Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 708 – Coming to Feisuo Plane

Chapter 707 – Annexing Bright Moon Province

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While watching Grand Prince Kang and Grand Prince Zheng escape, Yang Feng mused: “They sure escaped fast! Theyre really clever! If they were a bit slower, they would have to stay here! It sure is difficult to hunt down Infinity Warlocks!”

This time Yang Feng mobilized all the experts he could and took out all the 4th generation battle robots and sent them into this war.

If Grand Prince Kang and Grand Prince Zheng stayed and fought him, Yang Feng would be able to consume their strength and kill them with his mechanical sea.

After Yu Province fell into his hands, Yang Feng took possession of the provinces countless resources. Originally Yang Feng could only build one Blazing Sun Battlestar a year. But after Yu Province fell into his hands, Yang Feng became able to build a Blazing Sun Battlestar every three months. His productivity increased four-fold.

With the current productivity, even if all of his 3rd generation battle robots were destroyed, Yang Feng can fully replenish them in a short time.

“Grand Prince Kang fled!”

“Grand Prince Zheng abandoned us!”

“I surrender! I surrender!”

“I surrendered!”


When the Warlocks in the midst of the fierce battle saw Grand Prince Kang and Grand Prince Zheng run away, their morale plummeted at once, and they shouted loudly.

But even more Warlocks used secret methods to flee. Not willing to remain in such hopeless war, the enemy army collapsed like a landslide.

Watching the Warlocks escape, Yang Feng spoke with a faint smile: “What a pity! If you insisted on resisting, you could make me lose some more robots!”

20 interstellar carriers suddenly appeared, and countless fighters flew after the Warlocks at a terrifying speed.

The fighters fired their miniaturized antimatter artilleries, and beams tore the Warlocks to pieces.

The miniaturized antimatter artilleries are so powerful that even Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses cannot withstand them without using defensive spells. The ordinary soldiers – Great Warlocks and Starry Sky Warlocks – stand no chance against them.

When the 20 interstellar carriers appeared, they crushed the resistance of the remaining human Warlocks, who consequently chose to surrender.

The fierce battle continued for another three hours before Yang Fengs mechanical legion quelled all resistance in Bright Heart City.

At this time, there are 10 weapons refined by Great Cloud Dynastys Secret Treasure Division placed in a huge hall. The 10 weapons are a Scarlet Flame Fenghuang, a Manta Stone Wolf, a Dark Corpse Nest, a Gale Giant, a Primal Chaos Devil Spider, a Space Breaker Dragon Whale, an Archaic Stone Giant, a Six-headed Gold Dragon, an Archaic Sacred Dragon, and a grand duke rank archdevil.

Gazing at the 10 weapons, Yang Feng cant help but exclaim: “Are these the weapons developed by Great Cloud Dynastys Secret Treasure Division? They sure enough are extraordinary!”

The 10 weapons were all refined from the corpses of Infinity Warlock rank extraordinary life forms. Using spatial magic, these weapons have Warlock towers built inside them. So long as there are enough human Warlocks, they will be able to display Infinity Warlock rank combat strength.

If Yang Feng didnt have Yu Yans help this time, he wouldnt be able to mount a sneak-attack and kill the Three Marshals as well as a large number of Warlocks responsible for operating these weapons. If he instead confronted the enemy head on, even if he won, Yang Feng would have lost countless battle robots. Moreover, he could even have lost his Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses.

“Of course, the number of Infinity Warlocks in the Imperial Court isnt large, and that is because many Infinity Warlocks are appointed to different regions to quell other races. In fact, Great Cloud Dynasty has fought with other races for more than 10,000 years. Who knows how many Infinity Warlock grade weapons the Imperial Court has. The Imperial Courts foundation is really deep!”

“Among the Ten Great Sects and Eight Great Families, there are a few forces that only have one Infinity Warlock standing guard. But in fact, these sects and families all possess Infinity Warlock grade weapons like Scarlet Flame Fenghuang, Manta Stone Wolf, and they also have their own forces in other planes. It is because of this that they are called the Ten Great Sects and Eight Great Families. With their foundation, trifling Yu Provinces Five Overlords cannot compare to them.”

“Furthermore, in addition to the powerhouses that are on the surface in the Ten Great Sects and the Ten Great Families, there are many powerhouses adventuring in Astral Boundary. As far as I know, Battle Demon Sects has two Infinity Warlocks adventuring in Astral Realm, and there is reportedly another Infinity Warlock who has become a strong divine force rank god in another plane.” Standing next to Yang Feng, Yu Yan looked at the 10 Infinity Warlock grade weapons with a complicated look in her beautiful eyes and said slowly.

The 12 Infinity Warlock grade weapons have accompanied the Four Marshals for countless years. Thus when Yu Yan saw the 10 Infinity Warlock grade weapons before her, it evoked complicated emotions inside her. After all, she brought Yang Feng and his party into Bright Heart City and killed the Three Marshals.

Yang Feng said: “Yu Yan, you only acted on orders. As your Lord, I will assume all responsibility.”

Yu Yan smiled sweetly, looking beautiful beyond compare: “Mhm, I understand! Indeed, you are the backstage manipulator, and I am just a subordinate who is following orders under duress. So everything is your fault.”

Yang Feng smiled and shook his head, then his eyes fell on the 10 weapons, and countless strategies flashed in his mind.

After Great Cloud Dynastys main force in Bright Heart City was annihilated, there is no longer any force in Bright Moon Province that can resist Yang Fengs legion. With Yang Fengs mechanical legion sweeping the land, Bright Moon Provinces Warlock group surrendered one after another and chose to submit to Yang Feng.

Bright Moon Province was originally the territory of Bright Moon School of the Ten Great Sects. As such, apart from Bright Moon School and their vassals, there are no other large Warlock groups in Bright Moon Province. Yang Feng conquered the entire Bright Moon Province without a hitch, and then sent countless battle robots to transform the province.

When Great Cloud Dynastys expeditionary army in Bright Moon Province was annihilated, it gave rise to shock in the entire Eastern World. The fact that Marshal Long, Marshal Feng, and Marshal Hu were slayed and Marshal Yu surrendered is particularly shocking.

Great Cloud Dynasty has the Eight Marshals commanding their eight strongest armies.

After the battle in Bright Moon Province, only three of the Eight Marshals were left, mainly Marshal Ying, Marshal Lang, and Marshal Lei. And Marshal Lang is seriously injured.

Now Great Cloud Dynasty can only use the armies of Marshal Ying, Marshal Lei, and the 12 Grand Princes (one grand prince has died). Consequently, the deterrence it exudes has sunk to a new low ever since Great Cloud Dynasty was established.

The numerous forces that were frightened by Great Cloud Dynastys great power and hid in the dark started to get restless.

Cloud Capital, inside the royal palace.

Face expressionless, exuding a majestic and aloof aura, Bai Wuqing sitting on the throne is gazing at Great Cloud Dynastys ministers.

“… Yu Yan betrayed us. She led Undying Mountains forces into Bright Heart City and ambushed Marshal Hu, Marshal Long, and Marshal Feng. Then Undying Mountain smashed the leaderless Bright Heart City. The rebel Lei Ming has already captured Bright Moon Province!”

A Warlock kneeling on the floor reported the situation in Bright Moon Province.

The ministers in the hall stand still like clay puppets. They can feel that a storm is coming.

Bai Wuqing said coldly: “Grand Prince Kang and Grand Prince Zheng fled from the battle, which is unforgivable. They shall be deprived of the title of grand prince and demoted to commoners, and their salary shall be confiscated for 100 years!”

An eunuch hurriedly drew up a decree.

Bai Wuqing carried on indifferently: “By provoking Great Cloud Dynasty and publicly killing Three Marshals, Undying Mountain is guilty of a heinous crime. My ministers, do you have any good ideas on how to destroy Undying Mountain?”

All the ministers bowed their heads and remained silent.

Bai Wuqing is indeed wise, powerful, decisive, fair in in meting out rewards and punishments, and has a distinguishing eye when it comes to talent. But he also likes to dominate everything, is headstrong, and doesnt tolerate opposition. Moreover, with his Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base, his computing power is comparable to that of a level-5 optical computer, and so he can easily handle the memorials to the throne coming from various regions.

Bai Wuqing is in charge of everything in Great Cloud Dynasty. The ministers only need to follow his orders. With this practice, he nurtured these officials into obedient pawns who only know to do what they are told.

With a grave look in his eyes, Bai Wuqing said slowly: “Since this is the case, then I will lead troops myself and wipe out those damn rebels in one fell swoop!”

At this moment, an old man with white hair and beard frowned slightly and advised: “Your Majesty, you cant!”

Bai Wuqing asked coldly: “Grand Tutor, why cant I?”

The Grand Tutor persuaded: “Your Majesty, Great Cloud Dynasty is in turmoil right now. Kindred, abyssal fiends, archdevils, and freaks in Demonic Realm, they all have already emerged out of their holes. Any one of those alien races requires Great Cloud Dynasty to do its best to be able to resist them. Your Majesty, you are of extreme importance, and cannot go out lightly. The fate of Great Cloud Dynasty is tied to you, Your Majesty. If anything where to happen to you, Great Cloud Dynasty will be in danger.”

Although Bai Wuqing is headstrong, but he is a rare genius of the Bai Family and the emperor of Great Cloud Dynasty. If he dies, Great Cloud Dynasty will immediately fall apart. The other Bai Familys children will likely start a civil war.

Bai Wuqing asked indifferently: “So what do you suggest, Grand Tutor?”

The Grand Tutor answered: “We can ask for help from Western Worlds Three Dynasties! Kindred, abyssal fiends, archdevils, and Demonic Realms freaks, they all are enemies of humans. According to the ancient oath, once those alien races set foot on Cangzhi Plane, we must join hands to quell them! If we ask for help, they wont be able to ignore it.”

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