Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 718 – God of War Amigo Dies

Chapter 717 – Counterattack

Translator: Xaiomoge

Dense crowds of Angels and Martyrs poured into Yang Fengs divine country like a tide and, under the leadership of the gods, carried out a large-scale extermination of 2nd generation battle robots.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly: “Have they finally come in? Now the real feast begins!”

The earth within the divine country cracked, and countless 4th generation and modified 3rd generation battle robots gushed out like a tide and flew towards the angels.

The figure of a Type II Undying flashed, and it appeared behind a dozen plus Angels. The dozen plus Angels shattered into countless pieces. Even the Angel hearts were cut into pieces.

The feeble divine force rank God of Swords of Titan Pantheon spread his divine spell halos, and the swords of the Martyrs became sharper, reaching the point where they can easily slice through the energy shields and super alloy armors of 2nd generation battle robots.

An afterimage flashed past, and six Type II Undyings appeared in front of the God of Swords and slashed at him from six different directions.

Ding! Ding!

The God of Swords only managed to block two blades, and then blade rays sliced him into numerous pieces.

When the 4th generation battle robots and modified 3rd generation battle robot entered the fray, the situation on the battlefield became one-sided.

Attacked by the 4th generation battle robots, numerous Angel and Martyr legions were carved open like cakes, and then modified 3rd generation battle robots flooded them.

Star Destroyer Battlestars also flew out in the divine country and fired dense showers of light from their secondary artilleries pouring at the divine legions.

Thousands upon thousands of divine legion soldiers were turned into ashes by the barrage of Star Destroyer Battlestars.

When Moganot saw this scene, his heart shook, and he understood that they have been duped: “Damn, we were fooled! This is his true strength! Everything before was to lure us into his divine country!”

No longer caring about the human Warlocks in the Archaic Sacred Dragon that can be wiped out in about a minute, Moganot turned into a black ray shooting towards the outside of Yang Fengs divine country.

As long as he can escape from Yang Fengs divine country, it will be very difficult for even a mighty divine force rank god to kill him.

At this moment, a vast and boundless divine force suddenly poured out from where Yang Feng is located and shot straight into the sky.

A barrier suddenly appeared around Yang Fengs divine country, cutting off the connection between Yang Fengs divine country and the starry sky outside.

“Open up!”

Moganot reached the barrier before it fully formed, then roared and violently stabbed the god armament Dagger of Night into the barrier.

Fearsome night divine force gushed out of Dagger of the Night and forcibly blasted open a hole in the barrier.

Moganots figure fluttered, and he flew towards the hole in the barrier.

Yang Feng revealed a smile: “Idiot!”

In the starry sky, a beam shot out from an empty space and blasted into the hole in the barrier. A Blazing Sun Battlestar appeared in the empty space once the shot was fired.

The bright beam slammed into Moganot and enveloped him.

“Night Shift!”

Moganot used a life-saving divine spell in the nick of time and shifted his position to a track of night in Yang Fengs divine country.

That beam that can slay an Infinity Warlock slammed into the ground of Yang Fengs divine country and blasted open a huge hole 100 meters deep.

The hole in the barrier quickly closed after the shot.

A crimson ray suddenly gushed out from a crack in the ground beside the Massacre Giant Angel, and Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar slashed the Massacre Giant Angel with the Monarch grade secret treasure God Blood Sword.

Since the Massacre Giant Angel is far weaker than Alexia, who is equipped with Fallen Angel Armor, she suffered many wounds, and all her focus was aimed at Alexia. Caught off guard, Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar slashed open a long gush on her body, and she let out a scream of pain.

“Thats a peak giant for you! The physical defense is really formidable! This sword strike actually didnt cut her in two! Unfortunately, since you were hit by my sword, you shall die! Blood Call!”

Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar waved the God Blood Sword and pointed at the Massacre Giant Angel.

A copious amount of blood spewed out from the wound on the Massacred Giant Angels body, and as if being beckoned, it was absorbed by the God Blood Sword in Yang Fengs kindred avatars hand.

Each kindred grand duke has mastered the law of blood. As long as they urge the law of blood, the blood in the body of powerhouses below the Great Warlock rank will automatically fly out and be easily absorbed by the kindred grand dukes. Even if it is a powerhouse of the same rank, kindred grand dukes can use the law of blood to slightly manipulate the blood flow of the opponent.

Originally, a kindred grand duke cannot make the blood pour out from the body of a powerhouse of the same rank. But the Monarch grade secret treasure possesses various incredible powers. Once they are sliced by the God Blood Sword, then even an Infinity Warlock will have one-third of their blood removed.

The Massacre Giant Angel faced upwards and screamed to the sky, and the wound squirmed. A fearsome power locked the blood inside her.

At the moment when the Massacre Giant Angel stopped, an afterimage flashed, and Alexia appeared above the Massacre Giant Angel and slashed at her neck.

A black sword ray flashed, and the head of the Massacre Giant Angel who had lost one-third of her blood and had spent a lot of effort to control the blood flow in her body was cut off.

Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar blurred into motion, appeared at the heart of the Massacre Giant Angel, and cut open the chest of the Massacre Giant Angel with the God Blood Sword.

Countless blood threads pierced into the chest of the Massacre Giant Angel, and then pulled out a huge, beating Angel heart and placed it in Yang Fengs hand.

“Yang Feng, you dare to kill my angel! I will tear you apart!” Eyes flickering with madness, God of Massacre Gamma roared and suddenly shot towards Yang Feng, who is sitting in the center of the temple.

The Scarlet Flame Fenghuang, Gale Giant, and Archaic Sacred Dragon attacked Moganot together.

Ignoring the three Infinity Warlock rank weapons, Moganot turned into a black ray and flew towards the center of the divine country.

Yang Fengs divine country has been closed already. If he wants to leave, he must destroy the barrier or divine country with absolute power, or kill Yang Fengs god clone in the center of the divine country.

Once Yang Fengs god clone is dead, the divine country will be pulled into Astral Boundary by astral force.

Naturally the divine force barrier that covers the divine country will collapse instantly.

Yang Feng sighed slightly, saying: “There is still a huge gap between Infinity Warlock rank weapons and true strong divine force rank gods. Only when crushing weaker existences can they display Infinity Warlock rank destructive power.”

Yang Fengs 10 Infinity Warlock rank weapons fought with four strong divine force gods. But in the end, the former were oppressed by the latter.

If this continued, under the premise that there is no disturbance, the four strong divine force rank gods can destroy the 10 infinity Warlock rank weapons one by one.

Of course, after Yang Feng threw in the 4th generation and modified 3rd generation battle robots into the mix and cut off the reinforcements of the divine legions, if the battle goes on like this, the four strong divine force rank gods will die in Yang Fengs divine country.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Activate Skynet!”

In an instant, countless crystal pillars protruded from the ground in Yang Fengs divine country.

Countless rays intertwined between the crystal pillars and formed a giant net.

As if they have sealed off the world, countless chains extended from the giant net and swept towards the divine legions and gods on the battlefield.

One of Yang Fengs strongest trump cards in his divine country is Skynet, which can suppress Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses.

“Whats this?”

“My power, my power has disappeared!”

“Damn it, what are these strange chains?”


Almost instantly, the chains skewered many Martyrs, Angels, and gods and frantically extracted the power inside them. Even though they struggled desperately, but they cant break free of the weird chains. On the contrary, the more they struggled, the more power they consumed.

The Skynet chains also swept towards the two strong divine force rank existences Moganot and Gamma like a tide.

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