Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 700 – Ultimate Form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede

Chapter 699 – Magic Ban Array

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The other Four Overlords frowned and tacitly agreed with the Blood Spear Ancestors words.

Since Yu Provinces Five Overlords joined forces to attack Undying Mountain for the treasure that can enable them to break through the god-man boundary, they have shed all pretenses of cordiality with Yang Fengs Undead Mountain.

If Yang Fengs Undying Mountain escapes todays disaster, it will surely carry out a fierce counterattack on Yu Provinces Five Overlords. The Five Overlords are all scheming and decisive people. After weighing thing over, they immediately made a judgment and accepted the two Infinity Warlocks the Skeleton Demon Venerable and the Wicked Playboy.

“Youll regret this!”

Alexia took a deep glance at the seven Infinity Warlocks, then her figure fluttered, and she and Zhan Hongtao turned into streams of light flying towards Undying Mountains base.

In an instant, a dense rain of light shot out from Undying Mountains base and barreled towards the seven Infinity Warlocks.

The dense rain of light slammed into the seven Infinity Warlocks, but it couldnt even destroy their life force shields, and just set off ripples.

The dense crowd of battle robots turned into a dark cloud of steel that rolled out towards the seven Infinity Warlocks.

“Bunch of ants! Bones Black Snow!”

The Skeleton Demon Venerable grinned fiercely, took out a level-9 secret treasure Myriad Bones Demon Flag, and waved it. In an instant, an endless darkness enveloped an area 1,000 kilometers in diameter, and black snow fell from the sky towards the 3rd generation battle robots.

Touched by the black snow, the animals in the area 1,000 kilometers in diameter trembled, and then their flesh melted in an instant. At the same time, they mutated into tyrannical blood skeletons more than two meters tall.

Bones Black Snow is a powerful area of effect spell Skeleton Demon Venerable has mastered. Within an area 1,000 kilometers in radius, even Starry Sky Warlocks who were hit by the black snow will be easily eroded and transformed into blood skeletons.

Once eroded by the black snow, even golems will have all their energy drained, and will transform into mechanical skeletons.

These 3rd generation battle robots shone, and energy shields suddenly appeared around them. When the black snow landed on the energy shields, it could only set off minute ripple.

The Skeleton Demon Venerable who had originally a nonchalant expression revealed a dignified look in his eyes: “These golems still possess some means!”

The Blood Spear Ancestor uttered in a deep voice “Skeleton Demon Venerable, deal with those golems. The rest lets go in and destroy Undying Mountains base!”

Among the seven Infinity Warlocks, the Skeleton Demon Venerable is the weakest, but he is also the best at crowd battles.

The Skeleton Demon Venerable once slaughtered all human Warlocks in a grade 4 plane and transformed them in blood skeletons.

If it wasnt for Demon Hunting Divisions division chief taking action and almost killing the Skeleton Demon Venerable, he wouldnt have lied low in Yu Province for thousands of years to recuperate.

“Okay, let me handle things here!”

The Skeleton Demon Venerable issued a creepy laugh, then silently recited an incantation and waved the Myriad Bones Demon Flag in his hand. A dense crowd of blood skeletons flew out of the Myriad Bones Demon Flag and rushed towards the battle robots.

Under the bombardment of the rain of light, the blood skeletons shattered continuously. However, there is an endless stream of blood skeletons flying out from the Myriad Bones Demon Flag. The blood skeletons that managed to cross the rain of light engaged with the 3rd generation battle robots in battle.

The figures of the other six Infinity Warlocks fluttered, and they flew towards the center of Undying Mountain along with overbearing auras.

Not long after, fleets of airships full of experts from the five forces appeared from the void and flew into Undying Mountain.

The Warlocks watching from the sidelines also operated secret methods and flew into Undying Mountain.

Even just a bit of resources and knowledge from a powerful force that can produce Infinity Warlocks such as Undying Mountain is enough to create a formidable Warlock group.

Many rogue Warlocks have established Warlock groups by plundering some knowledge and resources of large Warlock groups that have been eliminated by others.

When Yu Provinces Five Overlords sensed that Yang Feng is breaking through the god-man boundary, they made preparations for a full-scale war before setting off for Undying Mountain ahead of their forces.


In midair, the Dragon Elephant Ancestor roared and punched the air. Containing the law of power, a giant Dragon Elephant projection suddenly appeared and slammed forward.

All the battle robots hit by the Dragon Elephant projection were disintegrated into fine powder instantly.

With just one blow, the Dragon Elephant Ancestors destroyed thousands of 3rd generation battle robots. Therein lies the horror of an Infinity Warlock.

The Dragon Elephant Ancestor opened a path, and then the other five Infinity Warlocks followed him towards Undying Mountains base.

Among the seven Infinity Warlocks, the Dragon Elephant Ancestors life force is the most formidable, and his resilience is far greater than that of the other Infinity Warlocks.

As if an invincible tank on a rampage, wherever the Dragon Elephant Ancestor passed through, all 3rd generation battle robots were annihilated without causing him any damage.

“Activate the highest level Skynet! Targets to wipe out – Infinity Warlocks!” A synthesized voice echoed throughout Undying Mountains base.

All of a sudden, 10-meter-long crystal pillars protruded from countless nodes in Undying Mountains. Countless super propulsion furnaces underground turned on and rumbled.

The 10-meter-long crystal pillars suddenly ejected white threads extending in all directions.

Within a few breaths of time, a huge net covering Undying Mountains sphere of influence emerged and absorbed the surrounding energy of heaven and earth.

“This is a magic ban array!”

The faces of all Warlocks within Undying Mountains sphere of influence suddenly changed dramatically. To their horror, they discovered that they can no longer freely control the energy of heaven and earth.

Some Elemental Warlocks fell from the sky, and then were instantly chopped into pieces by 3rd generation battle robots.

The defensive spells of many Warlocks collapsed directly, with only the life force shields remaining.

The endless dark released by the Myriad Bones Demon Flag collapsed as well, and the powerful blood skeletons with undying traits became weak at once.

Most of large area of effect spells Warlocks cast use life magic energy to guide the energy of heaven and earth to form the powerful spells.

Now that the magic ban array appeared and the energy of heaven and earth disappeared, these Warlocks can only use the life force inside them. The power of their spells suddenly fell by more than 70%.

“Damn it! An enormous force such as Undying Mountain is not easy to mess with!”

The Skeleton Demon Venerables face sank. He waved his his hand, and the Myriad Bones Demon Flag absorbed the countless blood skeletons, and then swept him.

The Skeleton Demon Venerable changed into a 30-meter-tall skeleton made of crimson bones, with two horns on its head, and covered in sharp blades.

When inside a magic ban array, transforming into beings with tyrannical bodies is a common fighting style of first-rate Warlocks.

As soon as the Skeleton Demon Venerable transformed into the giant skeleton, his figure fluttered, and he rushed into the dense crowd of 3rd generation battle robot.

Boom! Bang!

Tremendous explosions sounded incessantly. Even though the Skeleton Demon Venerable cannot use incredibly powerful area of effect spells, but he can still destroy a large number of 3rd generation battle robots by relying on his fearsome physical strength.

Sensing the change in the energy of heaven and earth, the Blood Spear Ancestor sneered: “Magic ban array! Is this Undying Mountains trump card? Thats nothing! After all, we arent wastes like those Elemental Warlocks!”

A magic ban array affects all parties, including Undying Mountains Warlocks.

The Five Overlords are all formidable veteran powerhouses. Even if they have to fight inside a magic ban array, they arent afraid.

“Begin the second phase! Start space lock!” Following a cold voice, the crystal pillars forming the net unleashed countless black chains.

The black chains swept towards the seven Infinity Warlocks that broke into Undying Mountains territory.

“Humph! Shatter!”

The Blood Spear Ancestor snorted coldly and thrust down with the level-9 secret treasure God Slayer Blood Spear in his hand, and countless scarlet spear projections stabbed towards the black chains.

Stabbed by the spear projections, countless black chains collapsed at once.

The Dragon Elephant Ancestor roared wildly and punched out, and a Dragon Elephant projection crushed countless black chains.

The figure of the Dragon Serpent Ancestor shook slightly, and he transformed into a 30-meter-long extraordinary life form ultimate form Ledat Dragon Devil Serpent inscribed with countless runes, with a dragon head, a snake body, and six pairs of dragon wings

Ledat Dragon Devil Serpents are a kind of terrifying extraordinary life form from Ledat Plane. Ultimate form Ledat Dragon Devil Serpents are on the same level as Blazing Angels. Above the ultimate form, there is the perfect form. Perfect form Ledat Dragon Devil Serpents possess the power to fight Warlock Monarchs.

After the Dragon Serpent Ancestor turned into the ultimate form Ledat Dragon Devil Serpent, he fired a black beam from his maw that destroyed countless black chains.

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