Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 69 – Eunices Fear

her body trembling.

Eunice gave Yang Feng a somewhat hateful glance as she whispered with a gloomy face: “As a result, I dont see anything good in men.”

“This is to say, Im in big trouble!” Yang Fengs complexion became solemn and troubled, he was silent for a moment and then asked: “Aldrich, when will he finish absorbing the power of your sisters bloodline?”

Eunice exposed a smile with a trace of schadenfreude: “Should be within the following few years. Im a woman reserved by him, as you acted against me, he definitely wont let you off. These past few years, no one dared to pursue me or be by my side, because those who did, theyre all dead.”

Yang Feng said lightly: “A few years? Thats enough, if he comes after me, then Ill give him a nice surprise.”

From the information displayed by 3796s feedback, the prerequisite technological structures for the nuclear weapons had already finished upgrading – moreover, 100 nuclear warheads had already begun being build. If conventional weapons were unable to threaten a Great Warlock, then a nuclear cleansing would definitely be able to give a Great Warlock rank expert a pleasant surprise.

Turandot Subcontinents area was extremely vast, even larger than Earths surface area. And Turandot Subcontinent was merely one of the numerous affiliate subcontinents surrounding the main continent. Even if Turandot Subcontinent was destroyed by a nuclear cleansing, Yang Feng could effortlessly escape to another subcontinents.

With the Portable Fortified Stronghold, Yang Feng could escape to anywhere and then quickly make a comeback. Of course, it was only a last resort, he didnt want to abandon his base. After all, every territory was under the influence of somebody, once he flees to another territory, then he needs to duke it out with the territorys owner, compete over resources and living space.

Eunice saw the self-confident Yang Feng, her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of bewilderment.

Within Turandot Subcontinent, anyone becoming enemies with Starlight Aldrich would feel a great headache. Even among Great Warlock rank experts, there werent many people that could be a match for Aldrich. Yang Feng was but a trifling level-3 Apprentice Warlock, yet he didnt care about the threat of Aldrich – Eunice was very curious, what trump card did he had in order to deal with Aldrich.

Yang Feng acted within, shortly after, two faceless Liquid-Metal Robots walked out from the side.

Yang Feng threw a helmet at Eunice: “Put this helmet on!”

Eunices mind shifted and she obediently put on the helmet.

Shortly after, countless information continuously entered Eunice from the helmet.

A faceless Liquid-Metal Robot twisted and quickly took Eunices appearance.

“Such a mystical technology. Its worthy of being 6th Warlock Dynastys mechanical golem.”

The Liquid-Metal Robot possessed by Eunice opened its eyes, looked at her body lying beside, took out a mirror and checked carefully for a while, then said with praise.

Each one of the Eight Warlock Dynasties had founded matchless and resplendent civilizations, with unique and fascinating technology. The mechanical golem legion of the 6th Warlock Dynasty belonged to that category.

Eunice creased her eyebrows and said unhurriedly: “The shape is practically the same, but unable of using magic, the perception also cant compare with that of my body – its comparable to a real avatar spell, although rather lacking. The only advantage is that when ones strength is weak, one still can use it.”

The means of Warlocks were very treacherous, Great Warlock rank experts who had created an avatar, would have the ability to walk wherever they chose thanks to it. Avatars refined by some formidable Warlocks could even be more powerful than their true bodies.

On the other side, Shi Xue also put on a helmet and possessed the other mechanical golem.

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