant Ancestor in front of him has the strength to easily kill him.

“What Heart of Dragon Elephant? Screw off! Or Die!”

With a flash of black light, Alexia flapping her wings, with the Fallen Angel Sword in hand, emerged. Floating in the air like an undefeated god, her beautiful eyes shimmered with indifference. With a majestic gleam in her pretty eyes, she gazed coldly at Dragon Elephant Ancestor, and an Infinity Warlock rank aura spread from her.

“An Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel!”

“Amazing. To nurture an Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel, thats Undying Mountain for you!”

“Is this the foundation of Undying Mountain? How fearsome!”


When they saw Alexia, the spectating Warlocks inhaled a breath of cold air and started commenting.

Blazing Angel grade Fallen Angels are fearsome existences that can contend against gods of the same realm and even slay them.

Faced against an Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel, and ordinary human Infinity Warlock can only escape!

Berated by Alexia, Dragon Elephant Ancestors face darkened. He narrowed his eyes and revealed killing intent. Since his promotion to an Infinity Warlock, no one has ever dared to speak to him in such a tone.

“Talking big! As a mere Blazing Angel, youre just a tool! What qualifications do you have to talk with us human Warlocks on equal terms?! Have your master come out and talk to us!”

Along with a disdainful voice, the earth rumbled, and a 10,000-meter-long Lamandra Stone Tiger galloped over from afar. Standing on the head of the Lamandra Stone Tiger is a handsome male Warlock with a wicked charm, dressed in a green Warlock robe. At a closer look, he seems to be shrouded in endless coldness.

“Thats Black Devil Dragon Serpents Dragon Serpent Ancestor!”

“Dragon Serpent Ancestor is one of the five overlords of our Yu Province! I didnt expect him to appear as well!”

“Its only natural. After all, its a peerless treasure that can enable you to break through the god-man boundary were talking about. Such a peerless treasure may only appear once in 1,000 years in Cangzhi Plane. If they can get their hands on it, they may be able to break through to the Warlock Monarch rank in the future!”


When the onlookers saw the male Warlock, their expressions flickered at once, and they commented in hushed tones.

Alexia glanced at Dragon Serpent Ancestor and spoke in a cold voice laced with killing intent: “Dragon Serpent Ancestor, you dare come provoke Undying Mountain? Have you no fear of death?”

“Undying Mountain is indeed impressive! But this is not Li Gui Province, but Yu Province! To kill people indiscriminately, your Undying Mountain is rather domineering!”

There was a violent wind, and a giant gold silhouette emerged in the sky. Standing atop a gold Roc, there is a striking man with long hair fluttering in the wind and a carefree temperament gazing at Alexia.

“Heart of Gales Gale Venerable Lord!”

“Gale Venerable Lord, another one of our Yu Provinces Five Overlords appeared!”

“He-he! A mere Blazing Angel wants to resist three Infinity Warlocks, thats just seeking death!”

“With the Three Overlords here, it looks like Undying Mountain is doomed!”

“With the Three Overlords at the front line, we can also pick up some inexpensive things!”

“To be so arrogant and overbearing in our Yu Province, I long since found these foreigners an eyesore! They asked for this!”


These Warlock powerhouses coming from Yu Province stared at Alexia and Zhan Hongtao with greed in their eyes.

The fact that Undying Mountain is one of the strongest Warlock groups in Cangzhi Plane is recognized by everyone. Ordinarily, these rogue Warlocks dont dare to provoke such a pinnacle Warlock group.

But with three out of Yu provinces Five Overlords joining forces, they have a chance to break through Undying Mountains defenses. Taking advantage of the ensuing chaos, these rogue Warlocks may be able to get some benefits from Undying Mountain.

“Hand over the person who is breaking through the god-man boundary! Otherwise, after we break through your defenses, no stone will be left unturned!”

Following an overbearing and tyrannical voice, a two-meter-tall man with long crimson hair, naked upper body, countless runes engraved on his upper body, and a crimson spear in hand, exuding a fearsome aura, emerged.

“Blood Spear Sects Blood Spear Ancestor! Another one of Yu Provinces Five Overlords has come!”

“With four of the Five Overlords here, only the person from Seven Color Rose Garden hasnt come yet! This time Undead Mountain is finished!”


Feeling even more excited, the spectating Warlocks looked towards Undying Mountain full of greed.

“Lets go! Lets exterminate Undying Mountain and divide the treasures equally between the five of us!”

An cold, melodious voice filled with killing intent sounded, and a mesmerizingly beautiful woman with a bun on the head, a scarlet diamond crystal on the forehead, porcelain-white skin, and a curvaceous figure, dressed in a white gauze, exuding a fascinating charm, treading on seven-colored flowers appeared.

“Seven Color Rose Gardens Garden Master!”

“All of Yu Provinces Five Overlords are here!”

“Undying Mountain is toast for sure!”

“With the Five Overlords acting together, even the Ten Great Sects would be destroyed! Undying Mountain is finished!”


The spectating Warlocks gazed greedily at Undying Mountain, filled with excitement. In their view, the Five Overlords joining hands are a force that Undying Mountain fundamentally cannot resist.

Faced with the siege of five Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, if the Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel doesnt escape, shell die.

“Mmwahaha! Undying Mountains treasures should be divided evenly among the seven of us!”

Along with hair-raising laughter, a man blind in one eye, skinny as a skeleton, covered in black, emerged from an empty space.

“Thats right, they should be evenly divided among the seven of us! If you dont give us a share, then well just help Undying Mountain instead!”

A dashing man with fair skin, exuding a wicked charm, emerged from an empty space with a smile.

“Skeleton Demon Venerable, Wicked Playboy! These two Infinity Warlocks have come as well!”

“They were actually lurking in our Yu Province!”


As soon as the Warlocks saw the skeleton-like man and the dashing young man, their expressions changed dramatically, and fear flickered in their eyes.

The Skeleton Demon Venerable and the Wicked Playboy are Infinity Warlocks of the demonic path. The Skeleton Demon Venerable likes to ingest the brains and bone marrow of Warlock powerhouses and use them to temper his bones. The Wicked Playboy likes to capture a lot of handsome men and beautiful women and turn them into toys and slaves, using wicked secret methods.

The Skeleton Demon Venerable and the Wicked Playboy are degenerates Demon Hunting Division has been pursuing for many years now. These Warlocks are naturally scared of the two degenerates.

Although the Five Overlords are rampant in Yu Province, but they are still restricted by the law of Great Cloud Dynasty. However, existences such as the Skeleton Demon Venerable and the Wicked Playboy are unscrupulous degenerates. Although they may be far weaker than Yu Provinces Five Overlords, but low-level Warlocks are far more afraid of them.

Blood Spear Ancestor frowned and said at once: “Fine, well divide everything equally between the seven of us! But Skeleton Demon Venerable, Wicked Playboy, dont even think about getting anything if you dont contribute!”

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