Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 710 – Slaying an Avatar of the God of Kobolds

Chapter 709 – Battle Suits and Gauss Rifles

Translator: Xaiomoge

Feisuo Planes underground world is the habitat of many dark races. In the underground world, there are undeads, liches, kindred, dark elves, dark dwarfs, arcanists, dark giants, fiends, devils, ogres, and all kinds of other extraordinary life forms suitable to leave in such an environment everywhere.

Heretics and criminals who have committed heinous crimes persecuted in the surface world go to the underground world to find a way to survive.

The surface world belongs to the sphere of influence of the lawful good alignment gods, while the underground world is the base of the chaotic evil alignment gods. Since the religions of numerous evil gods are spread in the underground world, there are many creatures dying tragically in the underground world almost every day.

There are countless passages leading to the underground world in the surface world. In Red Earth Wasteland, there is a huge crack called the Space Rift Grand Canyon leading to the underground world.

“These are the spiral stairs leading to the underground world! Interesting!” Riding a level-4 extraordinary life form Shadow Leopard, Yang Feng reached the spiral stairs, looked around, and exclaimed.

Behind Yang Feng follows a half blood beastman army extending without end. Equipped with black battle suits, holographic scanning helmets, and Gauss Rifles, the half blood beastman soldiers look quite strange.

Standing beside Yang Feng, the previously aloof Carolina of Turandot Subcontinents Rose Garden said lightly: “Is it really okay for your true body to come here in person? The planar tide hasnt receded yet. Even if its you, you can only display demigod rank strength in this world.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly: “If you want to get something, you have to take the corresponding risk! Besides, our opponent is a powerhouse with a karma god armament. Even if I came with an avatar or a projection, the karma god armament can still severely injure me. Moreover, arent you also here with me?”

Although Carolina chose to submit to Yang Feng, but the always aloof her wasnt willing to get too close to Yang Feng. However, with the help of Yang Feng, Cordelia who is his favorite concubine has already promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, surpassing her. Eunice who only had a level-1 Warlock rank cultivation base at the time has also already promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, which made her even more uncomfortable.

Consequently, the always arrogant Carolina voluntarily got close to Yang Feng, became one of his subordinates, and came to Feisuo Plane alongside him.

After seeing the prosperous Great Cloud Dynastys Warlock civilization, the air of arrogance around Carolina became well hidden. She now has a higher goal, which is to promote to an Infinity Warlock. Only Yang Feng can help her realize this wish.

The former pope of Feisuo Planes dark elves Glicedar hugged Yang Feng, blew a hot breath into his ear, and uttered flirtatiously: “Thats right, master! With me here, we can easily deal with the dark elves in the underground world!”

Looking a little enviously at Glicedar, Carolina whispered: “Slut!”

Since the arrogant Carolina cant bring herself to employ the methods of seduction like Glicedar, she can only secretly vent her discontent.

“Who is that?”

“He is a divine emissary appointed by our Lord? The spokesperson for our Lord in the secular world! Reportedly it was him who brought these equipment!”

“There are so many beautiful women around him, how enviable!”

“Yes, those beauties are only slightly inferior to Her Majesty the Empress!”


Thanks to the holographic helmets, the countless half blood beastman soldiers clearly saw the beautiful women around Yang Feng despite the endless dark shrouding the underground world, showing looks of envy.

The spiral stairs are tens of thousands of meters long. After Yang Feng and his entourage passed through the muddy spiral stairs filled with caves, they finally came to the underground world.

“Who are you? This is the territory of the Kobold Lord! Hand over your women and iron tools, or else you will die!”

As soon as they entered the underground world, more than 200 kobolds in ragged clothes, with old swords, iron shovels, and wooden sticks immediately encircled Yang Feng and his party, glared at them, and barked.

Yang Feng looked at the kobolds in front of him, speechless: “Are these kobolds brain-dead? We have so many people here!”

Glicedar said with a fascinating smile: “They dont know about the new equipment that you gave to your subordinates, Master! The fighting strength of heavily armed soldiers and unarmed ordinary people is not on the same level. This is the root of their erroneous judgment!”

“The dark elf! Hand over the dark elf, otherwise, I will hack you to death!”

A two-meter-tall, two-headed kobold with bulging muscles, a savage temperament, and a 2.5-meter-long machete walked out and stared at Glicedar with greed in his eyes.

The other kobolds looked at Glicedar and couldnt help but swallow, their eyes filled with avarice.

The dark elves are one of the races that are most adept at charming people. As the former pope of the dark elves, Glicedars every move carries infinite charm. She naturally isnt an existence that these low-level kobolds can resist.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and ordered: “Lets use them to temper out troops! Angy, take some people and kill them all!”

“Yes! Sir Divine Envoy!”

A concise and capable voice came out from behind, and then a half blood beastman female general equipped with a skin-tight black battle suit and a holographic scanning helmet, with a sexy figure, shouted: “Attack!”

300 half blood beastman female soldiers with curvy figures took out Gauss Rifles and fired at the more than 200 kobolds.

Thumb-sized beams suddenly slammed into the more than 200 kobolds.

The beams that hit the kobolds blasted open fist-sized bloody holes.

“Ill kill you!”

The two-headed kobold suddenly let out a roar and released Sky Knight (level-1 Warlock) rank aura. He has just taken a step forward, when seven or eight fist-sized bloody holes appeared on his body and his two heads burst burst apart.

It didnt take long for the 200 plus kobolds to die in battle. But Yang Feng suffered no casualties.

“What an awesome weapon!”

“Its really amazing!”

“As expected of a weapon bestowed by the divine emissary, its really powerful!”


Seeing this scene, the blood of the half blood beastman soldiers boiled, and excitement welled up inside them. For soldiers, nothing is more important than a formidable weapon.

If it was before, the half blood beastmen would have to pay a certain price to wipe out the 200 plus kobolds, and some of them might have even died. But in front of the Gauss Rifles, the kobolds could not withstand a single volley, which filled the half blood beastmen with excitement.

A line of information flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he revealed a smile, looked in a certain direction of the dark underground world, and said flatly: “The Kobold Lord? Then is that the gathering place of kobolds? Since its on the way, then lets destroy it!”

With a wave of Carolinas hand, the seeds of the extraordinary plant Earth Sunflower suddenly flew out and landed on both sides of the road.

As soon as those Earth Sunflower seeds fell on the ground, they grew rapidly. By absorbing the negative energy of the underground world, they soon bloomed and formed sun-like flowers.

Earth Sunflowers are a kind of extraordinary plant discovered in the underground world of an unusual plane. It can absorb the negative energy of the underground world to grow and radiate sunlight. Earth Sunflowers are the most common type of plant Warlocks use to change the environment of Cangzhi Planes underground world.

Consequently, dark races will destroy Earth Sunflowers whenever they see them.

Dark brings many advantages and boosts to the dark races. Although Earth Sunflowers have no power, but they create an environment full of sunshine, which greatly weakens the power of the dark races.

Moreover, one of the magical characteristics of Earth Sunflowers is that they can attract countless extraordinary insects through phototaxis. As such, ordinary freaks may need to pay a bloody price if they want to destroy these flowers.

In the underground world, the most terrifying enemy are the elusive poisonous insects that roam everywhere. Without a special insect repellent, even a Legend rank powerhouse will be eaten by those poisonous insects if careless.

For an ordinary army, marching to the underground world is a nightmare. In Feisuo Planes history, there was once a human emperor who sent a million troops to attack the underground world in an attempt to conquer the dark races of the underground world. Before the expeditionary army could have a decisive battle with dark elves and other dark races, it collapsed due to epidemic, poisonous insects, and logistics problems. Only 200,000 soldiers escaped from the underground world.

After that war, the underground world became the default sphere of influence of Feisuo Planes dark races. Since then, there has never been a human emperor foolish enough to send an army to the underground world.

After Yang Fengs half blood beastman army left the spiral stairs, they walked for about 20 kilometers. When passing through a mushroom forest, they suddenly heard buzzing sounds coming from the mushroom forest, and a swarm of black poisonous insects rushed towards Yang Feng and his party.

Yang Feng ordered: “Nina!”

“Yes! Sir Divine Envoy!”

A half blood beastman general with nice curves, wearing a black battle suit, carrying a large box on her back, came forward and gave an order: “Begin the attack!”

The boxes on the backs of 300 half blood beastmen opened and revealed loudspeakers.

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