Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 705 – Wiping out Infinity Warlocks

Chapter 704 – Great Cloud Dynastys Envoy

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After Yang Fengs Undying Mountain occupied Yu Province, countless robots poured into Yu Province from Li Gui Province and built various defenses and secret munitions factories, transforming the entire Yu Province.

Although Yu Province is a lesser province and has far less resources than Mirage Province and other greater provinces, but it is still is a place with perfect laws of heaven and earth, countless resources, and vast territory. The resources it contains can support the birth of Infinity Warlocks.

Yang Feng is aware that his current strength is not enough to contend with Great Cloud Dynasty. But at this time, Great Cloud Dynasty is in a tumultuous state. Taking advantage of its state, powerful existences of numerous planes poured into Great Cloud Dynasty via planar passageways and other methods. For the current Yang Feng, as long as he can hold Yu Province, thats already a victory.

Yu Province, Undying Mountains headquarters.

Looking valiant and heroic, Zhan Ying dressed in female bodyguard clothing came to the back garden of Undying Mountains headquarters and saw Yang Feng comfortably reclining on a soft chair and quietly watching the performance of Cloud Provinces Five Fairies.

A complicated glint streaked past Zhan Yings beautiful eyes, and she uttered respectfully: “Young Master, Bai Yuxian request an audience!”

Yang Fengs avatar Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming is a Bright World Warlock (no one knows that Yang Feng broke through to a Bright World Warlock) who broke through the god-man boundary. He is the third peerless genius who broke through the god-man boundary in the last 10,000 years in Cangzhi Plane.

As long as they dont die prematurely, a being who broke through the god-human boundary will at least promote to a Warlock Monarch and become a true overlord.

Even in the Eight Warlock Dynasties ages, Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses were hegemons whom few people dared to provoke.

As for Holy Spirit Warlocks who are one realm above Warlock Monarchs, they even more so can be regarded as the guardians of a race. During the Eight Warlock Dynasties ages, only races with Holy Spirit Warlocks are eligible to negotiate with human Warlocks.

Holy Spirit Warlocks rarely emerge. As such, it is Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses who control Cangzhi Plane. Even in the Eight Warlock Dynasties ages, Warlock Monarchs were officials guarding frontier provinces and other planes.

When Yang Feng first came to Li Gui Province, he was just a Moonlight Warlock. But in less than a century, he has already achieved such accomplishments, which filled Zhan Ying with complicated emotions.

When Bai Yuxian came to the back garden, she saluted Yang Feng and uttered respectfully, an enigmatic gleam in her pretty eyes: “Well met, Young Master Lei Ming!”

Yang Feng casually pointed to a chair: “Take a sit!”

While taking her seat, Bai Yuxian silently watched the performance of the Five Fairies.

Bai Yuxian said: “Young Master Lei Ming, I came on the orders of His Majesty the Emperor to investigate the truth of what happened in Yu Province.”

Yang Feng responded lightly: “Havent I already reported the truth to Imperial Court? Yu Provinces Five Overlord Warlock groups colluded with other races and attacked my Undying Mountain, and then were quelled by us. Great Cloud Dynastys Major General Holy Light was seduced by fiends and degenerated into an abyssal being, and so we had no choice but to kill him.”

Having listened to Yang Fengs lies, Bai Yuxians pretty face still contains a refreshing smile, saying: “His Majesty wants to know more about this mater, and thus instructed me to invite you to Cloud Capital to explain it in detail. If you give a detailed explanation in Cloud Capital, His Majesty will surely understand you.”

Yang Feng replied lazily: “Im sorry, but Im seriously ill at the moment and cannot travel far. Please apologize to His Majesty on my behalf!”

The news that Yang Fengs avatar Undying Mountains Lei Ming broke through the god-man boundary has spread throughout Great Cloud Dynastys upper echelon. Right now he doesnt dare to go to Cloud Capital.

Once Yang Feng goes to Cloud Capital, there is a very high chance that the Bai Familys powerhouses get rid of him directly.

Once a peerless genius who broke through the god-man boundary matures, they can break through to the Warlock Monarch or even Holy Spirit Warlock rank.

Now that human Warlock civilization has declined to this extent, a Holy Spirit Warlock possesses the power to overthrow the rule of Great Cloud Dynasty.

Bai Yuxians eyes constricted slightly, and then she said with a sweet smile: “Young Master Lei Ming, His Majesty regards you very highly! As long as you go to Cloud Capital, His Majesty will give you the hand of his most beloved 19th Grand Princess and grant you the greater province Blue Province as your fief!”

Yang Feng looked at Bai Yuxian with an enigmatic smile and said: “Blue Province? I seem to have heard that Blue Province has been occupied by the Wang Family of the Eight Great Families!”

Bai Yuxian spoke with a confident smile: “Thats just a minor issue! So long as Great Cloud Dynasty quells other regions, it will be easy to squash that rebellion!”

Yang Feng said: “Its a pity, but I am seriously ill and cannot leave Yu Province.”

The smile on Bai Yuxians pretty face slowly faded, and she sighed, saying: “Young Master Lei Ming, if you dont go to Cloud Capital, then Cloud Capital will send a large army to fight Undying Mountain! Because of you, Undying Mountain will be dragged into a war.”

Yang Feng uttered lightly: “Great Cloud Dynasty has numerous fires to put out, are there any forces it can spare to fight me?”

Bai Yuxian said: “Although numerous strong enemies have emerged in Great Cloud Dynasty, but after all, the dynasty is the ruler of the Eastern World and holds countless trump cards. This time Marshal Long, Marshal Hu, Marshal Feng, Marshal Yu, Grand Prince Kang, and Grand Prince Wang have assembled in Bright Moon Province! When the army arrives, they will launch an attack on Undying Mountain! Even though youre Undying Mountain is strong, but it cannot prevail against Four Marshals and Two Grand Princes!”

Yang Feng smiled and responded, an enigmatic gleam in his eyes: “Six Infinity Warlocks! Great Cloud Dynasty must think really highly of my Undying Mountain!”

An Infinity Warlock is equivalent to a strong divine force rank god. As for six Infinity Warlocks teaming up, there arent many forces in the Eastern World that can withstand such a force.

Besides, the Four Marshals are top bigwigs among the Eastern Worlds Infinity Warlocks, and any one of them can easily defeat Yu Provinces Five Overlords. As for Grand Prince Kang and Grand Prince Wang, these two top Bai Familys powerhouses are even stronger.

Although Great Cloud Dynastys royal family the Bai Family has countless silk pants, but it also has countless powerhouses. Those who can promote to the Infinity Warlock rank are all fearsome existences who have fought in countless battles. The Bai Familys 13 Grand Princes are all fearsome existences who can contend with strong divine force rank gods outside their divine countries and even defeat them.

Bai Yuxian continued to persuade: “Young Master Lei Ming, so long as you go to Cloud Capital, you can not only put out this fire of war, but youll also be able to gain a beautiful wife, glory, and wealth, youll be able to live a very comfortable life. But if you stay here and wait, only destruction awaits Undying Mountain! Do you have the heart to watch Undying Mountain get destroyed because of you?”

Yang Feng responded casually, a lazy look on his face: “I am seriously ill and cannot go to Cloud Capital. Anyway, although my Undying Mountain is loyal to Great Cloud Dynasty, but if the Imperial Court sends an army to fight us, well have to retaliate.”

A cold gleam in her beautiful eyes, Bay Yuxian got up and said: “Since that is the case, then I will take my leave!”

“Escort her out!”

Zhan Ying took a few steps forwards and said to Bai Yuxian: “Please follow me!”

Bai Yuxian gave Yang Feng a deep look, and then turned around and left.

Gazing at Bai Yuxians back, Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth slightly: “Since the stage has been set! Then lets get started!”

Bright Moon Province is one of Great Cloud Dynastys 36 greater provinces. It used to be Bright Moon Schoolw domain, and it was named after Bright Moon School. After Bright Moon School ran away, it was fully occupied by Great Cloud Dynasty.

Bright Heart City is a giant city located in the west of Bright Moon Province closest to Yu Province. At this time, Bright Heart City has already become a huge barracks. Every day there are numerous airships arriving at Bright Heart City from different directions, carrying Warlocks and military resources.

Great Cloud Dynastys army has many frightening weapons developed by Secret Treasure Division. Take the ancient dragon corpse Yang Feng encountered in Yu Province. Once this fearsome weapon is operated, ordinary Infinity Warlocks might not be its opponent.

However, such weapons need to consume an astronomical amount of resources to be operated.

Since these weapons consume so much resources, Great Cloud Dynasty only employs them during times of war. As for times of peace, they usually send Demon Hunting Divisions division chief and other Infinity Warlocks to pursue Infinity Warlocks.

In Bright Heart City, there are six distinct barracks, which are respectively affiliated with the six Infinity Warlocks.

Every Infinity Warlock has their own directly-subordinated troops.

Yuexin Inn is the most luxurious inn in Bright Heart City.

A magic chariot stopped in front of Yuexin Inn, and the handsome and burly Marshal Long of Great Cloud Dynastys Eight Marshals, with a pair of dragon horns and a charming temperament, which makes him capable of capturing the hearts of countless girls, slowly alighted from the magic chariot, took a deep look at Yuexin Inn, and went in.

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