Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 715 – Siege

Chapter 714 – God of Fire and God of War

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Ruler of the Night Moganot stared coldly at Yang Fengs divine country and asked indifferently: “Yang Feng, did you come to our Feisuo Plane to become a bridgehead for human Warlocks to attack our Feisuo Plane?”

Yang Feng answered: “I have come to Feisuo Plane for the dark elves. They are mine! I have no intention of becoming a bridgehead for human Warlocks, to help them attack Feisuo Plane.”

Moganot smiled coldly and proclaimed loudly: “First was the God of Kobolds, then was the God of Vampires, and now its the turn of dark elves! Ladies and Gentlemen, this Cangzhi Planes human Warlock wants to defeat us one by one! Let us join forces and quell him! Battle Demon Sect is one of Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects, so this divine country likely has Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses. Ladies and Gentlemen, please join hands with me to destroy his divine country!”

Moganots dominating voice reverberated in the area, causing the hearts of many gods to be moved slightly.

Within his divine country, Yang Feng narrowed his eyes slightly, and a dignified look flickered in his eyes: “Hes looking for people to besiege me! These old monsters really cannot be underestimated!”

If Moganot entered Yang Fengs divine country with his subordinates and their divine legions alone, Yang Feng is confident that he can wipe them out in his divine country.

However, Moganot wants to gather Feisuo Planes gods to besiege Yang Feng. This puts the outcome of this war into the realm of uncertainty.

Sitting in his divine country, Yang Feng looked at Moganot outside and mused: “Things really never go as planned. However, with enough risk, there will be enough benefits.”

“Humph! Night Covers the Sky!”

Moganot seems to have seen Yang Fengs gaze. He spread the fingers of a hand, and formidable night divine force gushed out and instantly enveloped Yang Fengs divine country, and an endless night completely enveloped the divine country.

Yang Feng can no longer see and hear anything happening outside.

“What an impressive trick! He deserves to be called the Ruler of the Night! Unfortunately this does not fully cut off my channels for obtaining information.”

Yang Feng looked up at the dark night, smiled, and pressed with his hand.

By Yang Fengs side, a holographic projection shot out instantly, sending a steady stream of information from the outside towards this place.

With Moganots divine spell Night Covers the Sky fully covering Yang Fengs divine country, even the intelligence detected by his robots hidden in various places cannot be sent back to his divine country.

However, the divine spell Night Covers the Sky cannot seal the connection between Yang Fengs true body and clone. Everything that Yang Fengs true body who is hiding in the endless empty space sees can be shared with his clone within the divine country.

“Since he is a human Warlock, then I will help you, Moganot!”

The space distorted, a harsh voice that seems to be produced by the friction of some kind of metal, and a man with a horn on his head, face covered in bandages, the whole body enveloped in dense, nauseating scent of blood slowly walked out.

Moganot showed a sly smile and waved his hand: “Gamma, its you! With your help, our odds of winning are a bit better. However, this is a matter that concerns the entire Feisuo Plane. If the rest are unwilling to come forward, then we will return to our own divine countries and wait for Cangzhi Planes Warlocks to defeat us one by one.”

The dense crowd of Night Angels immediately turned into black streamers and flew into the 10 Night Ships.

The Toxic Angels and Madness Angels also flew back into their respective warships.

Moganot came to Yang Fengs divine only to posture and force the other gods to make a statement.

If the other gods are not interested in destroying Yang Feng, then Moganot will hold his breath, hide in the dark like a poisonous snake, and wait for Yang Feng to reveal a flaw before pouncing on him viciously and dealing him a fatal blow.

A terrifying figure shrouded in flames appeared from an empty space and coldly looked at the two strong divine force rank powerhouses Ruler of the Night Moganot and God of Massacre Gamma.

Moganot asked with a smile: “Zaliah Pantheons God of Fire Tames, is your Zaliah Pantheon also taking part in this siege?”

Tames answered coldly: “Thats right! Although working with you makes me feel sick, but Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks are all our enemies. Yang Feng must die!”

Moganot glanced into the distance and showed a smile: “It seems that your Zaliah Pantheon is rather sincere!”

Rays shone among the stars in the distance as huge warships full of divine legion soldiers are approaching.

Not every god has their own divine country. Some gods open their own small divine countries within the divine country of a pantheons primary god. Countless gods of Titan Pantheon live together in a huge divine country, within which they have established their own divine countries of different sizes. As for Zaliah Pantheon, many gods have their own divine countries.

“Thats right, Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks are the enemies of us all!”

The space distorted, and Titan Pantheons God of War Amigo armed with strong divine force grade god armaments Sword of War Titan, Armor of War Titan, and Shield of War Titan walked out and uttered frigidly.

Moganot took a deep look towards the distance and said in a grave voice: “Gods of Zaliah and Titan Pantheons are here! Its a pity that the alien races are short-sighted and hole themselves up in their divine countries!”

Elven, Beastman, Dragon, and Merfolk Pantheons, they all of have strong and intermediate divine force rank gods. However, none of their gods have appeared. They evidently want to stay out of this, unwilling to participate in the internal strife between humans.

The neutral gods also remained silent.

Using all kinds of magical methods, many neutral gods concealed their divine force fluctuations and silently hid in the starry sky, quietly waiting for the war to break out.

If Yang Feng cannot withstand the attack of the allied god forces, then the hidden neutral gods and evil gods will join hands and tear Yang Feng to pieces like hungry wolves and absorb his corpse as nutrients to propel their growth.

The four strong divine force rank gods waited for three days in the starry sky, waited for other gods to appear, but to no avail.

The relationship between Beastman Pantheon, Elven Pantheon, and the human pantheons is bad, so they arent willing to participate in this war led by the human pantheons. When the gods of Merfolk Pantheon leave the sea, their combat strength will fall by 30%. The gods of Dragon Pantheon are extremely powerful, but each of them is very lazy. If their existence isnt threatened, they wont care about the conflicts outside.

The neutral gods are quietly watching the development.

“Lets start!”

Moganot said indifferently, and the night covering the divine country suddenly disappeared and revealed Yang Fengs divine country covered in a faint membrane.

That faint membrane blocks spying spells of the gods. Even a strong divine force rank god cannot use spells to peek into the divine country of a feeble divine force rank god. This is one of the benefits of having a divine country.

With a wave of Moganots hand, tens of thousands of Night Angels flapped their wings and flew into Yang Fengs divine country like black birds.


Within Yang Fengs divine country, there are powerful forts built on land and in the air. As soon as the tens of thousands of Night Angels flew into Yang Fengs divine country, a rain of light met them head on.

Due to the artillery barrage, Night Angels are being torn apart at every moment. From time to time, Angel hearts suddenly fly out of the torn bodies of the Night Angels and fly toward outside of the divine country.

A crowd of Undyings suddenly flew out, rushed into the midst of the Night Angels in streams of after images, slayed them wantonly, and sliced their Angel hearts into pieces. By slicing their Angel hearts, the Night Angels cant return to the Night Angel Pool to recover their bodies.

Streams of Night Angels entered Yang Fengs divine country, and then are blasted apart.

A black ray flew out from Yang Fengs divine country, flew to the side of Zaliah Pantheons God of Fire Tames, and revealed the figure of the weak divine force rank god God of Knowledge Klaus who possesses the most knowledge in Zaliah Pantheon.

Klaus said: “Yang Fengs divine country is very stable. It rejects all kinds of laws. When fighting in his divine country, the power of various spells will be reduced to the lowest point. Weakening both friends and foes, it is equivalent to a magic ban array. Fighting in his divine country, although he himself cant get a boost from the divine country, but the weakening well experience is more severe. Without a large enough divine legion, I dont recommend attacking his divine country. In there, his mechanical legion has a great advantage!”

Tames asked: “How much will our strength be weakened in his divine country?”

Klaus answered: “Our physical strength wont be suppressed! However, large-scale and natural disaster-level divine spells will be difficult to activate. Even if we consume a tremendous amount of divine force to activate them, the power of area of effect type spells will be reduced to a frightening degree.”

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