Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 714 – God of Fire and God of War

Chapter 713 – Ruler of the Night Moganot

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In the most central part of a divine country that is fully shrouded in night, there is a huge temple.

Inside that temple, there are lit candles, each of which has a distorted human face issuing wailing sounds on it.

The candles with human faces are legendary Human Candles. They are soul candles lit by human souls. The soul of an ordinary person can burn for 50 years without extinguishing. Once it is extinguished, the soul will dissipate, and even a mighty divine force rank god wont be able to resurrect that person.

The ear-piercing, miserable, despairing screams of ordinary people reverberate in the temple.

In the center of the huge temple sits a middle-aged, ordinary-looking man of medium build, dressed in a black robe, surrounded by distortions, with a gloomy aura and small eyes. He is one of Feisuo Planes strong divine force gods – Ruler of the Night Moganot.

Moganot was originally just an ordinary assassin of an assassin guild. But during a mission, he was lucky enough to obtain the godhead of the previous Ruler of the Night. By relying on the godhead, he advanced step by step and finally absorbed all the power of the godhead, and through pain-staking effort, he became a strong divine force god.

Although Moganot has promoted to a strong divine force powerhouse by absorbing the power of the Ruler of the Night, but he had to go through numerous battles before he was able to secure a god slot. Even Radiant Primary God Prados is somewhat apprehensive of him.

Moganot is one of the three strong divine force rank tycoons among dark gods.

In the dark evil camp, Ruler of the Night Moganot, God of Rage August, and God of Massacre Gamma are the three tycoons.

Moganots eyes shone with resplendent light, and he uttered coldly: “A mere feeble divine force rank god dares to have designs on my woman! Hes either a fool, or has a backer! Ball!”

“Yes, great Ruler of the Night!”

Light shone, and the ordinary-looking God of Intelligence Ball with a medium build appeared in front of Moganot and bowed.

In Feisuo Plane, unless they are servants of the other party, even feeble divine force rank gods only need to bow a little to strong divine force rank gods when they meet them.

Moganot said coldly: “Did you find out the origins of God of Half Blood Beastmen Ian?”

As someone who was previously an assassin, Moganot is always very careful when it came to his enemies. He basically only takes action after figuring out the details of the enemy.

Prior to joining Moganots camp, Ball was only a feeble divine force rank god. Subsequently, Moganot spent a lot of energy and resources to help Ball advance to a weak divine force rank god

Balls divine authority is information. As long as he has a bit of information, he can infer all kinds of new information that is difficult even for Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses to infer. The more information there is, the more new information he can deduce and the more accurate he is. He is one of the most valuable subordinates of the Ruler of Night.

“Great Ruler of the Night, according to the intelligence I have obtained, that Ian is a clone of Yang Feng, a personal disciple of Huang Yihe of Battle Demon Sect of the Ten Great Sects of Cangzhi Planes Great Cloud Dynasty. Yang Feng is a powerhouse who formed a virtual world. In Time Sky City, he once defeated the peerless geniuses of Western Worlds Three Dynasties. He must not be underestimated.”

“This person never acts without having formulated a plan beforehand. Despite knowing that Lolth is your woman, he still dares to attack her. He must have a way to deal with you. I suggest that you give up Lolth, great Ruler of the Night, or else youre likely to fall into his trap.” Ball stated.

The size of Balls information network is not even one-ten thousandth the size of Lolths. Most of the information he has access to comes from Feisuo Plane and Cangzhi Plane. From the bit of intelligence he has access to, he has already ascertained most of Yang Fengs details. This ability is simply heaven-defying. This is the extraordinary power that the divine authority of intelligence brings him.

Moganots eyes flashed fiercely, and he revealed a sinister smile: “It turns out that his backer is Battle Demon Sect of Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects! If it is Battle Demon Sect, then he can indeed defeat, or even kill Lolth! However, a mere Battle Demon Sect doesnt have the ability to make me yield! Let me destroy this proud genius of Battle Demon Sect!”

Black rays flew out of the Ruler of the Nights divine country and disappeared into the vast starry sky.

10 days later, 10 Night Ships, 5,000-meter-long black airships forged from divine force crystals and engraved with countless runes, flew out from the Ruler of the Nights divine country and flew towards Yang Fengs divine country without masking up their aura.

In addition to the 10 Night Ships, there is also a Toxic Ship and a Madness Ship.

Goddess of Toxicity Charlotte and God of Madness Edmonton are intermediate divine force rank gods subordinated to Moganot. Among Moganots subordinates, only they have enough divine force and resources to create weapons on the level of Toxic Ship and Madness Ship.

“The Ruler of the Night! That is the divine legion of the Ruler of the Night!”

“Is the Ruler of the Night going to tear Ian to shreds?”

“Is a mere feeble divine force rank god worthy to use a divine force legion on him? Besides, the Goddess of Toxicity and the God of Madness were also dispatched!”


In the vast starry sky, not masking its aura, the legion of the Ruler of the Night stunned the gods, and they focused their attention on the legion.

The 10 huge Night Ships quickly flew to an area of the starry sky 300 kilometers away from Yang Fengs divine country. Along with black light, Night Angels engraved with bizarre imprints, with a pair of black Angel wings on the back and a spear in hand flew out of the huge Night Ships.

Angels are recognized as the most cost-effective weapons of the gods, much like Titan Pantheons Martyrs.

Powerful gods will have mastered the technology to make Angels. Of course weak divine force rank gods such as the God of Kobolds and the God of Vampires dont have access to the technology nor resources to make Angels.

The Ruler of the Nights modified Night Angels have a 30% increase in combat strength at night. Of course, the cost of making a Night Angel is three-fold of that of an ordinary Angel.

Judging by the streams of Night Angels flying out of the 10 Night Ships, the ships must employ spatial spells.

Bewitching female Toxic Angels with dark green hair flew out from the Toxic Ship. The Toxic Angels exude toxic light at all times during battle. Consequently, anyone with a weaker constitution will be easily poisoned to death by the toxic light.

Handsome Madness Angels with burly figures and crazed temperaments, a size larger than ordinary Angels, flew out from the Madness Ship. Once the Madness Angels are thrown into battle, they will sink into a state of madness and slaughter like crazy. Influenced by the law of madness, their enemies will fall into madness as well.

“God of Half Blood Beastmen Ian, or should I call you Yang Feng, a true disciple of Cangzhi Planes Battle Demon Sect!” Standing on a Night Ship, Moganot looked at the empty space and uttered.

“Cangzhi Planes human Warlock!”

“So his true body turned out to be a Cangzhi Planes human Warlock!”

“No wonder he was able to promote to a true god in a short period of time. It turns out that he is a Cangzhi Planes human Warlock!”


Powerful divine senses are intertwining and transmitting thoughts in this empty space. After hearing that Yang Feng came from Cangzhi Plane, no god is willing to help him. On the contrary, many gods are eager to try and stab Yang Feng before he is killed.

Although there are some in Feisuo Plane who abandoned the Warlock path and became gods, but they conceal the fact that they came from Cangzhi Plane. After all, gods dont want to see Cangzhi Planes Warlock gods appear.

The birth of Cangzhi Planes Warlock gods is generally a precursor to the invasion of Feisuo Plane by Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks.

During the Seven Warlock Dynasties eras, Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks quelled the resistance of planes with crushing force. But in other times, Cangzhi Planes Warlocks invade an other plane by sending a small number of Warlock elites to analyze the planes rules, and then, once a bridgehead was established, carry out a large scale invasion. To rashly invade a plane is simply looking for death.

Feisuo Planes gods have dominated this plane for tens of thousands of years. They naturally are unwilling to become the slaves of Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks.

“Thats right, I am Yang Feng, and I am also God of Half Blood Beastmen Ian!”

The empty space warped, and Yang Fengs divine country hidden in the endless starry sky slowly emerged, revealing a celestial sphere. Yang Fengs voice came from the celestial sphere.

Now that Moganot publicly revealed his identity in this world full of gods, even if Yang Feng tries his best to deny it, the rest of the gods would analyze it, and quickly infer Yang Fengs true identity from all the clues he revealed in the past.

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