Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 701 – Quelling Yu Provinces Five Overlords

Chapter 700 – Ultimate Form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede

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The Gale Venerable Lords figure fluttered, and he turned into a 100-meter-tall Gale Giant covered with countless mysterious runes.

Gale Giants are extraordinary life forms with the innate ability to control the law of the wind. They are elusive like the wind. Even if they are deprived of the energy of heaven and earth, they have their tyrannical physiques and formidable battle skills to rely on.

After the Gale Venerable Lord turned into a Gale Giant, he slashed down with a gale blade formed from the law of wind, and a dense rain of blade rays cut countless black chains into pieces.

Seven Color Rose Gardens Garden Master silently chanted an incantation and waved her lily-white hand, and the level-9 secret treasure Seven Color Rose in her hand radiated seven-colored light.

Countless seven-colored rose petals suddenly flew out and formed a petal vortex. Countless black chains collapsed and disappeared as soon as they hit the petal vortex.

The Wicked Playboy is slightly weaker than Yu Provinces Five Overlords. He silently chanted an incantation and pointed with a finger, and a level-8 secret treasure Lightning Shield suddenly appeared beside him, released countless lightning snakes, and guarded him.

Countless black chains suddenly shot towards Wicked Playboy like tentacles.

Following flashes of lightning, the black chains collapsed one by one.

At this moment thousands of kilometers away, a resplendent beam suddenly shot out from a desolate-looking mountain top, instantly blasted into the Lightning Shield, and engulfed the level-8 secret treasure together with the Wicked Playboy.


Amidst miserable screams, the Wicked Playboy was devoured by the beam and disappeared.

The space distorted, and the Wicked Playboys Infinity Core condensed another body a dozen kilometers away within a breath of time.

Countless black chains stabbed the Wicked Playboy and frantically extracted his life force.

The Wicked Playboy screamed while struggling: “Help me! Help me!”

A black sword ray slashed the Wicked Playboy, then fearsome Fallen Angel Fire enveloped his soul and forcibly extinguished it.

After Alexia killed the Wicked Playboy with a sword strike, her figure fluttered, and she disappeared into the countless dark chains.

A dignified look in his eyes, the Blood Lance Ancestor barked: “Retreat! This is a trap! Well all die if we fight here! Lets leave!”

A resplendent beam of light shot out from another desolate place, instantly blasted into the Blood Spear Ancestor, and engulfed him.

The Blood Spear Ancestor released multicolored light, and various magic shields suddenly appeared, and then instantly shattered due to the resplendent beam.

The Blood Spear Ancestor wanted to conjure an escape secret method, yet to his shock he discovered that the entire space is enveloped by the black chains, making him unable to perform all kinds of escape secret methods.


With a scream, the previously insufferably arrogant Blood Spear Ancestor was turned into countless fragments by the resplendent beam.

The Blood Spear Ancestors Infinity Core flew away in a stream of light. Before it could fly for 3 kilometers, the Blood Spear Ancestors Infinity Core was slashed by the Blazing Angel Sword containing Fallen Angel Fire, and his soul went out.

After grabbing the Blood Spear Ancestors Infinity Core, Alexias figure blurred and disappeared.

Seeing this scene, Yu Provinces remaining Four Overlords felt their blood run cold. The Blood Spear Ancestor is the strongest among Yu Provinces Five Overlord. Much like the Dragon Elephant Ancestor, he is almost invincible in frontal combat. For such a fearsome existence to be killed with a single strike, it made the blood of the Four Overlords run cold.

The Dragon Elephant Ancestor snapped: “Undying Mountains expert, come out and fight us if you dare! Sneaking around, relying on secret treasures, is that something that real warriors do?!”

A resplendent beam suddenly shot out from another empty space and barreled towards the Dragon Elephant Ancestor.


The Dragon Elephant Ancestor took a deep breath of air, expanded in size, roared, and punched out. Along with a rumble, a Dragon Elephant shot towards the resplendent beam with the power to crush a world.

Once the extraordinary life form Dragon Elephant has evolved into its ultimate form, it is comparable to a Blazing Angel. An ultimate form Dragon Elephant can smash a grade 9 plane to pieces.

The secret method the Dragon Elephant Ancestor cultivates evolves in the direction of an ultimate form Dragon Elephant. At this time he has already cultivated the secret method to the peak realm. Once he operates this secret methods, he can display 90% of power of an ultimate form Dragon Elephant.

The ultimate form Dragon Elephant projection crashed into the resplendent beam, roared wildly, and forcibly shattered the resplendent beam that can heavily wound an Infinity Warlock.

Almost at the same time, another resplendent beam shot out from behind, slammed into the back of the Elephant Dragon Ancestor, and instantly vaporizing him.

After the Dragon Elephant Ancestor was fully vaporized, a black sword ray flashed and slashed the Dragon Elephant Ancestors Infinity Core, and Fallen Angel Fire wiped out his soul.

“That attack can be fired repeatedly!”

The Gale Venerable Lord, Seven Color Rose Gardens Garden Master, and the Dragon Serpent Ancestor felt a chill run down their spine. They believed that an attack that can kill an Infinity Warlock can only be fired only once each time. Clearly their guess was wrong.


Eyes shot with blood, the Gale Venerable Lord bellowed. Incarnated into a Gale Giant, he fired countless blades formed from the law of wind, and then escaped towards the outside of Undying Mountains fief.

With the power of the Gale Giant and the law of wind, he should be able to cross dozens of kilometers with each step.

But now there are black chains filling Undying Mountains fief. The Gale Giant has just taken a step, when felt like the space has frozen, like he is a bug stuck in a spider web. At the same time, this step only took him 100 meters across.

At that moment, countless black chains stabbed into the Gale Giant who is focused on escaping and frantically extracted its power, causing its movement to stagnate for a moment.

A resplendent beam shot out from an empty space again, blasted into the Gale Giant in a wink of an eye, and shattering it inch by inch.

The Gale Venerable Lords Infinity Core has just emerged, when the elusive Alexia eliminated his soul and took the core.

“Shatter!” The body of the Dragon Serpent Ancestor swelled, and then he fired a black beam from his mouth.

The black beam blasted into an empty space and blasted apart artilleries capable of eliminating Infinity Warlocks.

With this attack from the Dragon Serpent Ancestor, these artilleries that have been fired once were directly destroyed.

Just as the Dragon Serpent Ancestor has destroyed the artilleries, a brilliant beam shot out from between the countless black chains, blasted into the Dragon Serpent Ancestor, and blew him into fragments.

Alexia hidden within the endless dark suddenly appeared and slashed at the Dragon Serpent Ancestors Infinity Core.

“Caught you! Seven Color Rose Gardens Garden Master, capture her! Only by capturing her will we have a chance at survival!”

A black speck radiated light, and the Dragon Serpent Ancestor suddenly regenerated, then ignited his blood essence and soul, cast a unique secret method Seal Mind Serpent Lock, and turned into 99 snake locks that wrapped around Alexia.

Alexia creased her slander eyebrows, and then instantly erupted with Fallen Angel Fire that burned the 99 snake locks wildly.

Burned by the Fallen Angel Fire, the face of the Dragon Snake Ancestor twisted, but he didnt loosen the lock on Alexia.

Infinity Warlocks are proficient in countless powerful secret methods. While risking their life, some Infinity Warlocks can trap or wound even Warlock Monarchs. Therefore, no one would force an Infinity Warlock to put their life on the line for no reason.

“Rose Seal!”

A cold gleam streaked past Seven Rose Gardens Garden Masters eyes, and the Seven Color Rose in her hand radiated seven-colored light that condensed seven petals flying towards Alexia.

Once hit by the seven petals, even the power of a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse will be sealed.

Derision flashed in Alexias pretty eyes.

As if a sun suddenly rose in the area, the ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede appeared and fired a column of fire that shrouded the seven petals.

Burned by the column of fire, the seven petals turned into black smoke and disappeared.

“Ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede!”

When the Dragon Serpent Ancestor and the Seven Color Rose Gardens Garden Master saw this, despair shimmered in their eyes.

Ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede is a kind of fearsome extraordinary life form on the same level as Blazing Angels. Unless they have a Monarch grade secret treasure, or have formed a virtual world, ordinary Infinity Warlocks are not its opponent.

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