Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 703 – Annexing Yu Province

Chapter 702 – Slaying Major General Holy Light

Translator: Xaiomoge

A swarm of battle robots surrounded Black Devil Dragon Serpents headquarters.

“Black Devil Dragon Serpents people, listen to me! Surrender to my Undying Mountain unconditionally, or die!” Alexias voice filled with killing intent echoed throughout Black Devil Dragon Serpents headquarters.

“Youre talking big! This is Great Cloud Dynasty, what gives you the courage to be so brazen here!” Accompanied by a cold snort, a handsome young man with a burly figure, short black hair, and an unruly temperament slowly walked out with his hands behind his back.

Behind the young man followed Black Devil Dragon Serpents Sect Master and three elders, who stared at Yang Feng sitting on the luxurious litter with resentment.

The young man with an unruly temperament swept Yang Feng with a gaze and uttered coldly: “I am Grand Prince Kang Manors housekeeper Bai Yu! Black Devil Dragon Serpents Sect Master has agreed to join Grand Prince Kangs camp, and so they are now Grand Prince Kang Manors men! Screw off! Or else dont blame Grand Prince Kang Manor for not standing on ceremony!”

Grand Prince Kang is not only one of Great Cloud Dynastys 13 Grand Princes, but he is also an Infinity Warlock. He has tremendous authority in Great Cloud Dynasty, and Yu Province is part of his sphere of influence.

Originally Yu Provinces Five Overlord Warlock groups somewhat competed with Grand Prince Kang Manor. But now that Yang Feng eliminated four of the Five Overlords, Black Devil Dragon Serpent chose to join Grand Prince Kangs camp. Now there is no one for Grand Prince Kang Manor to be apprehensive of.

Sitting on the luxurious litter, looked indifferently at Bai Yu, Yang Feng said coldly: “Black Devil Dragon Serpents great elders have just attacked our Undying Mountain! How does Grand Prince Kang Manor plan to deal with this matter?”

Bai Yu sneered: “Black Devil Dragon Serpent has joined Grand Prince Kang Manor, yet you dare to kill them?! Young Master Lei Ming, if you dont give us an explanation, then when I return to His Highness Grand Prince, I will request that he invites you to Imperial Court!”

Black Devil Dragon Serpents Sect Master smiled resentfully and said: “Thats right Grand Prince Kang likes to collect beautiful girls of all races, and hes still missing a Blazing Angel! Lei Ming, hand over the Blazing Angel beside you and offer her to Grand Prince Kang! Otherwise, Grand Prince Kang will make a petition with Imperial Court to expel your Undying Mountain from Yu Province!”

Black Devil Dragon Serpents Warlocks stared at Yang Feng in the sky with ridicule.

Staring at Yang Feng, Bai Yus eyes flashed, and he spoke with a cold smile: “Did you hear that, Lei Ming? Hand over the Blazing Angel next to you! If not, your Undying Mountain will be expelled from Yu Province!”

“How amusing! Lei Ming is in trouble now!”

“An Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel or Undying Mountains base in Yu Province, this is certainly a dilemma!”

“No matter which he chooses, itll be a huge loss to him!”


There are Warlocks watching the goings from a distance thanks to different spells. Without powerful spells masking the battlefield, these Warlocks can rely on spells to see and hear distant scenes.

Yang Feng sneered: “How intriguing! A bunch of ants dare to bark at me, who gave you the courage to do that? Starting with Black Devil Dragon Serpents people, kill everyone!”

Killing intent flickered in Alexias beautiful eyes, then her figure fluttered, and she appeared in front of Black Devil Dragon Serpents Sect Master and slashed down.

Dazzling black light shone, and Black Devil Dragon Serpents Sect Master was torn to shreds.

Along with booming roars of engines, battle robots poured into Black Devil Dragon Serpents headquarters like a tide and slaughtered all the human Warlocks they saw.


“I dont want to die!”

“No, dont!”


As countless Warlocks met tragic ends at the hands of the battle robots, and their blood died Black Devil Dragon Serpents headquarters red.

Shivering, staring at Yang Feng with resentment, Bai Yu roared: “Lei Ming, how dare you! Youre dead! Youre absolutely dead! When I return, I will report everything you have done to His Highness Grand Prince! Your Undying Mountain is finished!”

A smile of derision on his face, Yang Feng said indifferently: “You think you can go back alive? Kill him!”

The ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede flapped its wings and, as if a natural disaster, turned into a sun and flew towards Bai Yu. It appeared in front of Bai Yu in an instant and him.

Bai Yus eyes shimmered with despair: “No!”


Accompanied by a pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank aura, a thunderous voice came from afar.


The ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede gobbled up Grand Prince Kang Mansions Glorious Sun Warlock rank housekeeper and chewed.

A black ray suddenly appeared in the air and turned into a handsome man with a burly figure and an ashen face, dressed in black armor. This young man is Major General Holy Light, and he is in command of a 1.08 million-strong army stationed in Yu Province.

Major General Holy Light is one of Yu Provinces Four Major Generals. Since he represents the dignity of Great Cloud Dynastys Imperial Court, even the Five Overlords have to show him some respect.

Staring at Yang Feng with a complicated look in his eyes, Major General Holy Light sighed: “Young Master Lei Ming, you killed Grand Prince Kang Manors housekeeper! Grand Prince Kang Manor wont let you off! Why did you do such an extreme thing?”

Yang Feng glanced at Major General Holy Light and said flatly: “Grand Prince Kang Mansions people are intolerable bullies! My Undying Mountain isnt a force that anyone can humiliate casually! Major General Holy Light, I will give you a chance to submit to me and join my Undying Mountain! If not, you shall die here!”

With a flash of black light, Alexia appeared behind Major General Holy Light.

Resplendent light flashed, and the ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede appeared in front of Major General Holy Light.

While releasing booming sounds, a dense swarm of battle robots suddenly flew out and formed a fearsome formation that enclosed Major General Holy Light.

Major General Holy Lights face fell, and he said coldly: “Does your Undying Mountain want to rebel?”

Yang Feng replied indifferently: “Rebel? We would never do such a thing! However, there are many traitors in Imperial Court! Our Undying Mountain wants to eradicate the mongrels in Imperial Court who have colluded with other races. Major General Holy Light, if you arent willing to submit to our Undying Mountain, then we can only assume you to be a mongrel who colluded with other races! According to Great Cloud Dynastys law, this is a great offense that warrants the execution of the perpetrator and their relatives!”

“Ha-ha! I, Major General Holy Light, am a man loyal to Great Cloud Dynasty! I will never yield to you rebels! If you want my life, then take it yourselves!”

Smiling boldly, eyes shining brightly, Major General Holy Light extended a hand, and a level-8 secret treasure Holy Light Lance appeared in his hand.

Alexias figure blurred, and she appeared beside Major General Holy Light and sent a rain of sword rays stabbing at Major General Holy Light.

Major General Holy Light urged the level-8 secret treasure Holy Light Spear, turned into dazzling light, and engaged Alexia.

Light and dark collided numerous times. Each time light collided with dark, it would shake and ripple.

After more than a dozen breaths of time, Alexia is still untainted by even a speck of dust, but Major General Lei Ming is already covered with wounds, and the sword wounds on his body are burning with Fallen Angel Fire.

“An Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel indeed is extraordinary! I may not be your opponent, but that doesnt mean you can kill me easily!”

Standing in midair, Major General Holy Light waved his hand, and a huge magic bean flew out suddenly. As soon as the huge magic bean flew out, it lit up with countless runes, broke apart into countless rays of light, and formed a 10,000-strong Magic Bean Army. The Magic Bean Lord even exudes Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

The Magic Bean Army is one of Major General Holy Lights trump cards – Gui Shen Magic Bean! If cultivated to the pinnacle, Gui Shen Magic Beans Magic Bean Lord can even evolve into an Infinity Warlock rank existence.

The 10,000-strong Magic Bean Army can even contend with a weaker junior Infinity Warlock rank existence. Of course they arent the opponent of an Infinity Warlocks. Nevertheless, they can be used as cannon fodder to block an Infinity Warlock.

The Magic Bean Army has just appeared, when a resplendent beam of light slammed into it and vaporized it instantly.

Alexias sword slashed towards Major General Holy Light. Major General Holy Light raised the Holy Light spear in his hands to block. Some sword rays formed from dark force passed through Major General Holy Lights defense, landed on his body, and opened numerous sword wounds, giving him serious damage.

At this moment, a blazing sun shone, and the ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede gobbled up Major General Holy Light and chewed.

“He killed Major General Holy Light!”

“Undying Mountain unexpectedly killed Major General Holy Light! They want to rebel!”

“Damn, it seems that Yu Province is about to go through a great change!”

“Yu Province? No, the entire Great Cloud Dynasty will go through an upheaval!”


When the spectating Warlocks saw Yang Feng slay Major General Holy Light, they felt a chill in their heart. Only those who want to rebel would be so reckless as to kill someone from Great Cloud Dynastys Imperial Court.

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