Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 72 – Human-Faced Peaches

Chapter 71 – Soul Stone

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Yang Feng waved his hand and a bladed robot immediately headed towards the head mural forks.

About 3Km away from the head mural forks, a teleportation array appeared at its bottom.

After the bladed robot stepped into the teleportation array, a radiance flashed and it immediately disappeared.

When the bladed robot came out, it was 3796 that quickly discovered it and then gave Yang Fengs true body a feedback.

After securing an escape rout, Yang Feng ordered a bladed robot to enter the dark elf mural fork.

Although Eunice couldnt lie to Yang Feng, but he still wanted to take a look at the insides of the dark elf mural fork.

Recording some more data and improving 3796s database would have great benefits. The more data was recorded in 3796s database, the more comprehensive it would be and the bigger impact it would have – moreover, it would be vital in deducing countless scientific and technological ramifications.

When the bladed robot entered the dark elf mural fork – Yang Feng, through the bladed robots optical perception system, could see the abstract murals, as if a variety of strange colors were chaotically kneaded together and engraved on the walls.

Yang Feng only saw thirteen pairs of strange murals, then he felt dizzy, his head ached – yet for some reason, his eyes were unable to leave those murals – those strange murals were seemingly capable of deeply attracting peoples minds and souls.

A warning suddenly sounded and Yang Fengs vision went dark. Only then did he gasped for air, the back of his true body drenched in cold sweat.

Cold sweat was flowing down Yang Fengs back, he had a lingering fear as he contemplated: “Truly treacherous! Murals are capable of killing people – existences like Warlocks, they are truly too unfathomable.”

Yang Feng already possessed the cultivation of a level-3 Apprentice Warlock. If he were to appear on Earth, then hed be a supermen-like existence with just his physical constitution. Yet those several murals that he was unable to read – the means of powerful Warlocks were truly too treacherous.

Yang Feng said decisively: “Do it!”

Spirit force was the core of cultivation for the majority of Warlocks. Even Body-Tempering Warlocks with extremely formidable physical bodies, they also wouldnt neglect the cultivation of spirit force. Items capable of increasing spirit force were all extremely treasured, Yang Feng definitely wouldnt let it slip past his hands.

Yang Feng overjoyed as he said: “Gather them immediately!”

Ever since he obtained war reparations from Fernandro Family and then established Steel City, Yang Feng was extremely rich, almost wiping out his money problems and other worries. However, after studying at Warlock College Antalya, only then did he discover how truly poor he was.

The price of a level-1 spell model was up to 8,000 magic stones. The increasingly stronger level-2 spell models, level-3 spell models and level-4 spell models, those were really costly.

Level-1 spell models could still be bought with magic stones. Level-2 spell models and higher were extremely precious, there was demand but no supply. As for level-3 and level-4 spell models, those were precious and rare, only at some Warlocks large auctions might one buy them.

Black Cottage only had a few dilapidated level-2 spell models and only one half of a level-3 spell model. Therefore, Black Cottages Master, Bonney, could only transplant the bloodline of a fiend – he chose to Fiend Morph as a means of advancing his battle proves. After all, the Orthodox Warlock Path that he was treading on, he practically couldnt progress on it anymore.

Yang Feng was currently very thirsty for wealth, thus he was naturally unwilling to let any bit of resources slip past his hands.

From the back of the bladed robot, from an external equipment, eight slender mechanical arms shot out at once and begun to collect the useful items on those corpses.

Those treacherous murals could easily hypnotize and kill all kinds of life forms, yet they were totally ineffective against such existences as mechanical bladed robots.

“Come back!”

Shortly after receiving the order, the bladed robot came back with a large bag of rubbish.

Yang Feng checked the obtained loot and said with some displeasure: “Level-0 spell books, level-0 secret treasures, expired elixirs, 2,300 gold coins, 234 magic stones! These guys were really penniless.”

Eunice snickered at the side. Those that were entrapped by her within this relic were basically all Apprentice Warlocks, the majority of them were penniless, they naturally didnt had anything of value for Yang Feng to collect.

“This is a soul stone! In addition, its a high grade soul stone, ha ha, this time I picked up a treasure!” Yang Fengs eyes suddenly light up, he picked up a grey stone from that pile of rubbish, his eyes flashed with a touch of excitement as he laughed heartily.

Eunice looked at the soul stone and her eyes flashed with a touch of envy and jealousy: “A soul stone, it was actually a high grade soul stone, hes such a lucky bastard”

A soul stone was condensed and refined from the soul force of dead Great Warlock rank experts and above or some existences with formidable pure soul forces, by means of a variety of strange rituals. That high grade soul stone was a common currency of gods in the worlds of gods, of countless formidable fiends in the Ancient Demonic Plane, of countless demonic beings in the Abyss and of countless devils in the Infernal World.

The best way to use this high grade soul stone was to refine a soul force avatar – only by using avatars similar to their true bodies could enable Great Warlock experts and above to freely utilize a variety of formidable spells.

This high grade soul stone, within Turandot Subcontinent, would at least require for a Great Warlock expert to act and massacre more than 5,000,000 people, only then might one refine one such stone.

Although mortals were ants in the eyes of Warlocks, but they were also the basis for the existence of the World of Warlocks. Once any large-scale massacre of mortals were to be discovered, it would cause major Warlock groups to send someone to wipe out the offender. That high grade soul stone could be said to be very precious and very rare.

Yang Feng was all smiles as he collected that high grade soul stone, he then took the mechanical golem legion towards the lion mural fork.

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