Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 718 – God of War Amigo Dies

under the rug! Or else the reinforcements from Zaliah Pantheon and Titan Pantheon will be here soon! At that time, only death will await you!”

Tames and Amigo are strong divine force rank gods of Zaliah Pantheon and Titan Pantheon respectively, they are pillars and primary gods of the two pantheons. The two pantheons wont easily abandon such powerful existences. They will definitely send countless experts to save them.

“Although strong divine force rank gods are a bit stronger than what I have imagined! However, I have prepared enough combat power here to annihilate you in a short time!”

Yang Fengs voice echoed in the divine country. The earth in the area where Amigo is located cracked open, and the ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede suddenly flew out and belched a pillar of fire formed from Sun God Fire barreling towards Amigo.

Amigo burned his divine force and blocked with the Shield of War Titan in front of him.

When the Sun God Fire that could severely injure Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses slammed into Shield of War Titan, the shield forcefully blocked it.

The figures of Alexia and Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar fluttered, and they slashed at Amigo from two directions.

Burning his divine force, Amigo displayed his battle skills that have been tempered and formed through countless years. Sword of War Titan in his hand turned into two sword rays that dexterously hit Alexias Fallen Angel Sword and Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatars God Blood Sword with tremendous power. The two powerful forces deflected to the side and brushed him.

When the two powerful sword rays brushed Amigo, most of their power was weakened by Armor of War Titan before they cut open two shallow wounds.

Alexia and Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar are both terrifying powerhouses equally matched with Amigo. Amigo can just barely resist their attack, but cannot avoid being injured.

At the moment Amigo barely blocked the attacks from Alexia and Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar, Marshal Yu of Great Cloud Dynastys Eight Marshals appeared from the other side of Shield of War Titan and stabbed Black Fenghuang Spear exuding endless might, shrouded in terrifying Black Fenghuang Fire, at Amigo.

Amigo gritted his teeth and desperately burned his divine force. Sword of War Titan in his hand burst out with terrifying power, and then hit Black Fenghuang Spear and forcefully sent it flying together with Yu Yan.

When Amigo beat Yu Yan away with that sword strike, countless Skynet chains stabbed into his body and frantically extracted his power.

Almost at the same time, Yu Tianling equipped with Fenghuang Holy Armor and Fenghuang Spear flew out from behind Yu Yan like a noble and powerful Fenghuang, turned into a brilliant ray, and stabbed Amigo in the forehead with Fenghuang Spear.

Terrifying Fenghuang Fire broke out, engulfed Amigo, and burnt him wildly.

Amigo let out a roar and burned his divine power. A beam of divine force suddenly emerged from his body and attempted to shake Yu Tianling off.

When the beam of divine force appeared, countless Skynet chains wound around it and removed it.

In Yang Fengs divine country, the primary artillery of a Blazing Sun Battlestar glowed and fired a resplendent beam that blasted into Amigo instantly and vaporized half of his body.

Alexia suddenly appeared before the remaining half of Amigos body and stabbed it. The remaining part of his body was smashed and burned to ashes. At the same time, she caught his godhead.

Titan pantheons strong divine force god Amigo has died!

At the moment Amigo died, Amigos idols in the temples in Titan Empire cracked, and the believers in the God of War lost their connection with Amigo.

“What happened?”

“Damn it! Has the great God of War Amigo died?”

“How can that be? The mighty God of War Amigo is a strong divine force rank god, a primary god of the mighty Titan Pantheon!”


The entire Titan Empire fell into a state of panic and fear.

On Titan Pantheons divine country Myriad Gods Mountain, a peak suddenly collapsed. That peak was Amigos divine country.

After that peak collapsed, under the guidance of the law of nether, it turned into a stream of light and flew out of Titan Pantheons divine country.

When the peak reached the barrier covering Titan Pantheon, a huge black hole suddenly appeared in the barrier, and astral aura came in from the black hole.

The peak flew directly into the huge black hole and entered Astral Boundary.

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